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Showcasing the Difference Appointment Scheduling Call Center Software Can Make

Originating in Riga, Latvia, DiscoverCars has been making car rentals a breeze since 2013. As the company grew its influence to 500 partners across 10,000 global destinations, it quickly became evident that DiscoverCars’ old call center system couldn’t keep up with the number of calls they needed to handle daily. 

That’s when CloudTalk rose to the occasion. Nowadays, DiscoverCars enjoys 100,000 quarterly calls compared to 30,000 just 2 years ago. On top of that, the company expanded its global presence to 150 countries and offers customer support in 17 different languages.

How did they achieve these lofty results, and how can you do the same? Find out the answer in the video here or the article down below. 


How is scheduling done in a call center?

Scheduling in a call center involves a strategic process of organizing and managing the work schedules of customer service representatives (CSRs) to ensure optimal staffing levels and service delivery. 

This includes forecasting call volume, determining call center capacity, and developing schedules that balance employee availability with business needs. Efficient scheduling requires the use of Call Center Analytics and helps to reduce wait times for customers, minimize staffing costs, and improve overall productivity and customer satisfaction.

What does “appointment scheduling” mean?

Appointment scheduling refers to the process of setting up meetings or appointments with customers, clients, or other stakeholders. It involves identifying the purpose and objectives of the appointment, selecting appropriate participants, and scheduling a time and date that works for everyone involved. 

Effective appointment scheduling is a critical aspect of time management, as it helps to ensure that all necessary parties are available and prepared for the meeting, and that resources are utilized efficiently.

How do you schedule an appointment effectively?

Clearly define the purpose and objectives of the appointment

Determine who needs to be involved in the meeting and their availability

Select a date and time that works for everyone involved

Confirm the appointment with all participants, including any necessary details or preparations

Prepare any necessary materials or resources in advance

Follow up after the meeting to ensure that all objectives and next steps are clear


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