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Phone system integration for LiveAgent

cloudtalk integration for live agent

Improve your customer support. Integrate to get information on caller tickets and see recent call history in LiveAgent through CloudTalk.

Integrate CloudTalk with LiveAgent and optimize your communication processes

Integrate CloudTalk with LiveAgent and improve your communication with clients.
LiveAgent helpdesk solution provides an excellent, quick and simple way how to communicate with customers, create tickets and manage all customer interaction.

Video: LiveAgent + CloudTalk Demo

If you want full access to customer interaction combined with call history, we have the perfect solution. Integrate your LiveAgent solution with CloudTalk to see all information on calls and tickets in one place – CloudTalk or LiveAgent interface. When the client calls, all relevant information about the client (call history, tickets, notes, etc.) is instantly available. Your agents will provide more comprehensive and quicker customer service.

The added value for LiveAgent users is the synchronization of all customer calls from CloudTalk. Once the call ends, the relevant information is sent to LiveAgent and matched with the client’s ticket. You will see the name of the agent, length of the call, waiting time, and name of the company from which the phone call was made. Each call is also linked to a recording accessible anytime you need.

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Two-way synchronization

The integration allows you to identify the caller even before the call is picked up. The moment you answer the phone, information on caller tickets pops up. You will also see call history in LiveAgent through CloudTalk.
This will make your workflows more efficient, as the automated two-way synchronization eliminates the need to put identical data manually in two different systems.

Adapt data to your needs

Data is automatically synchronized between CloudTalk and LiveAgent and can be adapted based on your business needs.
With CloudTalk, you see the full history of calls with your clients directly in LiveAgent. Information on past interactions and solved issues creates a unique opportunity for personalized communication and exceptional customer experience.

Improve agent productivity

Make the time of your agents more efficient by eliminating switching between two systems. Agents can edit existing contacts downloaded from LiveAgent, create new contacts or update information without ever leaving the CloudTalk interface.

Easy and quick integration

CloudTalk can be integrated into LiveAgent very easily and does not require any programming.
The only thing you need is your API URL and API key, which you can find directly in the LiveAgent interface (settings -> API). Then let CloudTalk do the rest.
In a few minutes after the integration is complete, your data will start to sync and you can start increasing your team efficiency.

Setting up the integration (Video Guide) 

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