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Make your VIP customers feel special when trying to connect your contact center. When using the VIP queue, you always give the priority to the customers which matter the most to your business.  

It is obvious, that taking excellent care of each customer is very important for every business. However, there are customers who definitely deserve top-class care – VIP clients. 

This group includes especially the ones spending the most on your product. The second group is the ones who are able to recommend your product to a huge amount of prospects.  As these clients are helping you grow your revenue rapidly, your team should keep in mind that treating them as VIP is necessary. 

One of the ways of making them feel special is to connect them to the contact center quickly and with ease or route them to the best agents. 

Make your customers feel special today

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Here are a few ways how to use CloudTalk features in order to pamper the top customers:

#1 Have a special number only for VIP clients

CloudTalk enables you to have several numbers connected to a specific call group. One of the phone numbers can be used only for your VIP clients and be routed to your best agents. This way, calls to a certain group through a VIP number will be pushed on top of the queue and will be resolved before calls in the same queue through a standard number.

#2 Tag your VIP contact

You can tag your VIP customer with tags like “VIP”, “Priority”. Then you can define a VIP tag(s) for each queue. Once the customer with this tag is reaching you out, he/she will automatically skip the queue and be moved to the front. 

These features might be interesting for you

  • Call flow designer – Create pre-defined calling scenarios based on your business needs and preferences.
  • IVR – It automatizes workflows, allowing you to manage your call centre’s customer support more efficiently.
  • Callback – Thanks to callback feature, there won’t be any unanswered phone calls in your call centre, because CloudTalk will automatically call your customers back.
  • Automated call redirection – CloudTalk allows you to automatically redirect incoming calls to a selected phone number each time your agents are busy or unavailable during business hours.
  • SMS/Text Messages – This feature allows you to send personal messages or general notifications to your customers and make your contact center work much more effective.

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