27. May 2019 Blog

Call Center CTI

CTI, or computer telephony integration, is a hot buzzword in today’s world of technologies. It’s basically a technology that allows telephone systems (VoIP) to be connected to computers. It is mostly leveraged by call centers which need to handle a huge amount of calls every day.

Although it may sound complicated, CTI is no rocket science. It allows agents to easily handle calls from their computer and provides them with all essential customer data in a few clicks.

What are the benefits of CTI?

  • An agent can make and receive calls without a telephone. They can do everything from their computer – e.g. answer, hold or redirect calls.
  • Agents have access to all caller information in one place (in their computer). Agents know the caller’s identity even before they pick up the phone.
  • Increased agent productivity, improved cooperation and call center performance.
  • Reduction of total call center operation costs.
  • Integration with many systems (e.g. CRM tools).
  • Reduced average call duration thanks to available caller data without the need to search for information. 

CTI comes with various features useful for agents and customers, for example:

  • Automated customer authentication as phone numbers are automatically matched with customers. Agents can also see other important personal data, e.g. ticket status, previous call logs, conversation history, etc.
  • Intelligent call routing makes sure that the client is connected to the right agent who will be able to solve their problem without having to redirect the call to another agent.
  • Call monitoring and recording, which are useful tools for the analysis of customer service and agent performance.

CTI is a modern invention that makes customer service easy – and that’s exactly what CloudTalk is trying to do. If you want to know more about CloudTalk features and integrations that help call center agents from all over the world, click here :).