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Power Dialer – Reach 3X More Clients, Close Deals Faster

Focus on what matters the most – converting your prospects into leads and making your customers happy. Increase the number of calls you make and level up your agents’ productivity with CloudTalk’s Power Dialer.

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You will hear the CloudTalk ringtone when calling:

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How the Power Dialer Works

Our Power Dialer automatically dials the selected numbers in your database, one after the other. When the dialed number is unavailable, the dialer will automatically move on to the following number on the list. When the contact picks up the phone, the tool connects them with one of your agents. This cuts out all the time wasted on dialing, waiting, and retrying.

 Why You Should Use Power Dialer

Improve conversion rates and increase your ROI

Save up to 2 minutes per call, and free up time for your agents to close more deals. With CloudTalk’s Power Dialer, you can automate all the laborious tasks getting in the way of making sales calls like searching the database, dialing, waiting, redialing in case of unsuccessful calls, or even finding the next client to call, allowing you to focus on more impactful work.

Create custom scripts and surveys

Compile all the important information, FAQs, and questions your sales reps should ask and display pre-written scripts in the agents’ window during the entire call. Surveys will also allow you to fill out your prospect’s responses and fulfill their orders.

Avoid agent burnout

Your sales reps are here to sell, but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when half of their time goes to administrative work, opening new tabs to find answers, dialing, or running into yet another unavailable contact. By cutting out and automating manual tasks, your agents can focus on closing deals with clients while staying motivated.  

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Be in control of the day

Our Power Dialer tool can help you design your whole day. All you need to do is schedule a new campaign with the contacts, fine-tune the settings (e.g. how long you want to wait between attempts), and let the automation run for the rest of the day.

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“CloudTalk has greatly improved my call volume. I like being able to just click and let the power dialer do the work.“

Eric M.


What is a Power Dialer?

A Power Dialer is a phone dialing feature that automatically dials phone numbers, one after the other, to reduce time wasted manually dialing or switching between the software and the contact list.

When a power dialer reaches a number that’s disconnected, busy, or unattended, it will automatically call the next one on the contact list without any involvement needed from the agent.

When a contact answers the phone, the power dialer immediately connects them to one of your call center agents. 

Learn more about our other similar feature – the Smart Dialer.

How does a Power Dialer work?

A Power Dialer is a type of Sales Dialer, an automated phone dialing system that connects customers with sales reps more effectively. It enables agents to focus on live connections rather than manual dialing. This automates their workflow.

We’ve prepared an amazing and easy explanation of how Sales Dialer works. Check it out on our YouTube channel.

How to use a Power dialer?

If you know how to get maximum from using Power Dialer watch our webinar.

Here are 5 tips on how you can use Power dialer:

– Practice good phone etiquette
– Automated calling capabilities
– Targeting
– Conversion tracking
– Segment your contact list

Benefits of using Power Dialer for your business

Thanks to the Power dialer, your agents are able to boost their workflow efficiency, handle more calls, and bring more revenue to your business. It saves callers’ energy by reducing waiting time. Therefore, it positively affects your business performance and customer relationships.

What features are available in Power Dialer?

In Power Dialer you can use listed features:
1. Click-to-call: This feature enables agents to make quick and simple phone calls to contacts from within their CRM software.
2. Automatic Call Distribution (ACD): Based on the demands of the caller, ACD is a function that directs incoming calls to the most suitable agent. Learn more here.
3. Call Recording and Monitoring: Call recording and monitoring enable managers to listen to calls and offer agents guidance and feedback. Want to know how to record a call on any device?
4. Call blending: Call blending enables agents to rapidly and effectively move between inbound, outbound, and internal calls.
5. Local Presence: When dialing outward, agents can see a caller’s local area code thanks to local presence. What are the main benefits of using international numbers?

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