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Track the performance of your call center. CloudTalk is a truly data-based call center analytics software. Complex statistics on calls, agents and call queues all in one place. Make smart decisions based on relevant data.

Historical metrics provided by our call center software can help you optimize your contact center and active call center activities. Statistics allow you to identify gaps in team efficiency and reduce costs. You can also leverage statistical data to:

  • identify optimal times to reach out to clients
  • identify busy periods of high call volume
  • identify average speed to answer time and wait time
  • configure maximum call duration
  • etc.

This allows you to optimize agent productivity and ensure sufficient staff coverage.

Comprehensive call center analytics available directly in CloudTalk

Our call center software displays real-time call center statistics and historical metrics since the day your CloudTalk account was opened. This can help your call center managers to increase the quality of services. Incall centers, the term quality of service does not just mean how satisfied the customer was with the agent’s advice but also how quickly the call was answered.

Make data-driven decisions with Statistics

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Call center software provides clear and comprehensive statistics so that all necessary data are always at your disposal:

Call statistics filtered by a date range of your preference display:

CloudTalk - View the average call length graph that you have with call center software
  • total number of inbound and outbound calls combined
  • total number of inbound calls
    total number of outbound calls
  • total number of unanswered calls
  • number of voicemails
  • service level (number of attended inbound calls compared to a designated threshold)
  • average call duration
  • average speed to answer and wait time
  • call history overview – customer’s name and phone number, agent and call duration

Agent statistics filtered by a date range of your preference include:

  • total number of inbound and outbound calls
  • total number of inbound calls
    total number of outbound calls
  • average call duration
  • total call duration

Real-time dashboard

Our real-time dashboard shows you real-time statistics. Tracking real-time call center status allows you to make immediate informed decisions to increase your call center efficiency and improve customer satisfaction (e.g. transferring agents from a less busy call queue to a busier one).

  • number of callers waiting to be connected with a live agent
  • average wait time
  • maximum wait time
  • average abandoned call rate
  • active calls
  • call queue statistics (each of the above-mentioned metrics displayed by call queue)
  • agent status (agent’s name, call queue, current call duration, time of the last call, the total number of calls)

All statistics can be filtered by:

  • agent
  • client’s phone number
  • selected timeframe

Explore user friendly statistics dashboard

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Export your call center statistics

If you want to analyze your results in other systems, no problem. CloudTalk allows you to quickly export historical statistics into an xlsx file. With call center data analysis in hand, you can create measures and workflows to help you improve results and customer satisfaction and increase your business potential.

Knowing and using metrics is essential for continuous improvement of the quality of your service and overall team productivity.

These features might be interesting for you:

  • Call flow designer – If more complex call flow needed, this user-friendly feature will help you to design it.  
  • SMS/Text Messages – This feature allows you to send personal messages or general notifications to your customers and make your contact center work much more effective. 
  • Power Dialer – This feature provides you with a quick solution to connect you with customers. You can monitor the campaign in real-time and if necessary, make necessary adjustments to make it even more efficient.
  • Callback – Thanks to callback feature, there won’t be any unanswered phone calls in your call centre, because CloudTalk will automatically call your customers back.
  • IVR – This popular call center feature helps with guiding the caller through different options and make sure they are always directed to the right department, agent or group of agents.