7 Best Intercom Integrations to Improve Customer Experience
By Natália Mrázová
| 11. May 2020 |
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By N. Mrázová Natália Mrázová
| 11 May 2020 |

    7 Best Intercom Integrations to
    improve Customer Experience

    Best intercom integraitons

    Imagine that you are going to meet a friend you haven’t seen for ages. Would you rather have dinner in a premium restaurant with delightful nice staff and delicious food, or explore a new, way cheaper restaurant with mixed reviews from the previous customers?

    It’s safe to assume that you would rather pay more in order to receive high-quality services. And this doesn’t apply only when choosing a place for dinner. In fact, 86% of buyers agree that they are willing to pay more to receive a great customer experience, no matter the context. 

    At the same time, 32% of customers are likely to switch from their beloved brand to another after a bad experience. It’s clear to see that customer experience and expectations play an important role in business these days, and if you want to improve yours – it might be high time to do so. Luckily, there are certain tools that can help you make your customer experience seamless. 

    Why should you use Intercom to improve CX? 

    Nowadays, with all the available technology, businesses are in constant interactions with their customers. Many of these interactions now happen online, via messages. Actually, 9 out of 10 customers revealed that they want to be able to reach companies while using messaging. In order to meet customer expectations, businesses have to adapt to this form of communication. 

    One of the increasingly popular ways to do so is by implementing a live chat solution, which is the core product of Intercom. Live chat is a great way to talk to your customers in real-time, directly on your website.

    intercom illustration

    This gives any user the feeling of “a personal touch” offered by the company. Not to mention that with real-time communication, they also have an impression that their issues can be solved instantly. 

    And the best part? You can integrate Intercom and its live chat with other tools to take your customer experience even further. 

    Why should you integrate Intercom with other tools? 

    Having a great product is one thing, but offering a seamless customer experience is a different story. With the variety of tools available, you can easily choose your own toolbox to improve your customer experience in the long run. Especially if you leverage system integration once you’re at it. 

    With tool integration, you can truly make the most of your software and collected data. What’s more, it can even help you simplify your business processes and, yet again,  boost customer experience. 

    Especially since integrating tools with Intercom is rather simple and quick, as it often requires just a few clicks. The results, however, can be quite astonishing, in terms of time and money saved. 

    Here are some of the biggest advantages stemming from tool integration: 

    • Automating repetitive tasks in your organisation,
    • Accessing relevant information quicker (which are always kept up-to-date across all systems),
    • Increasing the productivity of your sales & customer support teams, 
    • Improving customer experience,
    • Reducing IT- and HR-related costs. 

    These are only a few of the benefits that you can leverage with tool integration. As a matter of fact, integrating the right tools will help you discover a lot of new opportunities, and unify your business processes at the same time. 

    When having these benefits in mind, let’s take a closer look at some superb tools which can be easily integrated with Intercom. 

    7 tools from Intercom marketplace to improve customer experience

    #1 CRM system – Best integration for building relations

    Building and maintaining relationships with customers should be the main focus of any business out there. One thing that can definitely ease the management of those relationships is to have all necessary information about existing and potential customers in one place. This, in turn, is possible thanks to using powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. 

    When using Intercom and searching for the most suitable CRM system, you have several options:

    Discover what CRM systems have native integration with CloudTalk

    Some of the biggest benefits of integrating Intercom with a CRM system are:

    • Keeping your CRM system up-to-date thanks to automatically syncing the details on new leads and their interactions via Intercom,
    • Having a complete picture of every lead journey, 
    • Keeping everything you need to know about a lead at your fingertips (email, company, stage, and lead owner, etc.) right from the Intercom Inbox. 

    #2 CloudTalk – Best integration for phone calls

    CloudTalk is a cloud-based phone system designed for support and sales teams. This integration gives you the ability to manage your call flows, make time-saving automation, log all your calling activities, and much more. Furthermore, CloudTalk has native integration with Intercom, which offers you several benefits. 

    This integration will give you access to all call history data and call recordings within your Intercom account. If you make or receive a call (including Missed calls and Voicemails), it will be instantly sent to Intercom as a conversation or event. In addition, all conversations and contacts will be synced with CloudTalk, so your team will be more efficient.

    Moreover, you can start using features like emotions detection, real-time call statisticspower dialer, IVRsmart call routing, speech recognition, callback, and much many more. Everything to help you improve your customer experience. 

    When a chat conversation in Intercom messenger is not sufficient to explain a complex problem, you can use CloudTalk Live integration. It enables you to invite your customer to make a call directly from an Intercom conversation. 

    #3 Clearbit – Best integration for analysing your website data

    Clearbit is an interesting tool that helps you analyze your website visitors. This means that you can easily identify, target, and route website visitors to the right landing pages.

    By knowing who your visitors are as soon as they land on your website and offering them a highly tailored experience, you can convert much more leads at the end of the day. 

    Here are some benefits of Clearbit + Intercom integration:

    • Focusing on the most valuable visitors by customising which visitors can see your Messenger using Clearbit data (like Alexa rank), 
    • Using targeted auto-messages that you can customise with Clearbit data, including industry, company location, or even tech stack,
    • Having all the information you need at your fingertips by viewing Clearbit data in your Intercom Inbox. 

    #4 Statuspage – Best integration for status page updates

    Statuspage is a tool that informs your customers and teammates about the current system status. This might be seen as an unnecessary step, however, it can lead to reduced inbound conversation volume for your support team.

    This means that you can proactively communicate outage information with your customers without needing them to ask you what is wrong with a specific feature or system. They only need to subscribe to your newsletter and they will be always alerted if something is wrong with the system.  

    #5 Promoter – Best integration for boosting customer satisfaction

    Promoter.io enables you to use the Net Promoter System in order to drive highly actionable feedback and analyze responses for critical decisions. 

    When collecting these insights, you can easily prevent the situation of having detractors. Furthermore, based on data you can easily see who needs immediate attention and who your advocates are. 

    #6 Calendly – Best integration for scheduling meetings

    Calendly is a simple tool that saves a lot of time on finding the most suitable times for meetings. It allows you to schedule meetings with leads and customers directly via Intercom Messenger. This means that you don’t need to exchange several messages until you agree on the specific time and date for a meeting.

    Moreover, Calendly will add the event to your calendar, include your Zoom link, update it in your CRM system, and send reminders – all features in one platform. 

    #7 Conflux – Best integration for capturing user feedback

    Conflux helps you collect valuable feedback directly from your customers. Furthermore, your users can vote on ideas directly in the Intercom Messenger to keep them engaged. 

    Thanks to your customer feedback you can adjust your product decision while maintaining privacy between you and your customer. You can easily share your ideas or features directly with your customers using the Intercom messenger app. You can even add their votes and keep them up to date when an idea or feature changes status.

    Integrate your tools to make the customer experience seamless 

    There’s no doubt that customer experience is something worth improving nowadays. For many customers, it became an important factor when choosing a brand, or any business they want to interact with.

    Fortunately, using the available tools and integrating them can be a major step in making your customer experience seamless – and it’s much easier than it seems. 

    If you’re already using Intercom, it might be high time to make a few more additions to your toolbox. Take a look at our top picks, and don’t hesitate to give them a try.