9. February 2019 Blog

How to Treat Customers

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No customer likes being taken for granted. This is especially true in today’s extremely competitive world where it’s not difficult to lose a customer. That’s why you should always offer your customers something extra – and this includes professional and personalized approach. How to achieve that? Keep reading.

How to make customers feel special?

Instead of calling people customers, try referring to them by using a different word. Some companies apply this technique to show their professionalism. Depending on the area of your business, you could refer to them as guests, partners or friends. There are many options to choose from and it doesn’t matter if it’s a face-to-face meeting or a phone call.

Secondly, anticipate their needs. It doesn’t matter if you operate an e-shop or sell tires. Anticipate the customer’s behavior and offer them a tread depth gauge along with new tires. Possibilities are limitless, just use your imagination!

Show respect to be respected

Remember a simple rule: If you want to get something, you need to give something first. Taking care of your clients and maintaining a professional attitude doesn’t have to be hard, just show them respect. It costs nothing to be courteous and it can help you keep your clients in the future.

Actions speak louder than words

Anyone can make promises, but keeping them is a different story. If you operate a hotel and your client is not happy, it’s not enough to say that you’re sorry. Show them that they are VIP just like any other client and upgrade them to a better room at no extra fee. These actions can calm down upset customers and even change their opinion.

Use proper language when speaking on the phone

Customers are always happy when you listen to them carefully. When they finish telling you about their issues and problems, you can respond: “It seems that you might need…” and end the sentence by paraphrasing to clarify or summarize what the client said. This will show the customer that you have been listening and you will also avoid potential misunderstandings in the future.

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Professional discussion requires patience

There are many types of clients – including kind, nervous or furious ones. If your team members are not ready for customers’ moods, the whole conversation can result in a failure. Teach your staff to keep their emotional stress under control in all circumstances. Take deep breaths and focus on relaxing your muscles.

Taking good care of the customer also means knowing how to thank them

Customer service agents should always know how to convey appreciation to clients. Forget all cliché phrases used in every other phone call. The thank-you statement should fit the specific situation. The traditional “thank you for your time” can turn an upset customer into a furious one. In that case, it would be more appropriate to say “thank you for your understanding and patience“. Make sure that you communicate in a personalized way.

Professional customer service needs to be trained before the agent makes their first call. The very first customer can be the one who makes a significant purchase in the future. If your representatives are unable to respond professionally, they can discourage the buyer from future purchases. Don’t underestimate staff education and provide them with training to help them improve their performance. You can read more about that here.