Win more deals with Pipedrive phone system integration
By Quinn Malloy
| 14. June 2019 |
Sales, Call Center
By Q. MalloyQuinn Malloy
| 14 Jun 2019 |
Sales, Call Center
    By Q. MalloyQuinn Malloy
    | 14 Jun 2019
    Sales, Call Center

    Win more deals with Pipedrive phone system integration

    cloudtalk integration for pipedrive

    With customer expectations rising constantly, maintaining the highest standards of your customers & sales support might soon become a priority for your business. By combining the right tools, however, this has never been easier – especially if you integrate your phone system with a powerful CRM solution. Here’s why you should take advantage of CloudTalk-Pipedrive integration and boost the performance of your sales team.

    Customer service forms an important part of every organization. As a matter of fact, the quality of this service is often said to affect its sales results. And that’s hardly surprising, given the following statistics: 

    • 70% of the customer’s journey is dictated by how the customer feels they are being treated,
    • 55% of customers are willing to spend more money with a company that guarantees them a satisfying experience,
    • By 2020, customer experience is set to overtake product and price as the main driver behind consumers’ purchasing decisions.

    That’s precisely why businesses should improve the processes they have in place, and strive to offer outstanding sales & customer support as a consequence. In fact, 47% of high-performing sales organizations already think they need to streamline proposals, contracts, ordering, quoting and sales collateral workflow. One thing that can bring every company closer to this goal is to integrate its phone system with a CRM, which doesn’t only improve the team’s productivity but also gives the sales reps a lot of insights about their callers. Actually, even though the majority of call centers seems to use several tools on a daily basis, they often experience problems with integrating all of them properly.

    It’s definitely worth the effort, though. The idea behind the integration is to keep customer data consistent and up-to-date between the systems so that the sales agents are always well-informed and able to make data-driven decisions as fast as possible. If you want to equip your sales representatives with proper tools to improve their performance and foster customer loyalty at the same time, it might be high time to integrate your call center with Pipedrive.

    Pipedrive is a sales management tool designed to help small and medium-sized sales teams manage the sales processes they have in place, no matter how intricate and lengthy these processes might be. If that’s still not convincing enough – take into account that CloudTalk-Pipedrive integration is fully customizable and takes only a few seconds, without the need for programming of any kind. The results of such integration, however, can truly make a difference for your team. 

    What exactly can you get out of CloudTalk-Pipedrive integration?

    CloudTalk-Pipedrive integration allows your team to leverage all the benefits of your phone system and a powerful CRM. This way, you can discover a lot of new opportunities – especially since CloudTalk happens to be one of the most compelling and useful apps you can integrate with Pipedrive in order to customize and automate your sales process. You can even take full advantage of Pipedrive’s LeadBooster: a conversational chatbot that enables your business to automatically qualify more leads and schedule calls or demo presentation, which then can be made thanks to the CloudTalk integration.

    What else this integration means for your business?

    • Freeing your sales agents from manual tasks – by integrating your phone system with a proper CRM, you can easily automate “manual tasks”, such as searching for the necessary information in multiple databases, or updating and entering data by hand. You will have all the important details in one place and synchronized in real time, including missed calls and voicemails. What’s more, with the click-to-call feature, sales agents will be able to make calls directly from Pipedrive, which should boost their performance and speed up the whole sales process,
    • Improving your sales team’s performance and winning more deals – speaking of, CloudTalk-Pipedrive integration can easily reduce average handle time and help the sales reps make the most of their leads. Mostly because they won’t have to switch between multiple systems anymore – instead, they will see everything in a single user-friendly system. CloudTalk will also synchronize notes, tags, contact and communications history in real time. In fact, any changes made in CloudTalk are automatically transferred to Pipedrive, and vice versa. Not to mention that in order to make calls, sales representative only have to click on a number saved in their Pipedrive account and CloudTalk will automatically dial it for them,
    • Delivering more personalized customer service – basically, integrating the right tools will allow you to deliver personalized offers and solutions to your customers, by using up-to-date customer data stored in your CRM system, accessible whenever you make or receive a call. As a matter of fact, every agent can see relevant caller’s information (including all past Pipedrive activities) before they even pick up the phone. It’s a great advantage to have, simply because being able to access comprehensive and updated data at all times lets your sales agents make their interactions more personalized and relevant, and have the right context to close the deal,
    • Taking advantage of data analytics – CloudTalk will automatically log all calls to Pipedrive so that you keep all your conversations in one place and have all the insights that you need. It’s crucial for any call center to analyze the available data, and make good use of the information they have at hand. By integrating the tools you’re using, you won’t need to worry about having to keep updating and transferring your data between the systems – but focus on drawing insights instead.  

    Get the most out of both tools

    Nowadays, CRM integration seems necessary in order to maintain the highest standards of customer & sales support. Luckily, if you’re using CloudTalk, you can easily take advantage of Pipedrive integration and take the performance of your team to the next level. Pipedrive-CloudTalk integration takes seconds, and there’s no need for programming. It is fully customizable, so you can choose which data are synchronized based on your business needs and increase efficiency. Try it yourself.