Easily Call Clients Abroad

Enjoy smooth outreach with AI-powered calling software. Unlock 160+ international markets.

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Call Abroad Seamlessly

Connect to your global customer base as if you were local, with 160+ international numbers.

Save With Top Call Quality 

Get stable calls to prevent churn, cut support costs, and maintain a professional image.

Have All Data at Hand

Boost workflows by automatically syncing data from CloudTalk with other systems you love.

Enhance Global Outreach

Build trust in key countries to enhance your company’s international outreach. Call abroad like a local from 160+ international numbers (the widest range on the market) and empower customer-facing teams to seamlessly connect with your global clientele. 

When using our previous solution, we had to use a single phone number and people didn’t answer unknown phone numbers from abroad. That slowed us down. Now, we spend around 100,000 minutes per quarter on phone calls, using 35 international numbers. Thanks to CloudTalk, we can run our call center from a single office while keeping an international presence.

Alena Pirkovska, Customer Service Team Lead at Boataround

Cut Costs With Stellar Call Quality

Don’t let connectivity issues hinder your operations. CloudTalk provides your team with unparalleled call stability, eliminating latency and preventing call drops. Crystal-clear sound guarantees spotless CX, establishes you as a trusted service, eliminates churn, and lowers support costs.

CloudTalk app is very user-friendly. Easy to use and I always have the best quality of calls that help me always reach my targets. Smooth and clear conversations while using CloudTalk are superb 👏

Bernadette N., a Small-Business customer

Integrate to Boost Response Time

Elevate efficiency by seamlessly integrating CloudTalk with your preferred systems. Automate data synchronization and effortlessly access critical information in one place. Ensure agents have all the resources they need to offer a highly efficient and responsive customer service experience.

CloudTalk’s integration with other business tools such as CRM and helpdesk software enhances the user experience by providing a seamless workflow for customer interactions.

Suki R., Account Management at Document360

Amplify Human Potential

CloudTalk’s AI-powered insights save you hours of work every week. Automate processes, identify customer preferences and assess the effectiveness of your CX strategies easily. Leverage AI to truly get to know your business.

Human Potential

CloudTalk’s AI-powered insights save you hours of work every week. Automate processes, identify customer preferences and assess the effectiveness of your CX strategies easily. Leverage AI to truly get to know your business.

Plans worth every dollar




/ month

Per user/month. Billed annually.

Per user/month. Billed monthly.

What’s included?
  • Unlimited inbound & intracompany calls

    Free inbound calling is not available in case you select certain high cost country numbers.

  • Click to call
  • Automated call distribution
  • Mobile app
  • Unlimited call queuing
  • International numbers
  • (160+ countries)





/ month

Per user/month. Billed annually.

What’s included?
  • All Starter features, plus…
  • Advanced analytics with unlimited history
  • Real-time client dashboard
  • Integrations to other systems
  • Open API
  • Skill-based routing
  • Smart queueing
  • SMS / Text messages
  • Workflow Automation



/ month

Per user/month. Billed annually.

Per user/month. Billed monthly.

What’s included?
  • All Essential features, plus…
  • Salesforce integration
  • Power Dialer, Smart Dialer
  • Call Monitoring (Call Barging, Call Whispering)
  • Wallboards
  • Speech to text

    Additional pricing – contact us

  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Unlimited concurrent calls
  • WhatsApp Inbound & Outbound

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for tailor-made offer

What’s included?
  • All Expert features, plus…
  • Custom onboarding
  • Unlimited outbound calls (Flat rates)
  • Enterprise-level security
  • Developer support
  • Custom reporting
  • SLA

What Else Do We Offer You?

Get Top-level 24/7 Support

Get your issue addressed within seconds. Our support is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with <1 minute response rate.

Calling in Minutes

Easily set up, use, and administer your inbound call center software. Get it up and running in no time – no hardware or IT support needed.

See Instant ROI

Reach excellence thanks to 100+ productivity features. CloudTalk empowers IT & Operations Directors to achieve strategic objectives.


How much does VoIP cost for a business?

CloudTalk, as a provider of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services tailored for businesses, offers a range of pricing plans that can vary widely depending on the features, number of users, and specific needs of your business. As of last update, pricing for VoIP services like CloudTalk could start from around $25 per user per month for basic plans, with more advanced features and functionalities driving the price higher.

What are the three types of VoIP services?

Residential VoIP Services: Designed for home use, allowing users to make calls over the internet instead of traditional telephone lines.
Business VoIP Services: Tailored for businesses, offering advanced features like call routing, voicemail to email, conference calling, and more, to support business operations.
Mobile VoIP Services: Created for mobile devices, enabling users to make VoIP calls using their smartphones via an app, which is particularly useful for businesses with a mobile workforce or for personal use.

Which is the most popular VoIP service?

The most popular VoIP services often include those provided by major players like RingCentral, 8×8, and Aircall, with CloudTalk also gaining traction for its business-centric features and user-friendly interface.

How to use VoIP for business?

Evaluate Your Needs: Determine the size of your team, the features you need (like call forwarding, IVR, conference calls), and your budget.
Choose a VoIP Provider: Select a provider (like CloudTalk) that fits your business needs and budget. Consider the scalability, reliability, and customer support they offer.
Set Up Your System: Follow the provider’s instructions to set up your VoIP system. This might involve installing software on computers or an app on smartphones, and possibly setting up VoIP phones.
Train Your Team: Ensure your team knows how to operate the VoIP system effectively, including making calls, transferring calls, and using any other features your chosen system offers.
Monitor and Adjust: Use the analytics and reporting tools provided by your VoIP service to monitor usage, quality of service, and customer satisfaction, and adjust your setup as needed.

CloudTalk is a data-driven solution for exceptional customer experience and intelligence is a key part of it.

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