Power or Predictive Dialer:
Find Your Best Fit

The choice between Power and Predictive Dialers presents a unique challenge. Find out how they compare, what their pros and cons are, and which one is best for your business.

Power Dialer

Predictive Dialer

Difference between
Power Dialer and Predictive Dialer


Power Dialer

Predictive Dialer

Operational Mechanism

Dials one contact at a time for each available agent. Once a call is completed, the dialer automatically moves to the next contact in the queue.

Simultaneously dials numbers, routing answered calls to available agents based on predictive algorithms, while managing unanswered calls efficiently.


Provides a steady and reliable call flow, dialing the next number as soon as an agent is available. This ensures no downtime between calls.

Boosts agent productivity in busy settings by predicting call end times and auto-dialing next numbers, reducing idle time. Varying answer rates may affect reliability and increase dropped calls.


Cost-effective with simpler infrastructure requirements. Its straightforward functionality translates to lower setup and operational costs, offering a better ROI for centers with lessaggressive dialing needs.

Price range: around $50 per agent/month

More expensive due to sophisticated algorithms and the need for a more robust infrastructure to support predictive modeling, which can lead to higher initial and maintenance costs.

Price range: a few hundred to a few thousand dollars


Highly flexible, allowing managers to easily adjust dialing rates and customize call flows based on real-time needs, providing better call process control.

Adjusting its settings for different campaign needs can be complex and may not offer the granularity required for campaigns needing more nuanced control.

Best for

Operations where call quality, follow-up, and detailed interactions are paramount, such as in B2B environments, high-touch customer service, or scenarios requiring more preparation and personalization for calls.

Large-scale operations focused on efficiency and throughput, such as collections, market research, or any environment where quick connections and high call volumes are prioritized over the quality of individual calls.

Not so good for

Call campaigns where the main goal is to reach as many people as possible in the shortest time.

Campaigns where detailed, personalized interaction is required or in settings where a high rate of dropped calls could harm customer satisfaction or compliance.

Call List Size

Can make between 100 to 900 calls daily.

Can make 1000+ calls per day.

What is a Power Dialer and
How Does it Work?

Power Dialers automate the dialing process and smooth out your workflows. This lets your sales agents concentrate fully on engaging with clients and securing deals. 

You can triple your daily contact rate by automating your agents’ activities. A Power Dealer allows you to set up unlimited personalized campaigns, each with its own queues, scripts, and surveys, ensuring operations run smoothly. It eliminates manual dialing and the hassle of navigating through software, focusing instead on more impactful activities like enhanced customer engagement or data-driven strategy optimization.

What is a Predictive dialer and
How Does it Work?

The predictive dialer boosts outbound sales by maximizing agent productivity, dialing ahead as agents finish calls. It simultaneously launches multiple calls, dropping unanswered ones and connecting answered calls to available agents.

Real-time resources with a pacing algorithm optimizes call volume and timing for efficiency. Agents focus more on conversations, free from manual dialing and follow-up tasks. Potentially increase successful calls by up to 400%.

Let’s talk about
pros and cons

Power Dialer

Dialing Speed Flexibility

Adjust dialing speed for call complexity, letting agents control workflows and support detailed, nuanced conversations.

Agent Well-being

Maintaining a manageable call flow reduces agent stress and boosts satisfaction, indirectly improving customer interactions.

Deeper Engagement

Ensures agents have time for meaningful conversations and rapport building, especially beneficial for personalized advice or detailed explanations.

Efficient Call Transition

Automatically queues the next number to minimize downtime and maintain momentum, optimizing agent time during calling sessions.

Requires Active Management

Requires regular setting adjustments for peak performance, adding oversight tasks for supervisors or tech teams.

Challenges with Large Teams

For fast-paced operations, the power dialer’s methodical approach may not meet the need for speed, making it less suitable for very large teams.

Potential for Increased Downtime

Unreachable numbers in the dialing list can cause delays and impact productivity as agents wait for the system to proceed.

Predictive Dialer

Enhanced Agent Productivity

Predictive dialers use algorithms to minimize agent wait times, enhancing efficiency and reducing burnout risk.

Technical Advancements

Predictive dialers improve call rates with machine learning and provide detailed reports for strategy adjustments.

Financial and Operational Growth

Predictive dialers manage more calls per agent, reducing cost per interaction and supporting growth without spiking operational costs.

Campaign and Workload Management

Predictive dialers prioritize calls and allocate resources, ensuring key campaigns get sufficient attention without overwhelming agents.

Compliance and Customer Perception

Efficient yet aggressive, predictive dialing can increase call abandonment, risking fines and harming customer trust.

Operational and Financial Burdens

Predictive dialer setup involves licensing, integration, and training costs, plus ongoing maintenance and updates, leading to higher ownership costs.

Service Quality Concerns

Agents rushing to meet call quotas may not provide the personalized service that customers expect, affecting overall satisfaction.

Technical Complexity and Scalability

Predictive dialer setup demands tech know-how and can be costly, suiting larger organizations better due to its complexity and scalability.


Expand business,
reach new levels



Premium features



Uptime SLA



Customer support



Countries available



Security and data monitoring


How Does A Predictive Dialer Work With A Cell Phone?

A predictive dialer connects to cell phones just as it does with any phone system, dialing numbers automatically and routing connected calls to agents on their cell phones. It ensures your team can work remotely while maintaining high efficiency.

What is a Power Dialer, and how can it help my sales team?

A Power Dialer is a tool that automatically calls the next number on a list once the current call ends, ensuring your sales team spends more time talking to prospects and less time dialing. 

What are the benefits of using a Power Dialer for my business?

Using a Power Dialer boosts call volume, improves follow-up timeliness, and enhances customer engagement. It streamlines operations, allowing your team to concentrate on the conversation, not the process.

What are the benefits of using a Predictive Dialer for my business?

A Predictive Dialer increases call efficiency by dialing multiple numbers at once and connecting answered calls to available agents. It significantly reduces idle time, maximizes agent productivity, and can elevate your contact rates.

How do I choose the best Power Dialer provider?

Select a Power Dialer provider that offers seamless integration with your current systems, provides robust support and training, and matches your specific feature needs, such as CRM integration, call analytics, and ease of use.

How do I choose the best Predictive Dialer provider?

Look for a Predictive Dialer provider that delivers high reliability, compliance with calling regulations, in-depth analytics, and scalability to grow with your business. Evaluate their customer support, user reviews, and how well their features align with your operational needs.

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