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Power Dialer – Reach 3X More Clients, Close Deals Faster

Focus on what matters the most – converting your prospects into leads and happy customers. With a Power dialer, you can increase the number of calls you make and level up your agents’ productivity.

Easily create and automate campaigns with call scripts and surveys, and let your agents focus on selling. The Power Dialer enables you to connect you with customers and prospects 3x faster. CloudTalk will help you make your call center telemarketing campaigns more comprehensive, smoother, and – above all – more efficient.

Learn about superpowers of Power Dialer in our Sales Dialer Software 2022 video:

Easily Set Up Campaigns in Dashboard

Set up campaigns in your dashboard and let your agents reach prospects more effectively via Desktop Phone.

Monitor the campaign in real-time in the dashboard and make necessary adjustments to make the most of your agents’ time. When you set up a Power Dialer campaign, you’ll find the automatically updated campaign summary right in your dashboard, with information gained from your agents’ CloudTalk Phone desktop app.

To be able to run your Power Dialer feature, you need to have some amount of contacts in CloudTalk to begin with. Then, you can create a campaign in the CloudTalk dashboard. A campaign can be adjusted to your needs under the basic or advanced settings.

The status of your ongoing active campaign is recorded in real-time and displayed in comprehensive statistics and reports. This helps you to monitor open campaigns and make necessary adjustments to make them even more efficient.

You can also select call queues or specific agents for each campaign, creating an ideal solution to reach out to your clients, as they will be contacted by agents with the skills and knowledge required to deal with the issue.

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Run Campaigns on the CloudTalk Desktop App

Sell 3x faster and smarter by using our Power Dialer directly from the CloudTalk desktop app. Once you set up a campaign, your agents can get to workthrough the CloudTalk Phone app, without having to sign into the dashboard.

Everything an agent needs to do their job is available in CloudTalk’s Desktop Phone app. When running campaigns, agents have access to all the necessary information via the Desktop App, including:

  • Viewable contact info
  • Calling scripts and surveys
  • Call actions
  • The ability to stop and start making calls

Important features linked to Power Dialer:

  • Import and select relevant contacts: With Contact Tags feature, you can assign tags to your contacts. When creating a campaign, only contacts labelled with a tag of your choice will be imported (e.g. if your campaign is related to car insurance, you can assign Car Owner tag to each customer who owns a car. Then you will choose this tag in your next campaign, making sure that only relevant target group is selected).
  • Create a campaign: In a separate Campaigns module featured in our interface, you can easily and quickly create as many campaigns as you need.
  • Create a call script easily: Create a call script in a couple of minutes and assign it to a particular campaign (the same call script can be assigned to several campaigns).

Enhance your productivity today

  • Create a customized survey in a few clicks: Create a questionnaire in a couple of minutes (with option selection) and assign it to a particular campaign (the same questionnaire can be assigned for several campaigns).
  • Predictive dialer: When the agent ends a call, CloudTalk automatically dials the number of the next customer in line. This is a quick solution to help you get in touch with customers and to significantly increase agent productivity.
  • Campaign exports: CloudTalk allows you to export campaign-related data in XLS format or through CloudTalk’s API. You can download campaign results, call recordings, questionnaire replies and much more. 
  • Call recording: You can enable the Call Recording feature for each campaign. Recordings are available anytime, so you can listen to them whenever you want.

How to set up & run your Power Dialer (video guide) 

Power Dialer vs Predictive Dialer vs Smart Dialer

Power Dialer dials one number after another from a campaign for each of the available agents. The next contact is dialed only after the previous one was completed. When using Power Dialer, an agent will be 60%+ more efficient than using the traditional ways of searching in the database and manual dialing numbers by themselves.

In contrast, Predictive Dialer dials multiple phone numbers per agent. In CloudTalk you can decide how do you want to use the agent’s capacity. Considering this fact, the predictive dialer will take a shorter to complete the campaign. 

The use of Predictive Dialer can increase the productivity of your call center by 80%+ because it prioritizes the agent’s time. This means, that the next number is dialed even before the agent finishes the call they’re on. 

Assuming you just need to scan a list of numbers from a specific system or website and create a calling queue from it, we suggest using Smart Dialer

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When to choose Power dialers vs Predictive dialers?

It is very important to take a closer look at your data quality. When data quality is low (i.e. it was sourced from a 3rd party), and your connect ratio is expected to be low (ca. 20-30% or lower), a predictive dialer is the right feature to select

When your contact database quality is high (your own customer database), this means that your connect ratio is higher than 50%, choose a power dialer.

How to set up the Power Dialer feature:

  1. Import contacts via Integrations or import them from a file or Google Contacts.
  2. Add a Call Script or Survey
  3. Set up a campaign
  4. Start to use the power dialer
  5. Check the campaign statistics

For more information check the full setup up guide here.

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These features might be interesting for you

  • Predictive Dialer – Predictive dialer ensures that more customer calls are made in a shorter time. It is an ideal tool to get in touch with your customers.
  • Call flow designer – Create pre-defined calling scenarios based on your business needs and preferences.
  • SMS/Text Messages – This feature allows you to send personal messages or general notifications to your customers and make your contact center work much more effective. 
  • Smart dialer – CloudTalk will compile a list of number from any website or system and create a calling queue directly to your CloudTalk phone app. 
  • IVR – This popular call center feature helps with guiding the caller through different options and make sure they are always directed to the right department, agent or group of agents.
  • Callback – Thanks to callback feature, there won’t be any unanswered phone calls in your call centre, because CloudTalk will automatically call your customers back.

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