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4.5/5 – 260 reviews

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How Other Businesses Use Real Estate Phone Systems

Enable Efficiency Everywhere

Let your real estate agents do their best work anywhere and anytime without having to carry multiple phones on them. Use Virtual Numbers to separate their personal and business identities and give them access to all the features and resources they could ever need via CloudTalk mobile app.

Unify Your Call Operations

Unify and streamline your call center operations by integrating your CRM, CMS, and Helpdesk solutions in CloudTalk. Save time on switching between multiple tabs, eliminate the mental tax on your employees, and let them do more work faster.

Access Actionable Insights

Improve your business by accessing all the real-time data you could ever need within CloudTalk’s Analytics. Create your personalized dashboard to keep an eye on the statistics that matter the most for you and steer your operations in the right direction.

Get Inspired by the Success of Splitty Travel

Helping Splitty Grow Call Minutes by 40k in 3 Months

Splitty Travel is the world‘s first online hotel booking platform focusing on finding the best deals by combining offers from multiple sources and creating room packages. Consequently, tailoring customer service to each client’s individual needs is the company’s bread, butter, bed, and breakfast.

However, achieving these lofty goals requires a reliable, user-friendly phone system with advanced call center features to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and eliminate unnecessary tasks.

After adopting CloudTalk, Splitty grew its team by 3x, welcoming thousands of new customers. In just three months, agents spent 18,000+ minutes on inbound calls and 22,000+ minutes on outbound calls, making 8,500+ total client calls using six international numbers.


What is a Real Estate Phone System?

Real estate PBX uses VoIP technology to let users enjoy an enterprise-level phone system without needing to pay for expensive on-site equipment, maintenance, or call costs. It helps you access business phone lines from anywhere, anytime, using a range of desktop, mobile, and web apps that work seamlessly across various devices and operating systems.

What are the benefits of having a Real Estate Phone System?

A Real Estate Phone System is more cost-effective than traditional landlines, requires no hardware or maintenance, and provides advanced tools, integrations, and features. It helps real estate brokerages have more successful sales calls, generate new leads, improve customer service, and streamline operations overall. This makes Real Estate Phone Systems a must-have for anyone looking to improve scalability, efficiency, and flexibility across their internal and external communications.

How do real estate dialers work?

Real estate dialers are software tools that enable agents to make more calls in less time. They automate dialing, voicemails, and sending follow-up emails, allowing you to focus on talking to potential customers. Real estate dialers include lead management, call recording, and analytics, which help agents track their performance and optimize their calling strategies.

How do real estate agents answer the phone?

Answering the phone in a professional and friendly manner is essential for real estate agents. They should greet the caller with their name, ask how they can help, and actively listen to their needs. Real estate agents should also be knowledgeable about the properties they are selling and be able to answer any questions the caller may have.

What does cold calling mean in real estate?

Cold-calling real estate is a sales strategy in which real estate agents or brokers reach out to potential customers who have not expressed any interest in their services. This strategy involves calling prospects and offering them your services, usually without any prior contact or relationship. It can be a challenging strategy for many real estate agents, but it is an effective way to generate new leads and close deals. To learn more about cold calling, check out this blog post.

What exactly does a call center agent do?

A call center agent is responsible for answering customer inquiries, resolving customer issues, and providing excellent customer service. They use various communication channels such as phone, email, and chat to handle customer requests and ensure customer satisfaction. Call center agents also play a crucial role in building customer loyalty and retaining customers. Learn more about the duties and responsibilities of call center agents.

What is BPO in a call center?

BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) in call centers refers to outsourcing specific business processes to a third-party service provider. This can include customer service, technical support, lead generation, and back-office tasks. By outsourcing these processes, companies can save costs and focus on their core business operations.

How much does a call center for real estate cost?

The cost of a call center for real estate can vary depending on several factors, such as the size of the call center, the number of agents, the services provided, and the technology used. Outsourcing call center services can help real estate businesses save costs compared to running an in-house call center. To learn more about call center costs and how to choose the right call center solution for your real estate business, check out this blog post.


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