Cloud Texting: Meet CloudTalk SMS

Sending text messages is more popular than ever, and results in a nearly 100% open rate!

Send your customers personal messages and notifications 10x more effectively with CloudTalk’s automated SMS feature.

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You will hear the CloudTalk ringtone when calling:

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How Cloud Texting Works

Send your customers personalized notifications such as order confirmations, delivery information with unique tracking codes, payment reminders, authentication codes, and even special marketing promotions. 

With CloudTalk’s Workflow Automation, you can focus on the important things: what your text messages say and when clients receive them. WorkFlow Automation takes care of the rest for you. 

Please note that this service is available upon request, so if you want to turn it on, please contact our sales team. Interested? Here’s the complete help guide on how to use the SMS / Cloud texting feature

What’s Unique About Cloud Texting and SMS?

What’s Unique About Cloud Texting and SMS?

Text Messages Have a 98% Open Rate

Did you know that SMS messages have a near 100% open rate? And the average CTR is 45%, making text messages four times more effective than emails. Your customers will never miss your promotions and notifications if you choose this method of communication.

Cloud Texting Reduces Average Handle Time

Customers always expect their service to be fast. With text messaging, you can give instant responses, providing fast resolution and a positive experience overall. 

Automated Workflows, Mass SMS Sending

Decide what message you want to send to whom and at what time. Set conditions (e.g send an SMS confirmation after purchase) and then just lean back and let CloudTalk’s powerful automation handle the rest. No time wasted on administration, no customer left behind.  

Send text messages at a low cost

Forget those costly SMS rates. As a CloudTalk customer, you can send text messages from the cloud at a reasonable cost.

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“I love how easy it is to make calls and SMS to countries abroad without huge international costs. In addition to this, the analytics that CloudTalk gives is incredibly helpful.”

User in Health, Wellness, and Fitness industry


How to send bulk text messages?

Sending SMS from the Cloudtalk Phone App is really easy: you just need to navigate to the SMS section in the bottom right corner. If you want to write a new message, click on the plus (+) icon. As the next step, you can choose which contacts you are going to send a message to. When you have more numbers connected to a specific agent, you can choose which number you want to send the message from. 

How does SMS in the cloud work?

In simple terms, SMS is a way to send text messages from one mobile or cloud phone number to another. By using a cloud-based messaging platform, you can easily send SMS messages to whomever you want. It is quick to set up and easy to understand. If you send SMS messages from the Cloudtalk Phone App, you can create a new message or choose one from your templates. 

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Ontdek hoe CloudTalk u ongeëvenaarde controle kan bieden over de ervaring van uw klant en begin vandaag nog met het voldoen aan hun verwachtingen

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