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Call Center Integration For Freshservice

Run your IT service desk efficiently with Freshservice – CloudTalk integration. Streamline all SMS and call logs in one unified platform to deliver an enhanced end-user experience.

Our integration lets you resolve tickets faster. It also simplifies IT operations. Make and receive calls directly from the Freshservice platform and delight your users with up-to-date information. Using automatic SMS and call logs, you can easily polish your service delivery to perfection.

See all the details before picking up the phone

You don’t need to spend any additional time seeking the full picture of your tickets. Simply streamline all SMS and call details within your Freshservice interface. It allows you to get a bird’s eye overview of all interactions. 

As soon as you receive an inbound call, you can access the past communication with a single click. 

Place calls directly from Freshservice and increase productivity. Click-to-call feature allows you to initiate calls without leaving the Freshservice interface. 

Integration overview

  • Real time two-way sync in both systems 
  • Place calls directly from Freshservice platform with click-to-call feature  
  • See all information about incoming calls (contact details, tags, notes, call recording)
  • SMS sync to your Freshservice tickets
  • Listen to call recordings without ever leaving Freshservice 

Setting up the integration 

Integration set-up is truly simple and fast. All your data will be synchronized within several minutes, in just a few clicks.

  • Make sure you’re on an Essential, Expert, or Custom CloudTalk plan
  • In Freshservice, get your API Key (Profile picture → Settings → Your Api Key)
  • Go to the CloudTalk dashboard
  • Proceed to Account → Integrations
  • In the Integration section, find Freshsales and click + Add
  • Within Workflow Settings section, click New Authentication
  • Enter your Freshservice Access Token (Api Key) and Domain (the part of the URL between https:// and
  • Finally, click on the Save button to activate the integration


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