Intercom Integration for Your Contact Center

Integrate Intercom with CloudTalk and stay on top of all customer interactions across your channels and work tools. Provide top-of-the-line customer support with this SMS + Phone Call power couple and enjoy their benefits without compromise.

Real-time synchronization of contacts and activities across both platforms

Initiate calls directly from Intercom via CloudTalk’s click-to-call feature

Access important client information, including past call recordings – anytime

Track and evaluate performance with CloudTalk’s smart and customizable analytics


Two-way Synchronization

As soon as a call begins, an entry is created in both systems detailing the client’s number, time of call, call duration, and recording

Actionable Insights

Thanks to the Real-time Customer Card, your agents will receive an overview of the contact information, past interactions, and notes or comments right on their device.

Comprehensive Analytics

Add customizable tags to your interactions or track your team’s performance with CloudTalk’s pre-made smart analytics.

Automated Workflows

Save time on repetitive tasks, like SMS follow-ups, call transcriptions or logging

CloudTalk + Intercom = Success

The combination of a VoIP call center software and a customer communication platform is a match made in heaven. Together, CloudTalk and Intercom allow you to take complete control of your customer interactions and track and analyze them efficiently. Furthermore, they give your agents actionable insights they can use immediately during the customer care process.

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What is the Intercom + CloudTalk integration?

The Intercom phone integration connects sales, marketing, and support to create a holistic omnichannel communication solution that allows you to reach audiences anywhere and anytime. When you are logged into your Intercom account, all phone numbers are automatically converted into a clickable format, allowing you to easily initiate calls with a single click – at CloudTalk, we call this click-to-call feature.

How does the Intercom + CloudTalk integration work?

Integrating Intercom with CloudTalk allows you to seamlessly synchronize customer contact details, as well as your call and conversation history, across the two platforms. These updates happen automatically at regular intervals, ensuring that you always have access to up-to-date information.

Why should you use Intercom + CloudTalk?

There are 7 key benefits to using the Intercom + CloudTalk integration.

They include:

– Customer contact details (name, email, phone number,
company, etc.)

– Call history, including call recordings

– Notes and comments

– Conversations from Intercom

– Email and chat communication

– Various other activities related to Intercom and CloudTalk

– Clickable phone number format for quickly initiating calls online and across
work tools

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