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How Businesses Use Automotive Call Center Software

Get Inspired by the Success of Global Business

Helping DiscoverCars Boost Quarterly Calls by 100,000 

Originating in Riga, Latvia, DiscoverCars has been making car rentals a breeze since 2013. As the company grew its influence to 500 partners across 10,000 global destinations, though, it quickly became evident DiscoverCars’ old call center system couldn’t keep up with the number of calls they needed to handle on a daily basis. 

That’s when CloudTalk rose to the occasion. Nowadays, DiscoverCars enjoys 100,000 quarterly calls compared to 30,000 just 2 years ago. On top of that, the company expanded its global presence to 150 countries and offers customer support in 17 different languages.

How did they manage to achieve these lofty results, and how can you do the same? Find out the answer in the video here or the article down below. 

YouTube video


How to open an Automotive Call Center?

If you’re looking to open a call center for automotive, there are a few key steps to keep in mind. Start by identifying your target market and developing a strategy for reaching and engaging them effectively. Then, invest in the right technology and tools to support your operations, such as cloud-based call center software. Finally, prioritize ongoing training and support for your team to ensure they have the skills and knowledge needed to deliver exceptional customer service.

What is automotive customer service?

Automotive customer service refers to the support and assistance provided by companies in the automotive industry to their customers. This can include everything from answering product questions and resolving issues to providing technical support and arranging repairs or maintenance. To excel in automotive customer service, companies must prioritize responsiveness, efficiency, and personalized attention.

What does BTS stand for in call center?

In a call center context, BTS stands for “busy to send.” This term is used to describe a situation in which an agent is unable to take a call or receive a message due to being busy with other tasks or calls. To learn more about common call center acronyms and terminology, check out our article.”

Where calls are held when no agents are available?

When no agents are available to take calls, they are typically held in a queue or a virtual waiting room. This allows customers to remain on hold until an agent becomes available to assist them.

What is DDV in Automotive Communication?

DDV stands for “Do Not Disturb” in a call center context. This feature allows agents to temporarily disable incoming calls or notifications to avoid interruptions or distractions during focused work or training sessions.

What is auto dialer software?

Auto dialer software is a tool that automates outbound calling by automatically dialing phone numbers from a pre-set list. This can save time and increase productivity for call center agents by eliminating the need to manually dial each number. To learn more about how auto dialer software works and its benefits for call centers, check out our article Auto Dialer: Overview and Setup.

What is a CRM in an Automotive Call Center?

A CRM (customer relationship management) system is a tool used by call centers to manage customer interactions and relationships. It allows agents to view customer information, track communication history, and manage follow-up tasks more efficiently.


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