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Integrate Help Scout into your call center

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Integration and synchronization with Help Scout is a perfect solution for customer support management. Your data will always be up-to-date, which means your agents can provide callers with a better experience.

Connect Help Scout with CloudTalk and have your customer details and caller history all in one place – CloudTalk or Help Scout. Automated synchronization will also make sure that customer data are always up-to-date in both systems.

Help Scout integration – efficient solution for customer support management

Help Scout allows quick, easy, and personalized interaction with your clients. 

To keep track of past communications along with call logs, just link your Help Scout account with CloudTalk.

The caller’s real-time customer card (which pops up even before the phone is picked up) displays all the following information:

  • the client’s contact details (name, email, phone number, business name, address, website, etc.)
  • history of past calls, including recordings
  • notes
  • conversations in Help Scout
  • email and chat communication
  • and more activities from Help Scout and CloudTalk

Save your agents the time spent switching between two systems and make your customer support management more productive and quick.

Two-way synchronization

With automated contact synchronization, CloudTalk displays a full history of the client’s conversations, including ongoing conversations made in Help Scout.

In turn, Help Scout shows all calls made via CloudTalk. A new conversation is automatically created in Help Scout with each new phone call, including data such as the client’s phone number, date, time and length of the call and call recording.

Contacts are synchronized as well. If you create a new contact in Help Scout, it is automatically created in CloudTalk and vice versa. If you update any data in an existing contact in CloudTalk, the update is automatically transferred to Help Scout and vice versa.

Automated two-way synchronization eliminates the need to manually input identical data in two different systems. When agents have access to up-to-date information and customer activities during the call, they can provide clients with more personalized and personal support.

helpscout conversation in cloudtalk

Create new conversations directly in CloudTalk

During the phone call, you can easily create new conversation for Help Scout without ever leaving the CloudTalk interface. This means that our customer management solution will have a positive impact on the length of the call and facilitate the agent’s work.

In the client’s contact detail, just click Create – this will start a new conversation with the client’s request, which is automatically transferred to the client’s contact detail in Help Scout as well.

With real-time customer card, you can perform this action when still on the phone with the client. 

Search Help Scout contacts from CloudTalk

If you need information on your client, you can easily and quickly access it in CloudTalk in the Contacts tab. Contact databases are synchronized as well, ensuring consistency across both systems.

Easy and quick integration

  • Integrating Help Scout with CloudTalk is very easy and no programming is required
  • The only thing you need is your API key and name of the mailbox from Help Scout interface (Profile → Authentication → Generate API key). Then let CloudTalk do the rest.
  • In a few minutes after the integration is complete, your data will start to sync and you can start improving your customer support.
  • Read the full integration guide here.

Integration setup guide (Video guide)

Better experience for your customers

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