Customer Details: Provide Real-Time Customer Support

Enable fast, personalized customer service with real-time customer cards. Help your agents work faster by displaying all relevant customer information in one place.

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How Real-Time Customer Cards Work

Assist your customers faster with real-time customer cards. 

Automatically display your customers’ information as soon as you receive an incoming call notification without even having to search for it. Agents can take a glance at all past interactions with your company – history of calls, chats, orders, tickets, or notes

Your agents will also be able to update and edit customer information on an ongoing basis throughout their calls. Aside from contact details, the real-time customer card includes information such as the history of all calls with recordings (which you can listen to with one click); order history; closed and open tickets; and important notes written by your agents.

What is the Value of a Real-Time Customer Card?


Be prepared for each call

Identify your callers as soon as the phone rings and pick up the phone already knowing all the necessary details about your customers. Provide personalized and effective customer support right from the first second.

Streamline customer interactions

Improve customer experience by following up on clients’ past issues or requests without wasting their time asking questions. Increase professionalism and add a personal touch to your interactions, leaving clients satisfied and loyal to your business.

Resolve customer queries faster

Agents can create new contact cards during calls and add information to cards in a snap. No more wasting time logging details after the call ends! This not only saves agents’ time but also ensures that customer information is always up-to-date.

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Boost sales while improving CX

See customers’ past purchases before you pick up the phone. With real-time customer cards, your team can find the right tone with your clients more easily, convert them faster and increase revenue, all while keeping customers satisfied thanks to the highly-personalized service.

Get a first-hand experience
with CloudTalk

“Highly recommended. All the calls are properly tracked and recorded, so we can have almost all the information updated while we are on the phone talking with the customer.“

Walter M.


What is real-time information?

Real-time information is data that is delivered immediately and continuously and is used to inform decisions and actions. It’s often used in systems that require up-to-date information in order to react quickly to changing conditions, such as traffic lights, stock market trading, and weather reports. Real-time information can also be used to provide customers with more accurate, relevant information in real time, such as online shopping and customer service.

How does a real-time customer card help my business?

Providing agents with instant access to customer data during a call enables them to offer more personalized and effective customer support. With the ability to quickly review past interactions and issues, agents can tailor their responses to each individual caller, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

You can save your agents time while they also handle more calls – more efficiently. With up-to-date customer data readily available at all times, agents can resolve issues more quickly, leading to faster call resolution times and increased customer satisfaction.

How can real-time client data help your customer support?

Real-time client data can help customer support by giving agents more information about the customer, such as their purchase history, contact information, and previous interactions with the company. Having this information on hand can allow agents to quickly tailor their support approach to customers’ individual needs, and provide a more personalized customer experience.

On top of that, seeing past issues on real-time cards can warn customer support agents of potential issues or problems with the customer’s product or service before they become significant issues. This allows them to take proactive measures to prevent customer dissatisfaction.

Are there any fees associated with real-time customer cards?

Generally, there are no setup or maintenance fees associated with real-time customer cards. However, depending on the provider, you may incur fees for certain features.

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