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Skills-based routing for customer support management

skilles based routing

Inbound calls can be automatically routed to a specific agent based on their fit and skills required by the caller. You can easily assign skill levels to your agents.

Skills-based routing ensures productive and efficient customer support management. Inbound calls are routed to the most qualified agents based on the skills you have assigned to them. Skill-based routing is one of the key features included in our Automatic Call Distribution.

How does skills-based routing work

In CloudTalk’s simple and intuitive interface, configuring your skills-based routing will take only a few minutes. Once the setup is ready, you can start using all benefits to boost customer satisfaction.

Assign skills

  1. In Settings, you can create all types of skills and assign them to individual agents or groups of agents. You can have as many skills as you wish depending on your needs, for example, language skills, IT skills, etc.
  2. Assigned skills are then displayed in each agent’s detail in a separate tab entitled Skills-based routing. You can set different levels of skills to agents and choose from very good, good, sufficient, insufficient, none.
  3. If you use our Caller Queues feature, you can assign a skill to each call queue and route inbound calls to a particular caller queue based on the assigned skill. For example, if you assign German to a group of agents, incoming calls from Austria and Germany will first ring to agents with the highest assigned level of German and another agent will be selected only when they do not pick up.
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See how this feature works

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Inbound call assignment by skills

Incoming calls are assigned directly to specific agents or to all agents included in a caller queue based on their skills.

For example:
Your call center provides customer support for 4 countries – Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland and Germany. You have 4 agents assigned with the following language skills:

  • Agent 1: Czech
  • Agent 2: German and Polish
  • Agent 3: Polish
  • Agent 4: German

An incoming call from an Austrian number will first ring to Agent 2 and Agent 4, as they both speak German. If Agent 2 picks up, the following call from Austria will ring to Agent 4.

With skills-based routing, each customer will be served by the most appropriate agent. All you need to do is create relevant skills for your call center and assign them to your agents

Customer support management with call routing to competent agents

CloudTalk’s smart algorithm routes incoming calls to agents with the same skills based on the following rules:

  • Availability: Incoming calls the first ring to agents who are online and available.
  • Number of assigned skills: Incoming calls will first ring to agents with only one skill so that agents with multiple skills are free to take more complicated calls.
  • Skill level: Agents with a certain level of skills (e.g. very good) will be selected before agents with poorer skill level (e.g. sufficient).
  • Number of handled calls: Incoming call will first ring to an agent with the lowest number of calls at a certain time.

Skills-based routing ensures high-quality customer support management by directing inbound calls to competent agents from the right department. This feature will help you avoid customers from being routed to agents who do not speak their language or who are unable to help the client due to insufficient qualifications.

Inbound call routing also reduces total call duration as agents will only receive calls that match their skills. Increase your call center efficiency, handle more calls and reduce costs.

Match your clients to the agents most qualified to meet their needs. This will increase first call resolution and improve overall customer satisfaction.

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