3. July 2019 Blog

Benefits of Business Phone System

CloudTalk is a tailor-made solution for businesses of any size. All your departments, branches, extensions and employees can be interconnected quickly and easily. Naturally, we also provide VoIP telephony services.

8 benefits of using a business phone system

1.    Reliability and security
The operation of a PBX is reliable and all data are stored in secured data centers with non-stop monitoring (Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS). We guarantee that no third party can access your data. If you’re interested, we can also provide you with regular data back-up.

2.    Flexibility
Make maximum use of all opportunities offered by a scalable cloud-based business phone system that matches your needs. Discover the advantages of CloudTalk’s advanced features that will make your agents’ job easier and more effective and improve the quality of your customer service.

 3.    Adapted to your needs
You can easily adjust and modify the number of agents, caller queues, phone numbers and extensions. No nonsense fees – you are charged on a usage basis only. 
4.    Low operational costs

Thanks to a business phone system (PBX), you can significantly reduce your operational costs. CloudTalk has a well-organized intuitive interface, so you won’t need specialized IT experts. All you need is internet connection.
5.    Seamless call routing 
business phone system will make your interactions with callers smoother and more professional. You can easily route the client to another extension or agent without them hearing you asking your colleague to ″pick up line three″.
6.    Rich benefits in a comprehensive package
Using a PBX will make your inhouse communications easier and more effective. By switching to CloudTalk, you get access to many advances features that will help you boost customer communications, and so much more.
7.    Integrations with your favorite tools
Integrate your business phone system with tools you already use and improve your team’s productivity. CloudTalk can be integrated with many different systems, including e-commerce and helpdesk software.

 8.    Connected anytime and anywhere
Do you need to work from home, from another city or from the other side of the world? CloudTalk will help you work from anywhere without worrying about hardware.