What is Call Pop and How Does It work?
By Natalia Mraz
| 22. March 2022 |
By N. MrazNatalia Mraz
| 22 Mar 2022 |
    By N. MrazNatalia Mraz
    | 22 Mar 2022

    What is Call Pop and How Does It work?

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    When it comes to customer support, callers have high expectations nowadays. They want to reach an agent through a channel of their choice, quickly resolve their issue, and have the whole interaction tailored to their needs.

    On the company’s side, however, catering to each customer’s specific needs isn’t that easy. There are days when the phone doesn’t stop ringing, and employees barely have time to catch their breaths before having to answer another call.

    On top of that, agents often do not have enough time to check each caller’s personal details before answering the phone. This means they have to do so during the call, which takes their time and interrupts focus.

    However, there is a calling feature named Call Pop which allows you to have all the crucial information before you even start with your call.

    What is Call Pop?

    The moment an employee picks up the phone, call pop displays a screen with real-time customer information data including:

    • the company they work for
    • their name and personal information 
    • purchase history
    • previous interactions with your company (calls, emails, messages, etc.)
    • how long they’ve been with you
    • notes or comments made by the agent(s) they had the previous contact with
    • account and payment details
    • plus more

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    The data can come from business applications used in your company such as a CRM, helpdesk, or ticketing platforms.

    Once a system recognizes an incoming phone number or any information entered by the caller into the IVR, call pop can match that data with the right customer profile in seconds. Then, it immediately shows it to the agent handling the call.

    With call pop, your team members won’t have to waste time searching for information through their databases. Instead, they can simply take a quick look at the real-time customer card to know exactly who they are talking to.

    Your agents can also update a customer profile or add notes to it while on a call. They don’t have to write down what the customer said somewhere else or add everything to the database after the call, as all notes can be made on the spot.

    Why do you need call pop?

    This tool has two main advantages – improved customer experience and enhanced agent efficiency.

    In a Hubspot survey, 33% of people said that repeating themselves to multiple support reps is actually one of the most frustrating aspects of reaching out to customer support. And it can be even more irritating if another support agent gives them the same tips or suggestions as the first one did.

    You would reduce such situations to a minimum if your employees could see a call pop screen before each call. That way, they will know immediately who is calling and can also take a look at previous contact history. There is no need to ask the customer to repeat their issue and no risk that the agent will ask a question that the caller has already answered before.

    As an extra benefit, a call pop screen can also be extremely helpful for providing callers with personalized service. Since 72% of clients only engage with personalized messages, your staff’s sales and customer satisfaction rates could increase significantly just by them knowing callers’ names and preferences.

    Call Pop and call center KPIs 

    The real strength of a Call Pop screen is in how much easier, faster, and smoother it can make your staff’s daily work.

    As mentioned before, the biggest benefit is that you won’t waste time searching for customers’ info.

    When your team works faster and more effectively, you can improve a few important KPIs in your business as well:

    Shorter average handle time

    Since they have the caller’s information available to them right on their screen, agents don’t need to ask multiple questions or look up the customer in the CRM system/database. Instead, they can tackle the main problem straight away without spending time on unnecessary questions. 

    Boost customer satisfaction scores

    93% of customers expect their issues to be resolved on the first call, so the faster your agents respond to customers’ questions and solve their problems, the happier they will be.

    With the right information at reps’ fingertips, agents can immediately know what a caller might need. That makes it far easier for them to give accurate answers to any question they receive and resolve issues faster.

    Personalize caller experience

    Call Pop screens are also a great asset to your team when personalizing each interaction with callers. Searching for their info during a call doesn’t usually give your agents enough time to prepare a tailored offer or suggestion.

    Over 80% of consumers will only buy from a company that provides a customized experience, so a call screen can help your agents meet and even exceed your callers’ expectations.

    Lower abandonment rates

    With less time spent on each call and more of them handled every day, your agents can also lower the number of missed and abandoned calls. These calls are generally the result of callers’ frustration with long hold times, but also of company employees not understanding customers’ issues. Call pop can aid your staff in drastically reducing all of those problems.

    With this feature, agents can see straight away how previous conversations with a caller went and what suggestions or offers were given by other employees. As a result, the current agent can get straight to the root of a problem even if they haven’t spoken with that customer previously.


    These days, many customers are reluctant to call a support line. Long wait times, having to repeat their issue multiple times, and a feeling that reps don’t exactly understand their needs are just a few of the possible reasons why. If you want your clients to know they can count on you, improving the customer experience by using call pop is your best bet.

    With CloudTalk’s real-time customer card you’ll always know who the caller is, making it far easier to provide speedy, effective, and tailored customer support. Even before they pick up the phone, agents can review the caller’s past interactions with the company and get a quick overview of their previous issues, orders, and requests. Faster and more personalized customer support also saves a lot of your employees’ time. So what’s not to like?