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Scaling outbound calls for MyHeritage 158 sales agents

MyHeritage is an online genealogy platform with web, mobile, and software products and services and found at CloudTalk the perfect business calling solution to increase their monthly call volume and reduce miss calls.

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MyHeritage challenge was to establish a sustainable way to effectively communicate with its customers and prospects on a large scale.


MyHeritage made the most out of CloudTalk’s business calling software to scale its outbound call operations through a vast number of calling features like Campaigns, Scripts and Automatic Outbound Number.


MyHeritage saw an increase of 49% in outbound calls within three months of implementing CloudTalk while maintaining a low rate of missed calls and improving the overall service quality.

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How CloudTalk helped MyHeritage increase call volume by 49%

Being a leading online genealogy platform and having surpassed over 100 million users worldwide, everything seemed to be going well for MyHeritage. But behind the scenes, the company faced a challenge growing with each new member – effectively communicating with its customers and prospects on a large scale. 

To address this challenge, MyHeritage turned to CloudTalk, a next-gen business calling software that manages inbound and outbound calls, tracks call metrics and integrates with other tools like CRMs and helpdesk software. 

We were using another calling solution before but it was very clunky and hard to use. We needed something that was more streamlined and user-friendly, and CloudTalk fits the bill perfectly.

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Elay Sasson — Call Center Sales Manager at MyHeritage 

In this case study, we’ll detail how MyHeritage utilized CloudTalk to transform its outbound call operations and significantly improve its overall service quality. 

Exceptional CX starts with our customers

Like us humans, every company is unique, and so are its needs. Therefore, MyHeritage had to be very mindful of the precise requirements for the team’s solution to remove the roadblocks standing in the way of their operational efficiency. 

One of the primary reasons MyHeritage switched to CloudTalk was its ease of use. Our software has a simple and intuitive interface that makes it easy for agents to make calls, log notes, and update customer information in real time. 

We have a large team of agents (158) who work remotely from different locations. CloudTalk allows them to easily log in and start making calls from anywhere, without any complex setup or installation required.

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Elay Sasson — Call Center Sales Manager at MyHeritage 
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This ease of use not only saves time but also ensures that the customer data is up-to-date and accurate, which is crucial for genealogy research. 

Scalability is in our DNA

Perhaps the most significant impact CloudTalk had on MyHeritage has been its ability to scale the company’s outbound call operations across 35 different international numbers. 

With CloudTalk, MyHeritage can make hundreds of daily calls to potential customers and leads without worrying about manual dialing or call drops. The software has automated the dialing process, and agents can easily switch between different campaigns and scripts based on their target customer segment. 

MyHeritage’s outbound call volume soars 

Over the following year, MyHeritage continued to use CloudTalk to improve its outbound calling strategy. In one single month, they were able to handle a total of 220,663 outbound calls, with only 9,391 missed calls. This further increased their call volume, despite having a slightly higher number of missed calls. 

However, when looking at the overall trend, MyHeritage was able to significantly increase the number of outbound calls it can handle while also reducing the number of missed calls. 

Taking a  closer look at the numbers, MyHeritage was able to increase its monthly call volume by approximately 49% within just three months of implementing CloudTalk. They maintained this increased call volume throughout the year, with an additional 6% increase in the total number of outbound calls handled. At the same time, the number of missed calls also decreased by approximately 21% within the first three months. 

We have seen a significant increase in our outbound call volume since we started using CloudTalk. We can now reach out to more prospects and customers than ever before, which has helped us grow our business and expand our user base.

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Elay Sasson — Call Center Sales Manager at MyHeritage 

But general statistics weren’t quite enough to satisfy MyHeritage’s curiosity. The company wanted to determine the pickup rate for each of its 35 international numbers. 

Thankfully, CloudTalk’s new and improved call center analytics were able to provide the team with all the insight it needed, allowing them to break down data by phone number, create direct comparisons, and crunch the numbers through various filters. 

Transforming MyHeritage’s Outbound Calling Strategy

Based on the data and statistics provided, MyHeritage successfully improved its outbound calling strategy by choosing CloudTalk as their business calling software. Not only has our solution provided a more user-friendly interface, but it has also enabled MyHeritage to scale its outbound call operations and handle more calls than ever before. 

CloudTalk was proven transformative for its outbound calling strategy — it enabled the company to provide a more personalized customer experience and improve its overall service quality and, as the company continues to expand and reach more customers, CloudTalk will undoubtedly play a critical role in its continued success.

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