Cold Calling Software: Must-have Features&Top Tools in 2024
By Simona Porubská
| 16. January 2024 |
Call Center, Sales
By S. PorubskáSimona Porubská
| 16 Jan 2024 |
Call Center, Sales
    By S. PorubskáSimona Porubská
    | 16 Jan 2024
    Call Center, Sales

    How to Ace Your Cold Calls in 2024

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    Cold calling can be intimidating, but having the right tools can set even a relative rookie up for success. Learn which Cold Calling software is best for 2024.

    What’s the best dialer for cold calling?


    • Pricing and plans: 3 plans, $25 – $50 per user/month billed annually, price of “Custom” plan available upon request
    • Best for: Small and medium-sized businesses ready to scale, and set new levels of their services with AI features.


    • Pricing and plans: 3 plans, $30 – $50 per user/month billed annually, price of “Custom” plan available upon request
    • Top Sales features: International numbers, Power Dialer, Integrations with leading sales CRMs
    • Best for: Startups and small businesses in need of affordable solutions with basic features

    Learn how we compare Aircall to Cloudtalk.


    • Pricing and plans: 3 plans, $20 – $25 per user/month billed annually, price of “Enterprise” plan available upon request
    • Top Sales features: Click-to-Call, International Numbers, Integrations with leading sales CRMs 
    • Best for: Companies that want a simplified approach to business calling 

    Check best Toky alternatives on the market.


    • Pricing and plans: 3 plans, $20 – $35 per user/month billed annually
    • Top features: Real-time Metrics, Voicemail Transcriptions, SMS, International Numbers, and Conference Calls
    • Best for: Enterprises in need of omnichannel experience, as well as lead qualification, management, collaboration, and performance tools.

    Learn how we compare Ringcentral to CloudTalk.


    • Pricing and plans: Quote-based pricing and add-ons available from $60 per year.
    • Top features: Contact Center Analytics, Outbound Video Calls, and Active Engagement Assignments.
    • Best for: Zoom users seeking a contact center solution with a familiar interface and features.

    Learn how we compare Zoom to Cloudtalk.


    • Pricing and plans: 3 plans,  $15 – $25 per user/month billed annually. Price for Enterprise plan available upon request.
    • Top features: Conference video calls, Sentiment Analysis, Voicemail Transcriptions, Speech-to-Text, and Automatic Call Recording
    • Best for: Enterprise-level call centers that need automated UCaaS tools for streamlining internal communication.

    Learn how we compare Dialpad to CloudTalk.


    • Pricing and plans: 4 plans, $35 – $95. Enterprise plan requires booking a demo
    • Top features: Contact Personalization, Progressive Dialer, Information Locator, Daily Summary, and Prospects Sorting
    • Best for: CRM users, Account Executives, SDR/BDRs, Inside sales teams, Enterprise sales teams, sales managers, sales reps.

    Learn how we compare Kixie to CloudTalk.

    Is Cold Calling even legal? 

    The primary law governing cold calling in the EU is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Here are the main points you need to know: 

    • You must obtain explicit consent from prospects before making a cold call 
    • You must establish a legitimate interest that does not override your prospects’ rights 
    • You must be transparent with prospects regarding the purpose of your cold call and how their data will be used 
    • You must provide a simple way for prospects to opt out of future communication 

    Violating these provisions can result in fines of up to 4 percent of your annual global revenue or 20 million euros, whichever is higher.

    Script Your Success and Land More Deals

    How CloudTalk automates your sales processes 

    Close more deals 

    Wish you could reach every prospect on your list but never have enough time? Power Dialers triple the number of prospects agents call each day by automating the process of moving through your call queue. 

    Quick and Easy Dialing 

    Nothing’s more frustrating than manually dialing a number only to realize you were off by one pesky digit. Click-to-Call automatically renders all phone numbers on your CRM interface clickable, making call initiation a snap. 

    Review calls & train agents better 

    Accurately diagnosing issues in calls is essential for efficient coaching, and the best way of doing that is listening back to past calls via the Call Recording feature. Find all your past alls in an easily-navigable library. 

    CRM integration

    Working across sales platforms has never been easier. One-click CRM integrations with two-way synchronization ensure all your most important data is always accessible, helping you make better decisions for your business faster than you ever thought possible. 

    Voicemail drop 

    Sales teams having their calls declined or ignored? Leave personalized voicemail messages for your prospects with the click of a button. This gives your prospects an easy way to reach out to you at a time that’s convenient for them.

    Benefits of Using Sales Calling Software

    1. Get data-based insights 

    Make informed decisions that move the needle for your business. Advanced analytics make it a reality. 

    2. Earn more call opportunities 

    Expand your reach and broaden your net of potential clients. Numbers in 160 countries means access to 160 new markets. 

    3. Consolidate your data 

    Tired of constantly switching back and forth between sales tools to find meaningful data? Sales calling software simplifies the fact-finding process so you can focus on implementing your insights instead of figuring out what they are. 

    What did you find in this article?

    What is cold calling software and how does it work?

    Cold calling software is a powerful tool that automates outbound sales calls, helping businesses reach potential clients. It uses pre-loaded contact lists and personalized scripts to initiate calls, improving efficiency and lead generation.

    How to set up cold calling software?

    Setting up cold calling software involves selecting a reliable platform, importing your leads, customizing call scripts, and integrating it with your CRM system. Training your team on effective communication is crucial for successful implementation.

    How do I keep track of sales calls?

    To keep track of sales calls, use the software’s built-in analytics and reporting features. Monitor call duration, response rates, and customer feedback. Implementing a CRM system alongside your cold-calling software can centralize this data for comprehensive analysis.

    What is CRM in cold calling?

    CRM in cold calling refers to integrating Customer Relationship Management tools with your calling software. It helps manage customer data, track interactions, and ensure personalized communication, enhancing your chances of successful conversions. Which type of CRM is the best for your business?

    What shows up on the caller ID when I make a call?

    When making a call, the caller ID usually displays the business name or a designated phone number. Personalizing this information can improve the chances of the call being answered.

    What software is used for cold calling?

    Cold calling software varies. Choose software based on your business size, budget, and required features, ensuring it integrates well with your existing systems. Learn how to buy the best software.

    How do I make a cold call from my computer?

    To make a cold call from your computer, install a softphone application provided by your cold calling software provider. This application allows you to make calls using your computer’s microphone and speakers, eliminating the need for physical phone lines.

    Is there a way to automate cold calling?

    Automated systems use AI-driven algorithms to initiate calls, detect voice responses, and navigate call scripts. These systems significantly increase efficiency and allow sales teams to focus on high-value tasks.