Phone System Integration for LiveAgent

Improve your customer support, get instant information on caller tickets, and see recent call history with the LiveAgent + CloudTalk integration.

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Optimize your communication with clients with efficiency


Get full access to all customer interactions instantly

Synchronize all calls between CloudTalk and LiveAgent

   How You Can Benefit From the LiveAgent Integration 

Two-way synchronization

The LiveAgent integration allows you to identify callers even before you answer the call. The caller details pop up as soon as the call starts. The automated two-way synchronization eliminates the need to put identical data manually in two different systems, making your workflows more efficient.

Adapt all data to your needs

Data is automatically synchronized between CloudTalk and LiveAgent and adapted based on your business needs. This creates a unique opportunity for personalized communication and exceptional customer experience. LiveAgent also allows you to merge tickets in case customers create multiple requests for the same query. 

Improve agent productivity

Make the most of your agents’ time by eliminating switching between two systems. Agents can look up customer ticket history, edit existing contacts, create new contacts or update information synced from LiveAgent, without ever leaving the CloudTalk interface.

Get actionable metrics

With the LiveAgent integration, you can measure clients (such as NPS, or Customer Churn Rate) and the productivity of your agents (such as service level or ticket volume). With the right metrics in front of you, you’ll never have to make guesses about how your call center is doing and whether you need to change directions – the numbers are there to tell you.  


CloudTalk + LiveAgent = Success

LiveAgent is a helpdesk solution that provides a quick and simple way to communicate with customers, create tickets, and keep track of all customer interactions.

With the CloudTalk + LiveAgent Integration, you can combine customer tickets with call history and keep track of all communication in one platform. When clients call, all relevant information about them (call history, tickets, notes, etc.) is instantly available.

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“We were looking for a phone system that offers integration with LiveAgent. CloudTalk has done it perfectly. So we can now provide excellent customer support without hassle.”

Michael K.


What is LiveAgent integration, and how to use it?

LiveAgent integration is a process of optimizing communication processes with your clients by enabling you full access to customer interaction combined with call history. When the client calls, all relevant information about the client (call history, tickets, notes, etc.) is instantly available thanks to the LiveAgent phone system integration. After the call, all the relevant information is sent to LiveAgent and matched with the client’s ticket. It’s a great way to personalize your calls.

How does LiveAgent + Cloudtalk integration work and what are the benefits?

The LiveAgent – CloudTalk integration enables you full access to customer interaction combined with call history. When the client calls, all relevant information about the client (call notes, contact history, etc.) is instantly available. Once the call ends, the relevant information is sent to LiveAgent and matched with the client’s ticket. The name of the agent, length of the call, waiting time, and many more

Benefits of the LiveAgent+Cloudtalk integration:

– Data synchronization
Workflow automation
Improve agent productivity
– Creates personalizations

Learn More About LiveAgent

How to use CloudTalk with LiveAgent?

Check out our knowledge base article for a more detailed guide on how to get started with this integration.


LiveAgent integrates with CloudTalk

Read more about our two-way integration on LiveAgent’s website and learn how you can start the integration process from their end.


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