Zendesk Support: 7 Best Integrations To Boost Customer Experience
By Quinn Malloy
| 21. October 2019 |
Brands, Call Center
By Q. MalloyQuinn Malloy
| 21 Oct 2019 |
Brands, Call Center
    By Q. MalloyQuinn Malloy
    | 21 Oct 2019
    Brands, Call Center

    Zendesk Support: 7 Best Integrations To Boost Customer Experience

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    No matter if you’re a busy salesman or business owner, you should already know by now how difficult it is to acquire new customers. In fact, bringing any new lead to your website might cost you a lot of money and time. That’s precisely why taking care of your existing customers can pay off in the long run – especially since they are also more likely to buy from you again.

    Once you have your sales process figured out and you’re on the right track to grow your business – you don’t want to lose your customers simply because you don’t have the proper tools to keep them. For some reason, even though business leaders are aware of the fact that customer service impacts their revenue, they still underestimate its power. It’s worth keeping in mind that the customer support team can either improve or destroy the relationship with your customers – and once it’s destroyed, these customers can easily switch to your competitors and never come back.

    Usually, the problems start when the number of customers grows to a point that there’s additional help needed, but you can’t afford a bigger support team. It doesn’t mean, however, that there’s no other solution. You can easily keep both your team and your customers satisfied if you implement a few dedicated tools and integrate them properly. 

    If you’re looking for powerful customer service software, Zendesk can easily be a good fit for your business. It’s said to be used by more than 145 000 organizations worldwide, which should be a good enough reason to give it a try. Especially since there are plenty of tools that integrate with it. 

    See why should you integrate your software, and which Zendesk integrations are the best choice when it comes to boosting the overall customer experience for your business.

    Why should you integrate your tools with Zendesk in the first place? 

    These days, every innovative business out there automates its processes one way or the other. If you’re serious about growing your business, you’re bound to try automation and integration as well. What for? For instance, IT system integration can simply improve your business workflow and help you minimize the costs of running it. Moreover, the integration itself is really intuitive – if you want to sync other tools with Zendesk, for example, it will take you only a few steps, without the need to possess any  IT skills. 

    If that’s not convincing enough – here are some of the biggest advantages stemming from tool integration:

    • Handling more tickets in less time,
    • Improving customer experience by accessing relevant information quicker (which are always kept up-to-date across all systems),
    • Increasing the productivity of your customer service team, 
    • Reducing IT- and HR-related costs. 

    7 useful Zendesk integrations to improve customer experience

    If you are using Zendesk, you have at least several options to choose from. To make it easier for you, we chose the top 7 integrations which will definitely improve the customer experience in your business:

    #1 Intercom – The best integration for personal support

    Intercom allows you to communicate with your clients on a bigger scale. Thanks to this tool, you can see what your customers do and communicate with them in real-time. Zendesk + Intercom integration, on the other hand, helps you have the overall context you need to solve customer inquiries faster. Furthermore, you can also customize which data you want to see, including account and usage information, as well as sync user tags back into Intercom.

    YouTube video

    #2 CloudTalk – The best integration for phone calls

    CloudTalk is an intelligent phone system which was designed for customer support teams, especially those working in SMEs or startups. It provides 40+ advanced call centre features and 25+ powerful integrations – including the one with Zendesk, which allows you to call your customers directly from your customer service software.

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    When having an incoming call, you’ll always know who is calling you and you’ll be able to access the full customer history with a single click. This, in turn, will help you provide better and more accurate service to your customers. 

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    #3 Stella Connect – The best integration for analytics and reporting

    Stella Connect allows you to keep an eye on your customer support agents, giving you valuable insights into their performance. You can use this knowledge to boost the productivity of your team, appreciate the top performers, and take action whenever someone is not on top of their game.

    What’s more, customers can also rate agents, leave comments about their overall experience, suggest rewards or make recommendations for areas of improvement. The Zendesk + Stella Connect integration enables you to create a service recovery workflow to make things right with customers after subpar service interactions.

    #4 Knowledge Capture – The best integration for knowledge sharing

    Searching for ways to leverage the team’s collective knowledge? Knowledge Capture is a very useful tool that enables your agents to search for the information in your help section without leaving the ticket. Moreover, your agents can easily add feedback to existing articles that need updates or create new articles while answering tickets. Integrate it with Zendesk and your agents will never struggle to find relevant details again. 

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    #5 Nicereply – The best integration for quality tracking

    Nicereply is a great tool that allows you to measure the quality of your customer service. The Zendesk + Nicereply integration is extremely helpful, as it allows you to get an overview of your team performance in an instant. Furthermore, you will always have access to the data regarding Customer Satisfaction, Net Promoter Score, or Customer Effort Score, just to name a few. 

    #6 PandaDoc – The best integration for creating, sending, and tracking documents

    PandaDoc is a platform where you can create proposals, quotes, contracts, and invoices easily. Thanks to its integration with Zendesk, you can create, send, and track documents from Tickets and Users records in your Zendesk account. This very simple integration can save you hours of your typical document workflows.https://www.youtube.com/embed/4qpZGZfo3b4

    #7 RightGIF – The best integration for making your customers happy

    If you want to make your support team stand out, you should be searching for new ways to refresh your communication. RightGIF is a perfect tool for that purpose, as it allows you to send relevant GIFs directly from your ticket. This way of communication will definitely set you apart from your competitors, which is why you might want to give the Zendesk + RightGIF integration a try. 

    Make good use of your favourite customer support tool

    There’s no doubt that Zendesk is a great customer service software – but with the right integrations, it becomes even more powerful. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to software integration, though, choose at least one of the top integrations above, and see how it can impact your business in the long run. Enjoy!