Choose a Softphone Provider For 2024 That Fits Your Budget

Find the most suitable softphone provider while keeping your expenses to a minimum. Learn what your options are for every budget, how a new phone system can dramatically reduce your equipment and maintenance expenses, and more.

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Cost Comparison of the Best Phone Systems


Pricing and plans

Top features

Best for


4 plans, $25 – $50 per user/month billed annually. The price of a Custom plan is available upon request

Power dialer
International numbers
Call flow designer
Click to Call

Businesses of all sizes in need of multichannel business calling software for inbound and outbound teams.


4 plans, €175 – €180 per user / month, billed annually + “3CX free” plan for free

Live Chat, Call Recording, and Real-time Transcription

Small teams who aren’t interested in the bells and whistles that come with most smart calling software. 


2 paid plans,  €32 – €65 per user / month, billed annually with the World price plan region – the provider has different pricing for certain regions. Zadarma also offers a free Standard plan.

Automated Dialers, ACD, Call Logging, Advanced Monitoring, Call Recording, Customizable IVR

Individuals, as well as businesses of all sizes.


3 plans, $30 – $50 per user / month, billed annually, price of “Custom” plan available upon request

Comprehensive integrations, Number Panel, Shared Call Inbox, and Live Activity Feed

Startups and small businesses in need of affordable solutions with basic features.


3 plans, $24 – $48 per user / month billed annually, price of a “Custom” plan available upon request

Call tracking, Recording and Monitoring, SMS, MMS, Auto and predictive dialing, and telemarketing management

Startups and small businesses who want to scale without scaling complexities


$21 – $80 per user / month billed annually

Auto dialers, Customer experience analytics, AppConnect, and Conversations

Small businesses and entrepreneurs seeking professional communication solutions without the complexity of traditional office phone systems.


3 plans, $21 – $54 per user / month billed annually

International numbers, Simultaneous listening, Stats, Call Forwarding, Auto Dialer, and Unlimited Calling

Small businesses and mid-size enterprises.


3 plans, $20 – $35 per user/month billed annually

Real-time Metrics
International Numbers
Conference Calls

Enterprises in need of omnichannel experience, as well as lead qualification, management, collaboration, and performance tools.


6 plans, $15 – $140 per user / month billed monthly

Analytics, Smart Dialer, Click to Call, Call Recording, and Workforce Management

Remote inbound customer support centers.


3 plans,  $15 – $25 per user / month billed annually, Price for Enterprise plan available upon request

Conference video calls, Sentiment Analysis, Voicemail Transcriptions, Speech-to-Text, and Automatic Call Recording

Enterprise-level call centers that need automated UCaaS tools for streamlining internal communication.

Zoom Contact Center

Quote-based pricing, add-ons available from $60 per year

Contact Center Analytics, Outbound Video Calls, Active Engagement Assignments

Businesses seeking a contact center solution with a familiar interface and features.


$9 – $59 per user / month billed annually

Chat/Messaging, Workflow Management, Customer History, Activity Dashboard, and Customer Database

Wide range of small and medium-sized businesses in eCommerce, Telco, Insurance, SaaS, as well as Startups and Enterprise.

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260 reviews

5 Factors That Affect Softphone Systems Pricing

Desktop phones illustration


Scalability determines how well the software can accommodate the changing size of your call center operations. You may have to pay more if you want to scale easily, because some softphone providers only offer advanced features in premium plans.

Nevertheless, investing into these features ensure that your call center can expand without the need for costly software migrations or disruptions. 

If you are planning to expand to new foreign markets, check whether the provider offers international numbers, how many they offer, and how much they cost.

CloudTalk’s 160+ international numbers start at $6 a piece. You can purchase as many numbers as you like – even on our Starter plan.

Here are a few examples of CloudTalk’s pricing per country per month:





United Kingdom




United States




































Cayman Islands



















Feature Set 

Different pricing plans offer different sets of features which significantly impact the cost.

Advanced ones like auto dialing, real-time analytics, and CRM integration may be available in higher-priced plans. Evaluate which features are essential for your operations to avoid paying for unnecessary functionalities.

Dashboard illustration
Messages illustration

Integration Capabilities

Solutions with robust integration capabilities might command higher prices due to the added value they provide in streamlining workflows and data management. Thus, the ability of call center software to integrate with third-party tools and systems can influence pricing options.

Here’s a price breakdown of the most common Sales CRM integrations:


Price per user/month, billed anually


$18 – $792, offers a free plan


€25 – €300


€14,90 – €99

Zendesk Sell

$19 – $115

ActiveCampaign for sales

$19 – $49, Enterprise plan price upon request

Support and Training 

Levels of customer support, onboarding assistance, and training provided by the software vendor can impact pricing. Solutions with comprehensive support and training resources may have higher costs but can ensure a smoother implementation process and efficient use of the software. 

Let’s say that an average onboarding process takes around 20 working days to complete and the salary of an agent is $20 per hour. You’d be paying $3,200 for an agent who doesn’t bring you profit yet.

Customer and agent illustration




Customer Support



Security and Data Monitoring



Premium Features



Uptime SLA

Save Costs With A Flexible Solution

Reduce maintenance expenses, and cut down on upfront and ongoing costs. Softphones also often come with flexible pricing models, allowing you to scale your communication solutions as you grow. 

Here is how much you’d pay for different numbers of seats with CloudTalk’s plans:

Pricing per month, billed annually

Number of users

Starter Plan

Essential Plan

Expert Plan

1 – 10 users

$25 – $250

$30 – $300

$50 – $500

10 – 100 users

$250 – $2,500

$300 – $3,000

$500 – $5,000

100 – 250 users

$2,500 – $6,250

$3,000 – $7,500

$5,000 – $12,500

250 – 500 users

$6,250 – $12,500

$7,500 – $15,000

$12,500 – $25,000

Support Mobility and Remote Work 

Foster agents’ productivity and collaboration by letting them call seamlessly from home or on the go. All your team needs is an internet connection, headphones, and a calling device. 

Average prices of equipment for calling with a softphone (2O23, worldwide):

  • Headphones: $20 – $100+ depending on the quality
  • Smartphones: $30 – $1000
  • Laptops: $600 – $1,300

Average prices of equipment with landlines:
When setting up a call center in-house with wired phone lines, you might pay close to $260,000 in the first year. You’ll have to invest into calling equipment, IT teams for setup and maintenance, and more.

Cut phone lines and save costs with a hardware-free calling system


Is a softphone the same as VoIP? 

Softphones and VoIP are related, but they are not the same. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that enables voice communication over the internet. Softphone is a software that runs on various devices. It uses VoIP to make and receive calls, transforming your electronic device into a virtual phone.

What are the disadvantages of a softphone?

A potential disadvantage of a softphone is that it relies on a stable internet connection. If your internet is slow or experiences interruptions, it can affect call quality. However, Cloudtalk works with various telco partners all over the world to provide a seamless communication experience.

What do I need for using a softphone?

To use a softphone, you need a compatible device (computer, smartphone, or tablet), a stable internet connection, and headphones with a microphone. Cloudtalk’s softphone application is designed for ease of use, making the setup process straightforward.

What does a softphone do?

A softphone enables you to make and receive calls over the internet using only a device like a computer, phone, or tablet. Cloudtalk’s softphone offers various features such as call routing, voicemail, call recording, and analytics, enhancing communication and improving customer interactions.

How do you use a softphone from CloudTalk?

Using a Cloudtalk softphone is simple: download the application on your device, log in, and start making calls. Our user-friendly interface allows you to manage calls, access contacts, and utilize advanced features for an efficient communication experience.

How much does a softphone cost?

The cost of a softphone varies depending on the provider and the features included. At Cloudtalk, we offer affordable pricing plans for our softphone application while delivering high-quality solutions. Our plans start at $25 per user/month, billed annually. 


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