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Caller-based routing

Route calls based on region, contact, or other criteria using CloudTalk’s Call Flow Design feature.

What is Call Routing?

Just as internet traffic can be routed to maximize the efficiency and functionality of web features for a large volume of net users, incoming call traffic can also be given intelligent routing plans. That is in order to keep business flowing effectively in the midst of a large volume of callers.

CloudTalk’s Call Flow Designer enables the design of various call flows for different numbers through which contacts reach the company. Additionally, Essential, Expert, and Custom plan users can implement specific conditions to further organize calling traffic. Either based on the external contact number that calls in, or derived from other pre-stored contact information.

How to Set up Call Flow

Check out this short video example on how to set up a basic call flow through the CloudTalk Dashboard, or continue reading.

Creating a New Call Flow Design

  1. From the Dashboard, click the lefthand tab labeled “Numbers”. Here, you should see a list of existing numbers, supported through CloudTalk. You will also be given the option to + Buy a number or port an existing number.
  2. Once you’ve decided which number you want to create a route for, click the blue pencil icon on the far right of the chosen number’s row. It opens the Call Flow Designer for that specific number. If no current call flow exists, the page may appear blank, with only the number showing in a small white box.
  3. Whenever we add a new step, we will do so by clicking the blue + icon at the end of the previous white box or branch tip. To view or edit a step already made, we can click the gray cog icon within the white box labeled as the step in question.
  4. Most action steps include a box labeled “Seconds to wait on this step”. To avoid recursive loops and other flow problems, make sure to enter an amount of time in seconds. These represent the buffer time which a caller will wait on a step before the system repeats a prompt or pushes the call to the next stage.

To have a deeper overview about caller-based routing, read more here

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