Route Calls Faster With Extensions

Assign a unique 4-digit business phone extension (e.g., #1235) to every agent, team, or specific location. Instantly route customers to the right professional with numbers that are easy to remember and quick to find.

3 Reasons to Get Extensions

4 Digit Extensions

Import 4 digit extensions from pre-existing phone systems when you move to CloudTalk.

Custom Dialing

Streamline dialing by assigning custom extensions to different agents within your team.

Faster Service

Connect customers to departments or agents by quickly searching for the right extension.

What are Extensions?

Extensions let your team seamlessly route any call to the right person or department and give your customers a quick way to connect with an expert. Create unique internal 3 or 4-digit number extensions for agents and groups, and ensure. your customers have their issues resolved straight away.

Who are Extensions For?

Type of calls: Inbound and Outbound
Group: Company-wide
Helps with: Reducing FCR, Improving CX, Boosting efficiency

How Do Extensions Work?

The extension format is different for agents and groups. For agents, you need to assign a 4-digit Extension, such as “1234.” Groups, on the other hand, only have a 3-digit code ending with “*”. The symbol supplements the fourth number of the code.

You can set your own extensions when adding an agent or creating a group. If you don’t choose one, CloudTalk will automatically generate it for you.

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Have questions?

What is an internal phone extension?

An internal phone extension is a short number or “code” that’s assigned to a specific employee or department within an organization. They can be used for internal communication or transferring customer-facing calls between agents. 

With extensions, agents don’t need to remember and manually type phone numbers, streamlining the communication process. Furthermore, internal phone extensions allow you to separate the company into various segments (i.e., conference rooms, floors, departments, global locations, etc.)

How to add extensions to your phone number?

You can use Voice-over-IP (VoIP) and a cloud-based phone system to add extensions to various phones in your organization. All you need to do is open the Contact Basic Settings in your CloudTalk Account and type in the desired extension in the External Number field. You can learn more about the process of Onboarding New Team Members on our HelpCenter page.

How to call an extension?

To call an extension, press and hold * after dialing the primary number. That way, you’ll separate the number you are dialing with a comma (,). Then, tap the click-to-call button after entering the extension number. When connected to the mainline, the extension number will be called.

You can give each rep a simple-to-remember 4-digit extension by using internal call extensions. Agents can quickly and conveniently contact their coworkers using this internal code. They can be automatically routed to the appropriate location without the need to look up a certain business phone number exhaustively.

How long does it take to get a French virtual phone number?

Once you’ve signed up for a CloudTalk account, you can request a virtual number for France via our Dashboard.
Just click on the “Numbers” tab, click “Buy a number,” and our team will get you sorted with your new number in short order.

When should you use Extension Dialing?

For example, businesses across various industries leverage extension dialing as follows:

Hospitals and Medical Facilitiesextension lets you route to individual departments or contact a specific doctor. This is particularly important for emergencies but can assist with simple medical consultations.

Global Companies with Multiple Branches – assign individual extensions to respective locations and let employees quickly and easily communicate with sister branches anywhere in the world instead of looking for the correct area code.

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