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How to Raise Customer Satisfaction as an SMB in 2023

An age-old adage goes, “Customer is King”. Nowadays, that saying might even be more true than it used to be. […]


14 Ways to Reduce Customer Churn for SaaS During Economic Downturn

Are you struggling to retain customers in your SaaS business amidst the recession? You’re not alone. As interest rates rise, […]

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How to Treat Customers Professionally

What makes a customer service experience excellent? Ultimately, it all comes down to how you make your customers feel. Remember: […]

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Customer Retention – Small Tweaks To Keep Your Customers Coming For More

Research by Forbes shows that 20% of your customers contribute to 80% of your profits (a.k.a the Pareto Principle). It takes […]

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35+ Scripts for your Auto Attendant that Engage Customers

Would you like your customers to remember their first interaction with your business as pleasant and nice but don’t have […]

Customer satisfaction measurement

Measuring Customer Satisfaction: Methods, Benefits, and Best Practices

Everyone wants satisfied customers. We bet you do, too. Are you doing enough for it? Every day, disappointed clients cost […]

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How to Turn Customers into Advocates in 5 Ways

Here’s a fact: No matter how great your product is, it’s of no use if your target consumers are clueless […]

Customer service in ecommerce

How Important is Customer Service in E-commerce?

With the constant focus on acquiring new customers, customer service is often an overlooked area of e-commerce. Such an approach, […]

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What Do E-commerce Customers Really Want? Part 1

There’s no doubt that online shopping is quick and convenient. Why should you spend two hours in a traditional shop […]

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What is CSAT and how to improve it

Customer satisfaction (CX) is an essential part of each business’ marketing strategy. Good CX rate leads towards long-term customer retention, […]