Top 12 Customer Feedback Tools to Transform Your CX in 2024
By Veronika Bučková
| 14. March 2024 |
Customer Experience
By V. BučkováVeronika Bučková
| 14 Mar 2024 |
Customer Experience
    By V. BučkováVeronika Bučková
    | 14 Mar 2024
    Customer Experience

    Top 12 Customer Feedback Tools
    to Transform Your CX in 2024

    If you think about it, the success of any business comes down entirely to what customers think about it. High satisfaction breeds loyal customers who make repeat purchases and spread positive word of mouth, leading to more prospects and revenue.

    However, if you can’t provide an exceptional customer experience, you’ll see all that goodwill and money quickly drying up. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to prevent this completely unless you have your ear to the ground and continuously gather and act on customer feedback.

    So, to help you avoid this horrible fate, today we’re bringing you the top 11 customer feedback tools – tried, tested, and trusted by market-leading experts.

    An Introduction to Customer Feedback Tools

    Before we jump into the listicle, however, we should bring everyone up to speed on what customer feedback tools are and answer the question on some of your minds – why do you need any such solution?

    What Are Customer Feedback Tools?

    Generally speaking, customer feedback tools is a term that refers to a wide array of tools and software solutions managing everything from gathering and analyzing data to interpreting customer sentiments. Here’s just a taste of what this include:

    • AI-Powered Analytics: Use artificial intelligence to analyze vast amounts of data, including customer interactions, purchases, and engagement metrics, to identify patterns, trends, and actionable insights.
    • On-Call Sentiment Analysis: Leverage real-time voice analysis during customer calls via Natural Language Processing (NPL) to identify how people react to specific features, offerings, and more to optimize performance.
    • Customer Surveys: Use one of the oldest and most reliable tools to gather customer feedback using structured questionnaires across your company’s various channels (email, website pop-up, on-call survey, etc.).
    • Review Portals: Gather feedback passively by creating an online presence for your company on the many review portals to obtain insights and (hopefully) spread positive word of mouth to potential buyers.
    • Social Media Monitoring Tools: Social media monitoring tools allow businesses to track, analyze, and engage in conversations about their brand on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
    • Net Promoter Score (NPS) Cards: Measure customer loyalty and satisfaction by asking customers to rate the likelihood of recommending your products and services on a scale from 1 – 10.

    Why Are Customer Feedback Tools Important?

    As we explained earlier, customer satisfaction is the beating heart of your company’s success, and the only way to ensure it stays that way is by understanding what your clients think of you and why.

    This applies both overall and to specific aspects of your brand – think branding, product offering, pricing, customer service, and everything else. So, here’s what a solid customer feedback tool and the right strategies can do for you:

    • Empower Proactivity: Instead of sitting around idly, hoping everything goes to plan, customer feedback solutions give you the power to identify issues ahead of time and start working to fix them before they do any (more) damage.
    • Identify Trends: The world of customer experience tends to change quickly. New solutions bring about higher expectations, and keeping your finger on the pulse of these will allow you to stay competitively viable in the long run.
    • Address Pain Points: Do many of your customers complain about the same thing? Whether it’s an issue with a product or service or a missing offering, this would be a good sign that you should do something about it.
    • Boost Customer Satisfaction: It’ll come as no surprise that removing pain points and obstacles from your customer’s journey is a great way to skyrocket your CSAT and NPS metrics. This then carries further advantages, like…
    • Increase Customer Loyalty: Keep your clients happy and you’ll keep their business. Fostering a loyal customer base allows you to drive repeat purchases, which are 3x – 14xmore likely to convert.
      • Standard conversion rate: 5% – 20%
      • Loyalty conversion rate: 60% – 70%
    • More Sales: If it’s not obvious, happy customers buy more, more often. But it’s not just that. By generating positive word-of-mouth, you can actually significantly increase your chances of converting new customers.

    How To Gather & Evaluate Customer Feedback

    Incorporating customer feedback tools into your operations isn’t just about collecting data—it’s about leveraging insights to drive actionable change. Here’s a roadmap to success:

    • Listen attentively: Embrace a multi-channel approach to gather feedback from diverse touchpoints, including surveys, social media, review platforms, and direct interactions.
    • Analyze intelligently: Invest in robust analytics tools to dissect feedback data, uncover patterns, and extract meaningful insights.
    • Act decisively: Translate insights into concrete action plans, whether it’s refining products, optimizing processes, or enhancing customer support.
    • Iterate relentlessly: Feedback is a continuous loop, not a one-time event. Stay agile, iterate based on evolving customer needs, and constantly strive for improvement.

    Top 11 Customer Feedback Tools for 2024

    #1: Nicereply

    What Is It?

    Nicereply is a customer experience (CX) management platform designed to help businesses enhance customer satisfaction through Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Customer Effort Score (CES), and Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys. 

    What Sets It Apart?

    The solution helps create user-friendly, one-click surveys within email signatures, post-conversation surveys, and website pop-ups and optimizes survey link distribution. And all of that per your brand design with color schemes, logos, and more!

    Nicereply improves response rates and helps clients gather more feedback on their agents’ performance or processes. It also offers native integration with widely used helpdesk and CRM applications that streamline the feedback process, ensuring efficiency in users’ daily routines. 

    Does It Have AI?

    Although you can find some AI features in the product now, the team behind the software is currently working on collecting more data to build an accurate model and deliver even more amazing  AI-based features.

    #2: Canny

    What Is It?

    Canny helps small to large businesses collect, analyze, prioritize, and track user feedback to make informed product decisions.

    You can capture and organize feedback all in one place. It’s easy to pull insights and decide what to focus on. Canny’s feature set includes public and private feedback boards, scoring features to see priority, product roadmap, public changelog, and more.

    We serve amazing clients like CircleCI, Ahrefs, and ClickUp.

    What Sets It Apart?

    First of all, it’s an all-in-one tool for feedback management. Canny makes it easy to organize, prioritize, and action user feedback. You no longer need to wonder what to build next. Its roadmaps, prioritization, and changelog features streamline the whole product management process.

    Speaking of the changelog, It helps you close the feedback loop. Remembering to follow up with everyone who submitted a request is hard. Canny’s changelog feature automatically notifies everyone who engages with a post when an update is live. It also brings the spotlight to your new features, making adoption and engagement easier.

    Finally, Canny offers a free plan. If you’re just starting, you can try their free plan for as long as you want. It provides a wide range of features that help you effectively manage your feedback. 

    Does It Have AI?

    Yes, it does! Canny currently offers two AI features and is working on two more as you read this. 

    Smart replies are the first. Feedback posts sometimes lack context. Smart replies use AI to probe users for more information. This feature replies on your behalf to clarify, ask for more context, and save you time. Customers feel heard – they get a reply soon after they submit a request.

    Comment summaries are second. They help manage busy threads. Sometimes, a post collects lots of comments. Our AI summarizes the comments and gives you an overview of what users are saying. Thai saves you time and speeds up decision-making.

    #3: Customersure

    What Is It?

    CustomerSure is a VoC platform built by customer experience experts. It helps some of the world’s most customer-obsessed organizations — implement best-in-class VoC programs, collecting feedback from various touchpoints and channels and turning that feedback into actions that matter. The company works closely alongside its customers to ensure these VoC programs achieve a RoI by design.

    What Sets It Apart?

    A few things. The first is a genuine partnership with CX experts, not just sales teams. Second, it’s designed for large mid-market firms and offers everything serious businesses need to improve customers’ lives, but no overwhelming ‘enterprise’ features.

    Third and final, Customersure has a strict work ethic to work with you from project commencement to design a process that delivers results instead of leaving you to hope for the best.

    Does It Have AI?

    Customersure has been using AI since 2020 to speed up sentiment analysis and topic detection for customers who process large volumes of feedback. However, it’s still exploring generative models for use cases that actually add value, not just cost more.

    #4: Formester

    What Is It?

    Formester is a no-code online form builder that empowers anyone to create engaging and functional forms, complete with polls and payment gates, without writing a single line of code. 

    Formester allows you to create and evaluate customized and branded experiences directly in the platform but also helps you automate workflows via integration with popular 3rd party tools, including Slack, Mailchimp, Salesforce, and more.

    What Sets It Apart?

    Formester’s biggest advantage is its conversational flows and visual storytelling, which lets you create forms people actually engage with. E-signatures and multilingual forms with automatic translations are just a cherry on top.

    Does It Have AI?

    Yes, it does! Formester is currently the only form-builder with AI-powered spam protection, which automatically browses all your submissions, looking for suspicious entries. It filters these out to ensure you only get valuable and true information.

    #5: Jotform

    What Is It?

    Jotform is a free online form builder packed with 10,000+ ready-made templates to create custom forms. With its app integrations, you can include your forms into your workflow and streamline your data collection process. 

    What Sets It Apart?

    A couple of things. Jotform’s conditional logic feature allows everyone to have a different experience while filling out forms. It also helps users save time and keeps them engaged.

    But it doesn’t stop there. Jotform also lets you easily create an online store and start collecting payments immediately without paying any commissions. Meanwhile, its app integrations make obtaining, gathering, and sending data insights to your team easy.

    Does It Have AI?

    Not currently, although the team behind Jotform is currently exploring new ways to leverage this latest, exciting frontier of modern technology.

    #6: Sender

    What Is It?

    Sender is a powerful email marketing platform that streamlines your communication efforts so you can engage your audience more effectively. With Sender, you can automate both email and text message campaigns and save valuable time to focus on other critical aspects of your business.

    Another standout feature of Sender is its advanced segmentation. This helps you group your audience based on their behavior and preferences and tailor your communications to meet their specific needs and interests.

    What Sets It Apart?

    What sets Sender apart is its affordable (yet powerful) features, which make it suitable for startups and small businesses. For example, its Free Forever plan offers all the main features you need to send personalized email campaigns that boost engagement and sales.

    In addition, the platform enables you to run both email and SMS campaigns from the same dashboard. You can even combine the two campaigns to give customers an omnichannel experience, which further boosts your conversions.

    Does It Have AI?

    No, it doesn’t. Sender is currently focusing on making its core features the best they can be. However, it does have plans to incorporate AI in the future.

    #7: SurveySensum

    What Is It?

    SurveySensum is an AI-powered customer feedback platform that offers a range of tools and features for designing, distributing, and analyzing surveys. It allows users to create NPS, CSAT, CES, and many other surveys across the customer journey at different touchpoints. 

    Designed for B2B, Automotive, Retail, SaaS, Insurance, and Finance sectors, the tool automates the entire process from launching surveys to feedback analysis. And yes, it is not just a product; it comes with a CX consultant who helps you resolve customer issues and achieve your business goals.

    What Sets It Apart?

    SurveySensum’s Text Analytics feature enables users to analyze thousands of pieces of feedback in just a few seconds. No more manual tagging on spreadsheets or coding. It identifies top customer complaints and sentiments from the feedback data, providing quick insights into your customers’ positive and negative experiences and saving hours of manual work.

    The tool comes with a team of dedicated CX experts who will handle everything from the initial setup to operational tasks and action-taking, ensuring a seamless process for your feedback journey.

    The best thing about this tool is the support that comes with it. No matter what time and at which stage in the process you get stuck, just reach out to their support over the phone, email, WhatsApp, chat, or anywhere, and someone will help you. And guess what – their SLA is just 2 hours!

    Does It Have AI?

    Yes, SurveySensum is an AI-enabled customer experience platform. The tool comes with different AI features like Text Analytics software. This feature enables users to analyze thousands of feedbacks, especially open-ended ones, in a matter of minutes. 

    The feedback is then properly tagged and categorized into different relevant categories, and the result is represented in a detailed report for the user to analyze and act upon.

    #8: SurveyStance

    What Is It?

    SurveyStance is a customer feedback tool designed for emoji-based real-time feedback collection through multiple channels like interactive feedback kiosks and email signature surveys. Less Feedback Friction = Higher Survey Response Rates.

    What Sets It Apart?

    A few things make SurveyStance different from any other form creator on the market today. First are its emoji-based surveys that make sharing quick feedback a breeze. However, the platform also supports in-person feedback kiosks with a focus on achieving the highest response rates possible.

    Does It Have AI?

    SurveyStance introduced AI into the platform in 2023 to help customers categorize mass amounts of free-form text within the surveys (positive, negative, and neutral). This sentiment text classification has helped customers understand, review, and report thousands of comments without much effort. 

    And it has some big AI plans brewing for 2024!

    #9: Survicate

    What Is It?

    Survicate is a survey tool ideal for collecting customer feedback across various channels like email, websites, and mobile apps. It’s user-friendly, allowing you to set up and launch customer feedback surveys in minutes, all thanks to its AI-powered survey creator and pre-made templates.

    What Sets It Apart?

    What makes Survicate stand out are its advanced targeting features that ensure you ask the right people the right questions at just the right time. Survicate’s surveys are also customizable and available in multiple languages. 

    You can connect Survicate to other tools you use via one-click integrations, getting an even clearer picture of your customers. When it comes to drawing conclusions from the feedback you receive, the analytics dashboard helps you quickly understand what your customers are telling you.

    Does It Have AI?

    Yes, Survicate offers automated AI text answer analysis, which lets you get an organized summary of the main feedback topics without sifting through every single response. 

    #10: Trustmary

    What Is It?

    Trustmary is a feedback tool that doesn’t stop at collecting feedback. On top of measuring customer satisfaction and getting feedback, it showcases customers’ positive experiences on the website – automatically. This helps businesses build trust, enhance SEO, and get more customers directly from the website.

    What Sets It Apart?

    Trustmary integrates with numerous platforms, including review sites, almost all websites, and various CRM systems, simplifying user operations and boosting productivity. Its core features include automatically collecting feedback and reviews via the Trustmary Method, adding good reviews to websites and social media, and tracking and analyzing customer satisfaction trends, allowing businesses to efficiently manage their reputation and gain valuable insights.

    Does It Have AI?

    Trustmary has experimented with different options, but currently, they do not offer any AI features.

    #11: Userback

    What Is It?

    Userback offers product teams everything they need to collect regular, actionable user feedback. With multi-purpose feedback widgets, in-app surveys, session replays, feature portals, and a comprehensive suite of management tools, Userback has everything product teams need to gain user insights that lead to happier customers and product success.

    What Sets It Apart?

    Userback overcomes the problem of having multiple, expensive tools for QA, bug tracking, feature prioritization, in-app surveys, and session replays, meaning teams can consolidate and get a complete picture of user requirements and sentiment in one place. 

    Gathering and validating feedback is difficult. Userback allows teams to simplify how they collect ideas and features and analyze ongoing user sentiment, bringing everything together in a single place to break down the information silos all too common with legacy tools, email, and manual spreadsheets.

    Does It Have AI?

    AI is on the roadmap for Userback but has not been delivered yet. According to the team, engineering does not want an AI gimmick and will only deliver when real user value can be added to make product managers’ lives easier.

    #12: UXtweak

    What Is It?

    UXtweak is a customer experience (CX) research platform offering a full suite of tools (10+) you can use to collect customer feedback. Not only does UXtweak offer a survey tool (with a pre-made question bank) that allows you to run NPS, customer satisfaction, and more. However, it also provides features to help you incorporate customer feedback into any product lifecycle stage.

    What Sets It Apart?

    Unlike other solutions, UXtweak lets you test concepts and first impressions in the discovery phase. It also allows you to evaluate prototypes with your customers before development to ensure you build products and features people want and will know how to use. And finally, it can collect user feedback on prototypes, websites, web apps, and even iOS and Android apps.

    Does It Have AI?
    Yes, at least in the development stages. In the first phase, UXtweak will offer adaptive follow-up questions according to the responses, allowing you to collect richer and more relevant insights. More AI features are planned.


    Clearly, the significance of customer feedback tools cannot be overstated. As technology advances, we can expect these tools to become even more sophisticated, offering deeper insights, predictive capabilities, and seamless integration with business operations. 

    In conclusion, customer feedback tools are the lifeblood of customer-centric businesses in 2024. By embracing these tools and harnessing the power of customer insights, companies can forge stronger connections with their audience, drive sustainable growth, and chart a course toward long-term success in the ever-evolving landscape of the digital age.