Integrate Your Call Center with Salesloft and Skyrocket Productivity

Empower your sales teams with our Salesloft Integration.

Manage calls directly in the platform, automatically log call details, and streamline all your calls with two-way synchronization.


Analyze and optimize every touch point and boost engagement 

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Win deals 75x faster with opportunity insights and accurate forecasting

Click To Call

Use click-to-call to instantly start making calls

How You Can Benefit From the Salesloft Integration

Find and browse caller information instantly

Find the right Insight Card within seconds, and as soon as you start a call in CloudTalk, the Card will appear on your screen displaying the caller’s name and a link to their Salesloft profile. This helps your reps lead informed conversations and achieve a higher closing rate.

Log all important touchpoints with prospects

All information is automatically logged into Salesloft, including crucial details: whether the call was answered or missed, outbound to inbound, and which line was used. The notes your agents take during the calls are also logged, accompanied by a link to the call recording.

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Skyrocket outbound call productivity

By using the SalesLoft click-to-call feature, you’ll be able to make outbound calls with zero delays. Your agents can easily call contacts within Salesloft without leaving your screen or switching tabs.

Set up fast and keep contacts synchronized

It takes less than 5 minutes — and no IT skills — to set up the Salesloft + CloudTalk integration. Simply follow a few steps to connect these two powerful tools, and you’ll be ready to start making calls right away!

CloudTalk + Salesloft = Success

Salesloft is a robust CRM tool with effective sales conversion in mind.

Our integration with Salesloft enables you to contact your prospects directly from CloudTalk. As soon as your phone rings, the automated workflows seamlessly log call and SMS details and add relevant caller data to your account. Simple as that.

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Our team uses CloudTalk for our sales team. It’s a great software, much better than other tools I have used. I LOVE the integrations they offer – a perfect integration for our other technology tools!

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What is the Salesloft integration, and how to use it?

The Salesloft integration automates your manual tasks and gives you the next best action to move deals forward. Our Salesloft + CloudTalk integration manages opportunities from creation to closing and expanding strategic accounts. Salesloft is the only complete sales engagement system. It gives sales teams everything they need, all in one platform. Connect Salesloft with your CRM system to log activity in real time, sync customer data, and streamline contact management.

How does the Salesloft + Cloudtalk integration work & its benefits

Integrate Salesloft with CloudTalk and streamline sales team workflows automatically. Log call details and surface relevant caller details using Insight Cards. With this powerful integration, you get an overview of all customer interactions. This means that your customer phone calls will become more efficient and personalized.

Here are a few benefits of the Salesloft + CloudTalk integration:

1. Use the click-to-call feature on any contact number 

2. Find and browse all caller details 

3. Logging calls and texts to the system

4. Easy setup process

5. Workflow automation

6. Data synchronization

What benefits SalesLoft phone integration have for your business

1. Use the Click to Call feature on any contact center
2. Find and browse all caller details 
3. Logging calls and texts to the system 
4. Easy setup process 
5. Workflow automation
6. Data synchronization

Learn More About SalesLoft

Working with integrations

How to use CloudTalk with Salesloft

Check out our knowledge base article for a more detailed guide on how our Salesloft + CloudTalk integration works.


How to configure my Salesloft integration

If you need further information on how you can configure the Salesloft integration, you might find this guide helpful


Find CloudTalk on the Salesloft marketplace

Visit the Salesloft website for more information on the CloudTalk + Salesloft integration.


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