Real-time customer card as a tool for customer support

Your agents can see all caller information displayed in one place. During the phone call, they can instantly look at the client’s history of interactions, orders, chat or notes. This allows them to deliver top-notch customer service.

The customer’s name and phone number are displayed immediately as the call comes in. Even before the phone is picked up, your agents can look at the customer’s real-time customer card and see all past interactions with your company – history of calls, chats, orders, tickets or notes

Update and edit customer information in the real-time customer card

With our real-time customer card, your agents do not have to switch to the client’s contact details in CloudTalk’s phone list during the call.

Even before the phone is picked up, you can open the client’s real-time customer card with one simple click and view and edit all information included in their contact details:

  • history of all calls with recordings which you can listen to with one click
  • history of previous orders and current orders
  • history of tickets and open tickets
  • history is taken from other communication channels (chats, email, social media…)
  • important notes were written by agents
  • all CloudTalk integrations with other tools you use – for example, if you linked CloudTalk with invoicing software, CloudTalk can switch you to the software interface with one click, allowing you to create a new invoice or order
  • current call duration

Detail editácie nástroja pre zákaznícku podporu v CloudTalku

During the call, you can use the real-time card to update caller information, add new notes or create tickets with one click. All added and changed data are automatically saved in customer contact details.

Increase team efficiency

Real-time customer card is an excellent customer support tool for handling new clients who have not been included in your database yet. Agents can instantly create a new contact and add data provided by the caller during the call.

This saves your agents the time that would have been spent feeding information into the system only after the call ends, extending their wrap-up time. This feature also ensures that customer information is always up-to-date.

Be prepared for each call

With CloudTalk, you always know who the caller is. This feature enables you to provide more complex and effective customer support and your clients will definitely appreciate it. Agents can familiarize themselves with the caller’s past interactions even before they pick up the phone and get a quick overview of their previous issues and requests. This means that the caller does not have to repeat the same information each time they call you.

Demonstrate your professionalism

With complete and accessible information at hand, you can address each caller in a personalized manner by their name and follow up on previous interactions each time they call your company.

This increases professionalism and adds a personal touch to your interactions, leaving the client more satisfied and loyal.

Our real-time customer card is an excellent tool for high-quality and efficient customer support.

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  • Callback - Thanks to callback feature, there won't be any unanswered phone calls in your call centre, because CloudTalk will automatically call your customers back.
  • Call recording - CloudTalk can automatically make a recording of all calls. Once the call ends, you can listen to it directly from your internet browser anywhere and anytime.

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