Call Transfers: Send Clients Down The Right Path In Seconds

Be always right with Call Transfer. Redirect calls to the most suitable agent so customers receive the proper assistance each time they reach out to you.

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You will hear the CloudTalk ringtone when calling:

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How Does Call Transfer Work?

The call transfer feature is almost too simple to use. When agents pick up the call, they can click a “Transfer” button on CloudTalk’s softphone interface and choose where they want to route the call from a list of other available agents or departments. They can also transfer calls to an external contact.

CloudTalk offers two types of phone call transfer

Warm phone call transfer

With a warm transfer, an agent can first talk to the person to whom the call is being routed and discuss the issue at hand. The customer won’t hear this conversation. Once the call is redirected, the client will get immediate assistance. No need for repeating themselves.

Cold phone call transfer

Cold transfer re-routes the call directly, without two agents being able to talk beforehand. While faster, this option has an obvious disadvantage. The client has to explain their inquiry all over again before getting assistance.

What Can Call Transfer Do For You?

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Easier engage with clients

Engage with clients on a personal level. Do they have an agent they frequently talk to? Redirect the call to this team member, and provide personalized service.

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Be always right

A random agent assists. An agent with deep expertise in client issues provides an excellent service that offers a perfect solution and a great experience.

Assist faster

Save your agents time and nerves – don’t let them spend ages on cases that their peers can handle in minutes. Thanks to cold transfer, they can route calls in no time.

Respect clients’ time

People hate repeating themselves – that’s a proven fact. Make sure you respect your clients’ time. Let agents talk about the case before routing the call, thanks to warm transfer.

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“I like the transfer function a lot. It makes getting people from both sides of the line to the right place easier.”

Lilla K.

Product Specialist Account Manager, G2


What is call transfer + definition of cold and warm call transferring?

Call transfer is a calling software feature that lets agents transfer incoming calls to one another. It is used to quickly connect customers with the right person or department. Call transfer improves customer experience and reduces waiting times. 

There are two types of call transfers. With cold call transfer, an agent routes a call to another team member without briefing them on the case first. Warm call transfer lets the agent explain the case before routing the call to another agent. Consequently, customers don’t need to repeat themselves.

How do I transfer a call with the Call transfer feature? 

Simply click on a Call transfer icon on your CloudTalk softphone interface, and choose to whom you want to transfer the call – another agent or an external contact. Then, select between warm or cold transfer. The call will be automatically routed to the chosen recipient.

What are the benefits of call transfer in a call center? 

Call transfer reduces customer wait times by quickly connecting them with the right person or department. It also lets you work faster, and boosts customer satisfaction.

Why do agents transfer calls? 

Agents transfer calls for a variety of reasons. They may transfer a call when the customer needs information or assistance that the agent is unable to provide, or if the customer needs to speak with someone in another department or location. Agents may also transfer calls if the customer has a complex technical issue or the call is taking too long to resolve.

How to transfer a phone call with desktop software?

Transferring calls with desktop software, such as CloudTalk, is an efficient and cost-saving way to quickly connect clients with the best-suited agents. Using desktop software is also much more convenient than using a traditional phone system.

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