real time dashboard

Real-time Dashboard

real time dashboard

Monitor your call center activities in real time. All important data on inbound calls and agent productivity are always at your disposal, always up-to-date.

Real-time dashboard is an efficient tool for your support team management, providing managers with quick access to up-to-date information on the current status of your call center. In a user-friendly and intuitive CloudTalk interface, all available metrics are displayed in a separate Real-time Dashboard tab. These metrics help managers make key decisions in real-time and increase call center efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Key metrics in real-time

With metrics available both for inbound and outbound calls, metrics displayed by individual call queues and agents, your call center managers can make use of a valuable dashboard. This is an important tool for your support team management – by identifying key metrics, you can provide more effective customer support, modify your business hours and streamline automated call distribution.

The real-time dashboard shows you real-time data:

  • number of callers waiting to be connected with a live agent
  • average wait time
  • maximum wait time
  • average abandoned call rate 
  • active calls
  • call queue statistics (each of the above-mentioned metrics displayed by call queue)
  • agent status (agent’s name, call queue, current call duration, time of the last call, the total number of calls)

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Respond in real-time

CloudTalk’s real-time dashboard feature allows you to track your KPI (key performance indicators) and improve inconsistent performance in a timely manner. A real-time dashboard is an excellent tool for managing your customer support team, so you know exactly where to focus your energy in order to provide callers with top-notch customer support.

Keep your agents motivated

The real-time dashboard can be displayed on LCD screens placed in your call center offices with our wallboard feature. Agents can get a clear overview of what’s happening in your call center and by displaying their results, you can motivate them to perform even better.

Real-time dashboard provides you with call center metrics in real time to enable you to boost customer satisfaction.

These features might be interesting for you:

  • Call Statistics – CloudTalk is a truly data-based call center analytics software. Complex statistics on calls, agents and call queues all in one place. 
  • Emotion Analytics – Emotion Analytics is nowadays one of the top trends in analytics and data collection. 
  • Wallboard – Wallboard will allow you to optimize agent productivity, reduce waiting times and immediately address the caller’s needs, improving their satisfaction.

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