Toll-Free Numbers

Cut expensive tariffs and connect with international customers seamlessly. Toll-free numbers let you deliver great customer experience at little to no cost for the customer.

Benefits of Toll-Free Business Numbers

Increased Inbound

Improve customer engagement and increase incoming calls by up to a whopping 40%.

Customer Friendly

Become more accessible and let customers connect with you for free or at low rates.

Number Porting

Keep your toll-free numbers when moving to different locations or changing software.

How To Get a Toll-free Number


Log in to your CloudTalk account


Select “Numbers” from the left-hand menu


Click on “Buy a number”


Pick from over 160 countries – select whether you want a Local, Mobile, National, or Toll-free number


Click on “Order” and you’ll have your business toll-free number in a matter of minutes.

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How Do Toll-free Numbers Work?

CloudTalk offers two types of toll-free business numbers (TFN). With a green toll-free number, customers call you completely for free. With a blue toll-free number, the final price of the phone call splits between you and the caller.

A toll-free number for your business will have a different dialing code from country to country. For example:

  • US: 800, 888, 887 or 866 
  • UK: 0800 or 0808 
  • Izrael: 1809
  • Germany: 0800
  • Spain: 800 or 900
  • Netherlands: 0800
  • Brazil: 0800

Toll-Free Numbers Made Easy With CloudTalk

Every CloudTalk customer gets one free business phone number by default. You can then purchase more at any point in your journey, including local, mobile, national, and toll-free alternatives.

When you purchase a toll-free number for your business in the CloudTalk platform, you will always see the cost of the phone number. Our team will process your purchase within 24 hours.

Please note that in some cases, we may need regulatory documents, so the activation might take a bit longer. In any case, we’ll always keep you updated via email.

Let Customers Reach You More Easily and Cheaply

A toll-free number from CloudTalk is a great way to show customers how much you value them. The numbers make it cheaper—sometimes completely free—for callers to reach out to you from anywhere.

The result? More customers contacting you and a greater chance to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Find out more by reaching out to our sales team. Schedule a demo today.

Toll-Free Number FAQs

What is a toll-free number?

A toll-free number is a kind of number that allows customers to call you for free or at very low rates. Getting one for your business makes you more accessible to customers and potential customers around the world.

How Can I Get a Toll-Free Number For My Cell Phone?

Wondering “how to get a toll-free number for my business cell phone”? With CloudTalk, it couldn’t be easier. 

Go to and select “Numbers” from the left-hand menu. Then, click on “Buy a number”. Pick from over 160 countries – select whether you want a Local, Mobile, National, or Toll-Free number. Finally, click on “Order”. Then, you’ll be able to make and take calls using the number from any internet-connected device you like—cell phone included.

How Can a Toll-Free Number Benefit Your Business?

In terms of how you can improve your business with a toll-free number, the main way is that they allow your customers to call you for free, or at very low rates. That removes a barrier which might otherwise prevent existing or potential customers from reaching out to you at all. 

That’s not the only benefit of a toll-free number, though. They can also increase incoming calls by 40% and sales by 200% on average—the latter largely thanks to recognizable numbers achieving greater pick-up rates. 
What’s more, with no calling fees, you are building an image of a fair, professional business that cares about its current and future customers.

What Are “Green” and “Blue” Toll-Free Numbers?

CloudTalk provides two types of toll-free numbers; green and blue. With a green toll-free number, customers call you completely for free. With a blue toll-free number, the final price of the phone call splits between you and the caller, meaning it’s not free to call, but it is much cheaper.

Can I Make an International Call From a Toll-Free Number?

Toll-free numbers are best-suited to being used as a way for customers to call you, rather than the other way around. Depending on whether it’s a green or a blue toll-free number, a caller either pays nothing or a much-reduced rate to call you.

In some cases you can make outbound calls, to international numbers or otherwise, from a toll-free number, but it won’t often work.

How Can I Get a 1800 Number for My Business?

1800 is a dialing code recognized around the world as marking out a toll-free or freephone number. Getting an 1800 number for your business is easy with CloudTalk. Simply select “Numbers” from the left-hand menu and then choose “Buy a number”. Then, select from numbers for 160+ countries, including 1800 numbers, and choose “Order”.

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