Pipedrive CRM: 5 Best Integrations To Increase Sales In Your Company
By Natália Mrázová
| 22. August 2019 |
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By N. Mrázová Natália Mrázová
| 22 Aug 2019 |

    Pipedrive CRM: 5 Best Integrations To
    Increase Sales In Your Company

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    Pipedrive is a web-based CRM and pipeline management solution that enables sales teams to plan and monitor their sales activities. When searching for ways to optimize their sales processes and improve customer experience, though, many businesses decide to integrate Pipedrive with other useful online tools. That’s hardly surprising, given the benefits of tool integration.

    How can your business benefit from tool integration?

    Basically, tool integration allows different applications to communicate and exchange data with one another. Thanks to this ability, you don’t need to switch between IT systems to take advantage of all your tools. Instead, you can keep everything in one place. 

    More importantly, however, you can automate some of the repetitive tasks and optimize your sales process when you integrate the right software. Pipedrive is a great example here, as it can be integrated with many online tools to leverage its features. The exact benefits of Pipedrive integration include:

    • Automating unnecessary processes in your sales department and freeing your agents from manual tasks,
    • Improving employee productivity and efficiency,
    • Having up-to-date data across your online tools at all times (thanks to real-time synchronization),
    • Delivering more personalised sales support,
    • Reducing IT-related costs, 
    • Decreasing customer churn,
    • Closing more deals and growing your organisation faster.

    Best business integrations for Pipedrive

    Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, powerful integrations with Pipedrive CRM can easily enhance lead generation, email marketing, proposal creation or phone-based support, just to name a few. If you’re looking for the best tools to integrate with your CRM, here are the 5 best-rated online solutions in Pipedrive Marketplace that will definitely help you boost your sales. 

    #1 Leadfeeder – The best integration for lead generation

    If you are searching for the best tool to find quality leads, try Leadfeeder. It will help you identify your website visitors by indicating the companies they represent. Moreover, you will learn which specific pages they were interested in or how much time they spent browsing them. This basically means that you will gain just-in-time buyers data, which will help you tailor your offer to those companies who are actually interested in your services or products.

    How can you get the most out of Leadfeeder? 

    • Find out which  companies are interested in your product in real-time and collect the most important data during the whole buyer’s journey, 
    • Reach out to those who visit your website – run outbound campaigns tailored to your potential customers, 
    • Optimise your website or create dedicated landing pages to meet the needs of your website visitors.

    #2 Cloudtalk – The best integration for phone-based support 

    CloudTalk is a smart cloud-based phone software which offers 40+ advanced call centre features and 25+ powerful integrations with the most popular helpdesk, e-commerce and CRM systems, including Pipedrive. It has already helped 1000+ customers to improve team productivity and sales results.

    No wonder –  this integration gives the sales reps a lot of insights about their callers, which synchronise automatically with the CRM. Not to mention that customers who integrate Pipedrive with CloudTalk have access to many useful features like power dialer, call recording or click-to-call.

    The biggest advantages of CloudTalk + Pipedrive integration:

    • Initiate your phone calls directly from Pipedrive,
    • Track and resolve voice mails and missed calls directly from Pipedrive,
    • Have all your data synchronised automatically and in-real time between CloudTalk and Pipedrive,
    • See all your inbound and outbound calls logged directly in Pipedrive.

    #3 Klenty – The best integration for email marketing

    Never heard of Klenty? It’s an excellent email marketing tool that will help you send personalized emails to your prospects and customers, and then automate the follow-ups. Interestingly enough, this software was built specifically for Pipedrive users, which should be a good enough reason to give this integration a try.


    Here’s what you can do with Klenty – Pipedrive integration:

    • Import all your contacts from Pipedrive automatically into email campaigns,
    • Have always up-to-date information in both systems thanks to bi-directional synchronisation,
    • Start and stop email campaigns directly in Pipedrive.

    #4 GetAccept – The best integration for drafting proposals and contracts

    GetAccept was designed to help sales teams close more deals. This next-generation tool offers several useful features for doing precisely that in less time: for example, you can take advantage of e-signatures, personal video engagement, live chat, content management, document tracking, contract negotiation, and mobile workforce management.

    What are the key features that can save you a lot of time?

    • Improve  prospect & customer engagement with video calls and built-in live chat,
    • Learn how your prospects interact with your sales documents and follow up just-in-time,
    • Simplify the way the deals are closed with a secure electronic signature

    #5 Outfunnel – The best integration for marketing automation

    Outfunnel is an online tool that automates both sales and marketing processes. Basically, thanks to the Outfunnel-Pipedrive integration, you can integrate your email marketing and website tracking efforts with your CRM system. 

    What benefits will this integration bring to your business?

    • Hassle-free email tool, including automated email sequences
    • Quickly sync contacts between Pipedrive and MailChimp
    • Data synchronisation – email data, like open and click-through rates synced automatically to Pipedrive as notes or activities
    • Insights on which leads visit your website, and what are the most visited landing pages

    Bonus tool: Aeroleads

    AeroLeads is a powerful Email Finder and Lead Generation Tool. It is the solution for all the troubles of generating leads quickly and effectively.

    This is a perfect solution for B2B lead generation woes, trusted by thousands of professionals worldwide. It has the feature to export all the extracted business email addresses, phone numbers, job titles, company names, etc., and can be integrated into your Email Marketing software such as Mailchimp, Zoho CRM, Hubspot, etc.


    There’s no doubt that the right set of tools can give your sales team a competitive advantage. Luckily, Pipedrive can be integrated with a lot of powerful tools, and such integration often takes seconds. Do you use the great Pipedrive integration we didn’t mention in this article? Please let us know at hello@cloudtalk.io

    Pipedrive works best when paired with CloudTalk