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Call Your Customers Back Automatically with the Callback Feature

Reduce your abandoned calls rate with callback, a must-have call center feature. If there are any unanswered calls, CloudTalk will automatically call customers back.

You will hear the CloudTalk ringtone when calling:

Cloudtalk call center callback for contact center

How the Callback Feature Works 

When all agents are busy and the caller cannot reach you, CloudTalk records information on each abandoned or unanswered call. The Callback feature will start to ring relevant groups of agents as a standard incoming call but labeled with a Callback tag. When an agent picks up, the system automatically starts to dial the number of the customer who could not reach you the first time.

Here’s a breakdown of typical Callback chronology: 

  • The first automatic callback attempt will be made immediately once an agent is available
  • The second attempt is made in an hour
  • More attempts will be automatically distributed until your selected deadline expires

For example, if you set a limit of 24 hours and 5 attempts, the system will try to contact the caller five times in 24 hours.

What’s Unique About the Callback Feature?

Increase productivity

With CloudTalk, callbacks are made very simple. When an agent sees that there is a new incoming call from Callback, he can view the caller’s details along with all past interactions with your customer service – history of calls, orders, tickets, chats or notes. When the customer receives your call, your agent will have all the necessary information to start a personalized conversation.

Reduce abandoned call rates

The Callback feature ensures that you get connected with each caller even if they did not manage to reach you the first time. This will reduce abandonment rates, boost your contact center success and increase your profits. A study conducted by Contact Babel shows that 32% of contact centers registered a drop in abandonment rates after they started using the Callback feature.

Increase customer satisfaction

With Callback software, your customers will not have to wait in long queues. Instead, they will wait until an agent contacts them. If your customers get used to being called back, they will respect you even more as a company that doesn’t just leave them on hold for hours. 


Monitor statistics

75% of customers believe that Callback is a very attractive feature. It’s no surprise. CloudTalk’s callback tool enables you to track and monitor the statistics of your callbacks in clear graphs. You can see the number of unanswered calls and callbacks in one place.These statistics will help you make crucial business decisions to improve your customer support service.

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What is the Callback function?

The callback function allows agents to call customers back according to their availability and queues. It also saves customers the trouble of waiting on hold. With the callback function, customers are offered an alternate time for a callback that works for them, which makes it possible to speak with an agent without having to put their lives on hold.

How do Callback numbers work?

The callback system retains the caller’s phone number and places it in the call queue.  The system automatically dials the retained phone number and connects to a specific agent or department.

What are the benefits of Callback?

Some of the benefits of the callback function are:

– Decrease in call abandonment rate
– Cost-effective
– Increased inbound leads
– Higher first-call resolution
– Shorter call duration

When should you make a customer callback?

To ensure the best customer experience, you should offer a callback in a call as soon as possible, so the customer doesn´t get irritated or frustrated

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