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Stay productive anywhere and anytime with the CloudTalk Go mobile app. Call and collaborate seamlessly from your smart device while keeping your personal number safe with Virtual Caller ID and saving money on call costs. 

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Call center agents make for the best brand ambassadors. Give them a reason to advocate for your products by streamlining processes and simplifying their daily tasks with 75+ advanced automation features and 35+ of their favorite 3rd-party integrations.

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Create 5-Star Customer Experiences with These 7 Best Practices

Get Inspired by Polysleep’s succes story

Increasing Polysleep’s Monthly Calls by 4000+ Minutes

Polysleep is a Canadian company delivering excellent experiences both in the waking and sleeping worlds with its top-quality mattresses and customer service. As part of their pledge to make the world sleep better, Polysleep offers their customers a 100-night free trial, letting them tweak their experience with comprehensive feedback and donating returned mattresses to charity. 

But doing this means a lot of time spent on the phone speaking to customers and coordinating with various charity organizations. And when Polysleep’s old retail call center software couldn’t keep up anymore, CloudTalk stepped up to put their problems to bed. 

After several months of relying solely on CloudTalk, Polysleep has found the software irreplaceable. In a single month, the team has spent 4,000+ minutes on inbound and outbound calls and made 1,300+ client calls using four Canadian phone numbers. Their work processes have also been streamlined thanks to CloudTalk’s native 3rd party integration and automation features, leading to better results than ever before.
Learn how Polysleep revolutionized its retail call center and how you can do the same in our Customer Success story here.


What is a retail call center?

A retail call center is a type of call center that provides customer support services to retail companies. They handle customer inquiries, provide support for products and services, and use specialized technology to manage interactions efficiently.

What are the 8 types of call centers?

Each of the 8 types of call centers focuses on a different aspect, so your choice will depend on your company’s needs and expectations. Your options include the following: inbound call center, outbound call center, blended call center, virtual call center, automated call center, multichannel and omnichannel contact centers, in-house vs. outsourced call centers, off-shore call center.

What are common problems in retail call centers?

Consumers Expect Continuous Service – people expect 24/7 support
Virtual call center solution that can operate 24/7 with fewer costs. Provide your customers with self-service processes even during business hours and say goodbye to long AHT and low service levels. Automate repetitive tasks like order tracking and give your agents more time to focus on high-value tasks.
Keeping Up With Emerging Communication Channels
Manage all in one place/one app, with our CRM integrations you will have all customer’s and agent’s data in one place. Report and monitor data in order to optimize processes. 


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