Front App: 6 Best Integrations to boost customer experience
By Natália Mrázová
| 14. August 2020 |
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By N. Mrázová Natália Mrázová
| 14 Aug 2020 |

    Front App: 6 Best Integrations to
    boost customer experience

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    Good communication is the basis of a good customer experience. If you, as a company, are able to communicate fast and efficiently, your customers will appreciate it and offer referrals or even more purchases in return. What do the online tools have to do with it, though? Take a closer look with us at how Front and its integrations can facilitate communication in your company. 

    Nowadays, many companies recognize the importance of customer experience. And rightly so! For instance, 89% of companies already compete primarily on the basis of customer experience. It’s hardly surprising, given that in today’s fast-paced world has only a great product is often not enough. 

    Another important fact to note is that 80% of companies believe that they deliver excellent customer experience, however, only 8% of customers think the same. How is it possible that this gap exists? 

    When having a company with just two employees, handling communication doesn’t seem challenging. However, when the company starts to grow, efficient communication and division of responsibilities stop being a piece of cake. 

    What are the missing pieces the companies need to take care of to boost customer experience in the first place?

    1. Knowing the importance of having unified & consistent support across the channels – It is crucial to understand that customers always perceive your whole company as one. They don’t care which department is responsible for answering their questions – they just care about solving the issues fast. In the end, they will not blame specific employees across different platforms and channels, but they will complain about your company in general. Make sure that doesn’t happen! You simply can’t offer outstanding support via calls, and then completely neglect your mailbox, for example. 
    2. Having a clear division of all tasks & responsibilities – As already mentioned, customers might want to reach out to you throughout different communication channels: like phone, mobile app, email, live chat, social media, etc. Don’t forget to divide all these channels among your team members, so that someone is responsible for each and every one of them. 
    3. Using the right tools – Nowadays, there are many useful cloud-based tools that can help you provide better support to your customers. The huge advantage is that these tools can also help you have all the interactions and data in one place. Moreover, they can also allow you to work on your communication as a company together, with your whole team. 

    Front App is a useful tool to manage your communication

    When searching for a solution that can facilitate communication within your company, the online tool Front might be a handy choice. Basically, it offers a user-friendly, shared inbox to manage your conversations, allocate clear ownership and responsibilities within your team, and even set up automatic workflows. This type of software ensures that all your team members have a better overview of what is happening across the team, and they will perform their tasks with sufficient detail.  

    However, good customer support can’t only be provided via email. To achieve an excellent customer experience, you should go omnichannel – and integrate Front with other software to keep an eye on all possible platforms. Here is a list of the best online tools which can be easily integrated with the Front app. 

    6 useful Front integrations to help you boost customer experience

    #1 Delighted – Best integration for customer satisfaction

    Delighted is an online tool which helps your business measure customer satisfaction and collects important customer feedback. To be more specific, it also allows you to measure your Net Promoter Score (NPS) – thanks to which you can have a better overview of your strengths and areas for improvement within your company. 

    Thanks to the integration with Front, you can save your NPS scores and customer feedback directly in the FrontApp. If needed, you can easily add respondents to different contact groups to simplify the follow-ups.

    #2 CloudTalk – Best integration for phone communication

    If your customer support regularly needs to deal with more complex issues (connected to payment, technical problems, complaints, etc), it is important to note that customers prefer to interact on the phone (40%) or face-to-face (23%). That is why you should definitely consider having well-functioning cloud-based phone software

    CloudTalk is an intelligent phone system that was designed for customer support and sales teams for improving customer experience. It provides 40+ advanced call center features and 25+ powerful integrations – including the one with Front. The CloudTalk + Front integration allows you to receive calls directly in your FrontApp. Moreover, all your calls get automatically logged into the chosen inbox. 

    #3 Agatha Answer – Best integration for AI-powered help 

    Agatha Answers is an AI-powered online tool, which helps customer support teams find the right answer quickly and respond faster. In fact, they can even reduce time-to-resolution by 30%.

    This solution automatically pulls relevant information from all your knowledge sources(for instance your articles, email, cloud docs, Salesforce data, and more) directly into your Front inbox, and recommends the most suitable answer on the spot.

    #4 Intercom – Best integration for more personalised support

    Intercom allows you to communicate with your clients on a bigger scale. Thanks to this tool, you can see what your customers do and communicate with them in real-time. Moreover, it allows you to automate your communication and establish a knowledge base. 

    Thanks to Front + Intercom integration, all the chat messages are logged in Front inbox alongside your emails, text, and social media messages that your customers use to communicate with your company. 

    #5 – Best integration for building chatbots helps businesses around the world to improve customer experience with chatbots. It allows you to design, test and deploy bots in order to handle customer conversations – with no programming skills whatsoever. Furthermore, all your messaging bots within your communication channels are instantly updated in real-time. 

    Connect your FrontApp with Flow and simplify the lives of your customer support team. Let the bot respond first and decide itself (by setting the custom rules) when a customer support representative should be assigned to take over. 

    #6 Parabola – Best integration for building custom workflows and reports 

    Parabola helps companies with the automation of their manual data processes – yet again, with no coding experience. Thanks to this online tool, you can easily build automated data flows with a drag-and-drop interface to develop custom reports, integrations, and more.

    Parabola + Front integration allows you to pull in data from the Front API to build custom reports covering key insights about your team and customers. If more complexity is needed, you can add data from other tools like Salesforce or Google Sheets (and plenty more) to Parabola.

    Make good use of your favourite customer support tool 

    There’s no doubt that Front is a great software for facilitating communication and customer support – but with the right integrations, it becomes even more powerful. If you’re not sure where to start, choose at least one solution from this list (especially if the free trial is provided) and see all its benefits in action. If it truly makes a difference for your team, you can then give another integration a try. Enjoy!