Sell more with the #1 Rated Phone System for Pipedrive Sales Teams

Improve your sales team’s performance with the CloudTalk + Pipedrive integration. It gives you more time for interacting with customers and closing important deals. Work smarter, sell faster.

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Use 2-way real-time synchronization for Calls, Call notes, Contacts, or Call tags

be in control

Have a custom setup for each CloudTalk user with 20 integrations with Pipedrive

Initiate calls directly from Pipedrive via CloudTalk CTI and Click-to-Call.

Access your recordings without ever leaving Pipedrive

   How You Can Benefit From the Pipedrive Integration 

 Close More Deals

You can only sell fast when you work smart. CloudTalk’s Pipedrive integration allows for the automatic tracking, storing, and sorting of all phone calls, emails, and customer data. Furthermore, Pipedrive displays the company’s sales funnel from start to finish thanks to its visual pipeline and drag and drop mechanics. This is especially useful for small and middle-sized businesses.

Automate Your Daily Workflow

Use Workflow Automation within the Pipedrive + CloudTalk integration. It’s a great way of streamlining business processes in both the customer support and sales departments. Various unnecessary tasks can be automated directly in CloudTalk. You can also create customer-specific business processes when using different platforms.

Work Efficiently With Advanced Features

Activate up to 35+ integrations with Pipedrive and have a custom setup for every CloudTalk user or for your Pipedrive account. You can also set call logs and pick how inbound, outbound, and missed calls will be logged in Pipedrive. The integration also offers Speech to text transcriptions that are logged into your Pipedrive at the end of the call.

Synchronize SMS to Pipedrive

Get a complete overview of the interactions between prospects and customers. You can synchronize SMS messages sent from CloudTalk to your Pipedrive account so you won’t miss any important information when closing deals.

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CloudTalk + Pipedrive = Success

Pipedrive is a CRM software specifically designed for sales. By integrating it with CloudTalk, you can drastically speed up and simplify your processes.

You can also use features like Click to Call — just hover over a Pipedrive contact, click on their phone number and proceed with your call.

With our Pipedrive integration, you can see information about an incoming call even before you answer it. All you need to do is access the caller’s Pipedrive contact profile.

Get a first-hand experience
with CloudTalk

“It is an excellent tool for recording calls. As a supervisor, I can be sure that every deal interaction is registered. That helps us to provide a better service.”

Pablo Ritchie, Pipedrive Marketplace


What is a Pipedrive integration and how to use it?

Pipedrive is a cloud-based CRM tool that allows you to plan your sales activities and monitor deals. It streamlines every action necessary to convert leads into customers. It also lets you track communication and automate workflow.

You can use Pipedrive to connect your CRM and your project management tool. Furthermore, Pipedrive gives you insights into your employees’ performance and allows you to generate relevant reports for your business.

What are the benefits of Pipedrive + CloudTalk integration?

Thanks to Pipedrive and CloudTalk integration, all call center agents will have a comprehensive understanding of your customers’ needs.

Here are key benefits:
1. See caller details before picking up the call

2. Use click-to-call feature to make calls without dialing a number

3. Listen to agents’ calls with call recording tool

4. Make a use of 2-way real time synchronization 

5. Easily associate contacts with companies they are from

6. Select activities your calls will be assigned to

7. Simple integration setup doesn’t require programming

What benefits does Pipedrive call center integration have for your business?

1. See caller details before picking up the call
2. Use the click-to-call feature to make calls without dialing a number
3. Listen to agents’ calls with a Call recording tool
4. Make use of 2-way real-time synchronization                        
5. Easily associate contacts with companies they are from                        
6. Select activities your calls will be assigned to                        
7. Simple integration setup doesn’t require programming.

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