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Zapier call center integration for CloudTalk

With Zapier, you will be able to connect CloudTalk with more than 1500 apps and automate your daily workflows.

Zapier integration for CloudTalk

Integrate CloudTalk with Zapier and automate your daily workflows. With Zapier, you will be able to connect CloudTalk with more than 1500 apps. Zapier acts as a bridge between various applications and lets you initiate calls, send notifications and update contact details, in addition to hundreds of other possibilities.

For every inbound or outbound call, you can set up a Zapier trigger. You can send an email to a customer, add a row in Google Sheets, raise a ticket in one of your favorite Helpdesk, or update contact information in your CRM. All relevant information regarding the call, including recording, voicemail, and URL, is available to you when you create zaps on Zapier.

Most common Zaps:

  • Create call log in Google Sheets for every call made and received in CloudTalk
  • Create or update a contact in Highrise from a call registered in CloudTalk
  • Get a push notification in Pushbullet for every new voicemail received in CloudTalk
  • Add CloudTalk calling customers into a Mailchimp list
  • Create Zendesk tickets from new CloudTalk calls
  • Send SMS/Text message to customer after a call is done in CloudTalk (e.g. with some call tags)
  • Create a new ActiveCampaign deal for calls received in CloudTalk


Your Zaps can be triggered by:

  • Contact creation / update
  • Call executed
  • SMS sent / received

Triggering event contains all relevant data about the triggering object so that you can utilize those in your workflows. 

Contact trigger

Contact trigger contains all available data about your contact in CloudTalk such as name, phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

This trigger is most commonly used to synchronize your contact list from CloudTalk into a 3rd party application such as CRM, a Marketing automation tool, and others.

Call trigger

Call trigger contains all available data about a call made via CloudTalk such as phone numbers, duration, waiting time, call tags & notes, etc.

This trigger is most commonly used to export call logs into your reporting tools, CRMs, or eCommerce tools so that you gain a 360° overview of your customers.

SMS trigger

SMS trigger contains details of the SMS that is sent or received via CloudTalk. You can use SMS text, the agent that has sent the message, and phone numbers in your Zaps.

This trigger is most commonly used to store text messages in your other tools such as CRMs to gain a 360° overview of your customers or to send notifications about incoming messages via Slack.


Your Zaps can also trigger actions in CloudTalk such as:

  • Creating / updating Contacts
  • Creating / updating Contact Activities
  • Sending SMS

Contact and Contact Activities actions are commonly used for importing data from your CRM / Ecommerce / Marketing tools into CloudTalk in order to provide your Agents with up-to-date, relevant information about your contacts.

Having all relevant contact information in CloudTalk simplifies calls for your agents, resulting in higher First Call Resolution and Customer Satisfaction.

How to activate Zapier

Simply visit our app in Zapier and start building awesome Zaps. Alternatively, you can use our Zap templates with some common Zaps pre-built for you.