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Wallboard – get a live picture on what’s going on in your cloud call center


Get a live picture on what’s going on in your cloud call center displayed on monitors. Wallboard will allow you to optimize agent productivity, reduce waiting times and immediately address the caller’s needs, improving their satisfaction.

Let your agents see up-to-date information related to your cloud call center to increase efficiency and productivity.

CloudTalk’s wallboard displays a clear overview of different information related to your cloud call center on LCD screens in real-time. You can modify what information is displayed based on your current needs.

For example, when you decide to display the results of your most productive agents, you will motivate other teammates to work on their performance. Sharing individual and group statistics demonstrably strengthens team collaboration. With wallboard, you can make better data-driven decisions which will ultimately result in improved customer satisfaction.

Real-time decisions

Wallboards can be customized and configured to meet your requirements. With the right data in hand, managers will have instant access to key factors which can help them to make more informed decisions in real-time.

Metrics displayed on wallboards

By displaying quantitative KPI (key performance indicators) metrics, you can optimize the current status of your cloud-based call center. You can configure what metrics are displayed – maybe you want to display just the current situation or the situation over last 5, 15, 30 or 60 minutes. Each metrics also shows the extent to which your pre-defined target values are being met.

Most common available cloud call center metrics include:

  • Average wait times: Displays average speed to answer time in minutes
  • Average abandonment call rate: Displays total number of calls abandoned before the caller is connected to the agent
  • Maximum wait time: Displays the longest wait time in minutes
  • Number of callers on hold: Displays the number of callers currently waiting to be connected to a live agent
  • Service level: Displays the percentage of incoming calls answered below your designated threshold. You can choose to display this information in numbers or in a graph
  • Number of inbound calls
  • Agents: Displays actions taken by selected agents – the name of the agent, number of answered calls, current call duration
  • Call queue statistics: Displays key metrics of selected call queues – name of the call queue, number of callers currently on hold, average wait time, average abandonment call rate in the queue
  • Call queue calls: Displays current call data by selected call queues – the name of the group, number of answered calls, number of active calls, number of live agents

Explore every corner of your wallboard

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Motivate your agents

Negative news decreases productivity and increases staff turnover. However, you can choose what information is displayed on wallboards and available to your agents. So instead of showing data on unsatisfactory agent performance, you can motivate your agents by showing them the results of their most productive teammates.

Gamify your call center

Gamification is becoming an increasingly popular method in call centers, as it fosters healthy competition among agents and boosts performance. With results published on wallboards, new agents can get a better picture of your corporate culture and fit in your call center more quickly.

Be informed no matter where you are

When wallboards are strategically positioned, you can see them literally from every chair. This means that your call center agents can easily view recent news related to your company or current data and statistics.

Use all benefits offered by wallboards – reduce expenses and streamline your cloud call center workflows. Always bear in mind the right target group and monitor factors which are useful for agents and managers to allow them to make better decisions. This will help you make your operation truly seamless. You will also ensure improved agent productivity, better overview of the current situation in your call center, reduce wait times, handle customer issues immediately and increase the overall satisfaction of your clients, as well as agents.

Publish daily results of your best-performing agents on wallboards and watch your call center performance sky-rocket.

These features might be interesting for you:

  • IVR – This popular call center feature helps with guiding the caller through different options and make sure they are always directed to the right department, agent or group of agents.
  • Call Statistics – CloudTalk is a truly data-based call center analytics software. Complex statistics on calls, agents and call queues all in one place. 
  • Emotion Analytics – Emotion Analytics is nowadays one of the top trends in analytics and data collection.

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