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DiscoverCars works with more than 500 partners, from renowned international rental businesses to trusted local services.

With the company now serving over 10,000 destinations, customer support needs to be ready for anything—while ensuring customers worldwide that their needs are understood, and any roadblocks are in reliable hands.


Having its presence spread across the globe, DiscoverCars never sleeps. With new customers pouring in daily, the company needed multifaceted phone software that would help it guarantee one of the primary pillars on which the platform was built: excellent customer satisfaction, no matter where in the world the customer may be.

After testing out other services, DiscoverCars was searching for a versatile partner that could cover all bases. Due to the worldwide car rental business requiring constant communication with various nationalities, the team had been using Twilio integrated with LiveAgent, a combination that provided the basics: convenience via connected communication.

But after two years and rapid growth, it became critical for DiscoverCars to address every challenge the team had faced with its communication platforms.

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The main issues DiscoverCars faced with other providers

For one, other providers had proven to have very little room for negotiating discounts based on call volume. Accurate statistics and reports regarding missed calls or activity on specific lines were also missing.

And in an age that necessitates reaching customers via multiple platforms, the lack of SMS functionality was a clear hindrance. However, the main issue was a lack of access to fast, personalized support—especially when it came to connecting with new markets, where DiscoverCars had to deal with each phone number’s regulatory compliance.

Additionally, the team did not have addresses in most countries which they required, and they lacked the option of creating specific IVRs (interactive voice responses) to deal with calls according to the given language.  

Enter CloudTalk

Although their previous business phone software provider offered several useful features as well as inbound and outbound calling across the world, the above mentioned serious problems indicated that it was time for DiscoverCars to switch its phone solution.  

The key requirements for the new software were clear:

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With CloudTalk seamlessly taking on the exceptional volume of DiscoverCars’ communication, the team is running at maximum efficiency. As of today, they are making 4,800+ inbound and outbound per month and have spent approx. 9,000+ minutes on the phone with clients using 24 international numbers.

DiscoverCars is currently only using integration with LiveAgent, which lets every agent access customer data with ease. Moreover, this integration allows the team to automate unnecessary tasks and streamline their workflows, resulting in a customer support system that can focus on what truly matters: the people on the other end of the line.

These initial steps in our partnership are just the beginning. DiscoverCars plans on incorporating CloudTalk into its booking platform to be able to access all call records and customer contacts faster than ever before.

From the automatic callback feature helping agents avoid missed calls and playing a significant role in improved client satisfaction, all the way to call statistics that are easily accessible in the CloudTalk’s comprehensive dashboard, DiscoverCars’ team can now confidently move full speed ahead.

Results in the last 3 months


Inbound and outbound calls


Minutes on the phone with clients


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Essential Cloudtalk benefits

  • Customer service: The CloudTalk team is dedicated to remaining communicative and helpful with every question or issue.
  • Call statistics: A less obvious benefit is that hiring decisions in terms of new agents can be made much faster. By continuously tracking the activity of a particular phone line, managers can understand the given area’s agents’ needs.
  • Mobile app: The application is easy-to-use and enables the DiscoverCars team to be much more active and to work even when away from the computer.

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Frederico Lopes

Head of the Customer Service

Frederico leads the multicultural 24/7 Customer Support and Sales team. Under his leadership, the team has grown from 3 to 25 agents, with DiscoverCars’ customer experience constantly staying true to its values of a reputable quality.

DiscoverCars team’s favorite features

  • Call statistics: When regularly checking call statistics, managers can find out how their team is performing, pinpointing the best-performing agents or which phone lines are the busiest.
  • IVR feature: Interactive Voice Reply allows setting up calls so that international numbers can be routed to people who speak the given language. It also distributes customers according to which stage they are in within the reservation process, and more.
  • Call flow designer: Designing a call flow takes a mere few minutes, and the feature helps distribute customers among agents or groups of agents in the most suitable way.

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