Zapier Integration: Connect Thousands of Apps With CloudTalk

With Zapier, you can connect CloudTalk with more than 5,000 apps.

The CloudTalk + Zapier integration lets you build a bridge between countless tools, giving you limitless opportunities to automate all your daily call center workflows.



Create a call log in Google Sheets for every call made and received in CloudTalk

Update or create a contact in your CRM from a registered call

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Automatically add new calling contacts to your mailing list

Create Zendesk tickets from new CloudTalk calls

Send an SMS text message to customers after you finish calls in CloudTalk


Save Time

How much time do your agents spend on manual tasks before, during, and after each call? Those 1-2 minutes per call add up, especially if you have a large database. With our integration, call centers can save up to 10 hours per week through automation — per agent!

Scale Your Business Faster

What could you do with an extra 6-10 hours in a week? Spend it on tasks that truly move the needle and generate more revenue! Not only can you boost your earning potential, but you’ll also reduce your expenses thanks to well-integrated automation.  

Replace Manual Admin with Automation

You might not even realize how many of your team’s daily tasks are repetitive and don’t even need a human to execute them. With Zapier, you can automate most of it, giving you time to work on stuff that truly needs a human touch!

No more agent burnout

Even with exceptional interpersonal skills and the ability to convert and retain your clients, your agents’ motivation will drop fast if they have to work on every single small task regularly. 

cloudtalk + Zapier

CloudTalk + Zapier = Success

Can’t find the integration you’re looking for? Zapier connects over 5,000 apps with each other.

Create a free Zapier account and connect CloudTalk with as many CRMs, communication, and marketing tools as you want — the sky is the limit.

Get a first-hand experience
with CloudTalk

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“The platform supports most features and prices were reasonable. We moved forward with CloudTalk because of a custom feature available when using a Zapier flow and the quick workflow setup.”

Administrator in IT and Services


What is Zapier integration, and how to use it?

Zapier is a tool that can enhance your workflow automation by connecting more than 5,000 apps with each other. In essence, it helps you automate repetitive tasks between two or more apps, acting as a communicational bridge. When a specific event happens in one app, Zapier can tell another app to perform a particular action – automatically.

How does the Zapier + Cloudtalk integration work and what are the benefits

By integrating Zapier with CloudTalk, you will be able to automate your daily workflow by connecting CloudTalk, with more than 1,500 apps. Zapier acts as a bridge between various applications and lets you initiate calls, send notifications, update contact details, send emails, add rows in a Google Sheet, update contact information in your CRM, and more.

Benefits of the Zapier + Cloudtalk integration:

Workflow automation
– Reducing repetitive task
– Data synchronization
– Saving your agents’ time

Learn More About Zapier

Zapier’s own guide to creating your first Zap

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