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Increasing satisfaction for DiscoverCar’s customers

DiscoverCars is an international car rental website that provides rental car bookings and has chosen CloudTalk as the solution for their excessively high call volume and to increase customer satisfaction.

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DiscoverCars had long waiting times and low customer satisfaction scores due to an excessively high volume of calls. They needed a solution to cut down waiting times and completely transform the overall customer experience.


By partnering with CloudTalk, DiscoverCars implemented an IVR system  that automated routine queries and routed complex inquiries to the right agent. This reduced waiting times, improved customer satisfaction, and optimized the entire call center operation.


DiscoverCars’ IVR system reduced wait times by up to 80%, decreased call handling time by 25%, increased customer satisfaction scores by 15%, and reduced call abandonment rates by 20% making it an absolute success for the company’s customer support strategy.

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How CloudTalk helped DiscoverCars increase customer satisfaction

DiscoverCars is a rapidly growing car rental company operating in over 140 countries. As their customer base expanded, so did the volume of incoming calls to their customer support team, resulting in longer wait times for customers, lower customer satisfaction, and higher call abandonment rates. It became evident what the company had to do — find a way to reduce wait times and really focus on customer experience. 

When warning lights flash

DiscoverCars’ call center agents were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of incoming calls. On average, they receive over 100,000 calls per quarter with most of them being basic queries an IVR system could easily address. The company wanted to implement an IVR solution that could handle common FAQs and route complex inquiries to the right agent, reducing wait times and improving the customer experience.

Driving positive change

DiscoverCars partnered with CloudTalk to implement an IVR system that could address this challenge. CloudTalk’s next-generation calling software was able to provide a range of features beyond that, including call routing, automatic call distribution and power dialer, among others. 

We set up DiscoverCars’ IVR system to greet customers with a pre-recorded menu providing options to address common queries such as booking confirmation, car rental rates, and location details. Furthermore, the IVR system also helps route calls to the right agent based on the customer’s query. 

For instance, if a customer calls to modify an existing booking, the IVR system routes the call to an appropriate agent with the necessary access and expertise to handle the query in the shortest and most enjoyable way possible.

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The benefit we value the most is the call routing. With the IVR, we route customers to agents who speak their language. We can also distribute calls based on the customers’ stage in the booking process, giving higher priority to those clients who are picking up their cars.

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Issam Daoudi – Supervisor at DiscoverCars

On the road to success

Implementing CloudTalk’s IVR significantly improved DiscoverCars’ customer experience. Letting customers easily navigate the menu and getting their queries addressed quickly reduced wait times by up to 80%. 

The system also enabled DiscoverCars to optimize its operations by routing calls to the right agent, lowering the average call handling time by 25%. 

As a result of these improvements, DiscoverCars’ customer satisfaction scores rose by 15%, and their call abandonment rate fell by 20%. Our IVR system also enabled the company to scale its operations and handle more calls with the same number of agents to boot. 

Our call volume tripled in only 2 years. Today, our agents get around 100,000 calls per quarter versus 30,000 back in 2020. With CloudTalk, we can now handle all of this communication easily. It was an excellent choice.

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Frederico Lopes – Head of Customer Service at DiscoverCars

Many more miles to go

DiscoverCars’ partnership with CloudTalk enabled them to implement an IVR system that effectively addressed their customer support challenges. It reduced waiting times, improved customer satisfaction, and optimized their call center operation by automating simple queries and routing complex inquiries to the right agents. 

The success of this partnership is a testament to the power of data driven decision-making and highlights the importance of having reliable and responsive customer support software. CloudTalk has helped Nokia change its strategy, stay ahead in a competitive market and provide customers with the best possible experience.

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