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What are the duties and
responsibilities of call center

Have you ever wondered what are the exact duties and responsibilities of call center agents? No matter if you’re interested in setting up your own call center and hiring a call center representative or becoming an agent yourself, you should know what the specific duties in a call center are.

With call centers serving multiple purposes nowadays, everyone’s bound to interact with them one way or the other. There’s no doubt that call centers are important for many businesses out there, but when it comes to responsibilities and duties in a call center – they seem to be a mystery for many. 

With the rising expectations for customer service and the need for competent call center agents, you might want to get familiar with the call center agent’s daily functions and responsibilities. Especially since there’s a growing surplus of call centers worldwide, which results in millions of new call center jobs.  

To make it easier for you: here are specific duties you can find in a call center, along with the advice on how to perform them properly and become a good call center representative. 

What are the duties and responsibilities of a call center agent?

You might think otherwise, but the daily responsibilities of call center agents go beyond answering calls. In fact, a typical call center representative’s workday is fast-paced and full of different tasks. As a result, agents have to be flexible and act fast, as sometimes they might encounter unexpected roadblocks. 

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More than 92% of talent professionals agree that soft skills matter sometimes even more than hard skills when it comes to hiring and firing decisions.

Even though their exact tasks might look slightly different each day, call center agents still have to handle core duties in a call center. You can find them below. 

The list of common duties and responsibilities of all call center agents includes: 

  • Answer inbound calls in a timely and friendly manner
  • Evaluate problems and complaints of the callers and provide proper solutions to them
  • Respond to the needs of customers and provide personalized service
  • Provide information on the company’s products or services and generate interest in the offer
  • Upsell products and services
  • Research needed information using available resources
  • Process orders, forms, and applications
  • Route calls to other team members whenever needed 
  • Make relevant notes from customer interactions
  • Identify any issues that customers might be struggling with
  • Report on customer feedback 
  • Complete call logs and reports 
  • Manage & update customer databases 
  • Follow-up on customer calls 
  • Boost customer loyalty by offering a proper experience over the phone

Despite the fact that the exact responsibilities might differ depending on the company, you can still expect the above-mentioned call center duties to be performed to some extent. Keep in mind that call center agents can also be more involved in making outbound calls instead of waiting for customers to reach out.

What about call center managers, then? While call center agents focus solely on supporting customers, call center managers are the ones to focus on call center reps and their performance.

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Call center managers, on the other hand, often have the following responsibilities: 

  • Hire, train & support call center agents in their roles 
  • Monitor & evaluate the performance of call center agents 
  • Identify any operational issues and suggest improvements
  • Prepare reports and analyze available data
  • Evaluate call center technologies and customer service standards, 
  • Form call center operational strategies, including capacity planning
  • Meet financial objectives of the call center

Evaluating the employee’s performance is one of the most important tasks. It can be helpful companywide when done right. How to do it right? Follow these six steps. 

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With all these duties in a call center, the question remains:

How to become a good call center agent? 

Given the variety of tasks and responsibilities, call center agents have to demonstrate communication & social skills. Above all, they have to be empathetic, devoted to improving customer experience, and know their company inside-out in order to advise callers on possible solutions.

These are not the only valuable call center agent skills, though. To become a good call center agent, it’s important to: 

#1 Be motivated by customer success. 

Call center agents are true problem-solvers that have to be committed to ensuring an outstanding customer experience with the company. This motivation should show in every phone conversation they have. 

#2 Offer personalized solutions.

Good call center agents often stand out from the crowd by being able to tailor the experience to specific customers. No one likes generic answers and call center scripts that make the reps sound like robots – especially if they’re upset and have a complaint to make.

It’s essential to treat every customer individually and adapt your communication to each of them. After all, call center agents might have to handle a chatty customer one moment and an angry one the next. 

#3 Have an eye for detail. 

In a call center, especially in a busy one, it pays off to be well-organized and document every case as thoroughly as possible. Basically, when juggling multiple tasks at once, taking notes and updating customer information can help reduce errors and frustrations in the future.

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Callers expect fast answers, and they don’t like to repeat their problems to multiple call center agents. By keeping all information well-documented and up-to-date, it’s easier to address customer queries quickly and effectively. 

#4 Be tech-savvy. 

Be it call center agents, managers, or business owners – everyone involved in call center duties should be proficient with dedicated technology.

Call center software like CloudTalk is an absolute must to facilitate all the calls flowing through the company. It doesn’t only make taking calls and identifying callers much easier, but also allows for better data management and offers advanced analytics to keep improving the performance of the call center. 

#5 Be proactive. 

If there’s an issue that’s being reported by callers repeatedly, call center managers should know about it. It’s up to call center agents to inform them and take initiative to try to make improvements.

In fact, the best call center agents tend to go above and beyond their job description on a constant basis. They should at least be able to come up with workable solutions for any problems thrown their way. 

#6 Keep calm under pressure. 

As already mentioned, call center agents might have to deal with angry and frustrated customers at times. They might also encounter chatty customers that will keep them on the phone for hours.

Whatever happens, they have to keep their cool and handle the conversations as well as they can. Being able to keep stress & one’s emotions under control is what makes good call center agents. 

Duties in a call center revealed

Every call center is different – but core duties and responsibilities of call center agents stay similar. By performing them in a consistent and effective manner, every call center agent can become an outstanding customer support rep for the long haul. 

What can make the process much easier is taking advantage of available call center solutions like CloudTalk? No matter if you’re a call center agent or want to hire one, make sure you’re clear about your objectives and have the right tools in place that can help to handle all call center duties as well as possible. 

FAQ Section

What is a “call center job description” + example

It is a short summary of what a desired agent should have and do. It can look like this: “We are looking for a Call Center Representative that will be the liaison between our company and its current and potential customers. The successful candidate will be able to accept ownership for effectively solving customer issues, complaints and inquiries; keeping customer satisfaction at the core of every decision and behavior.”

What are the duties of a call center representative?

Common duties and responsibilities includes: answer inbound calls, evaluate problems and complaints of the callers, provide proper solutions, respond to the needs of customers, sell and give information on the products or services, process orders, forms, and applications, route calls to other team members, identify any issues customers may have, report on customer feedback, complete call logs and reports, manage & update customer databases, boost customer loyalty, and more.

What does a call center representative do?

A call center representative handles inbound and/or outbound customer calls for a company. He/She takes care of account inquiries, customer complaints, or support issues. The representative also provides omnichannel support (phone, email, live chat, CRM software, or social media), coordinates with other teams and departments, and troubleshoots customer problems.