cloudTALKS with Peter Ďuriš: Writing resumes in the age of remote work
By Barbora Přidalová
| 1. November 2023 |
Culture, cloudTALKS
By B. PřidalováBarbora Přidalová
| 1 Nov 2023 |
Culture, cloudTALKS
    By B. PřidalováBarbora Přidalová
    | 1 Nov 2023
    Culture, cloudTALKS

    cloudTALKS with Peter Ďuriš: Writing resumes in the age of remote work

    Today, we sit down with Peter Ďuriš, the co-founder of Kickresume, a platform revolutionizing the way job seekers create and enhance their resumes. Peter takes us on a journey through Kickresume’s evolution, and he offers invaluable guidance on crafting impactful resumes, with a special focus on remote work. Moreover, he offers a peek into the future of resume formats. Join us as we explore the realm of resumes and the impact of AI in this engaging conversation.

    From beer conversations to global innovation

    Thank you for joining us today, Peter. It’s fascinating to hear the story of how Kickresume started during your university studies. Can you elaborate more and share how it all began?

    Absolutely! Back during our university days, my friend Tomáš Ondrejka and I had a strong desire to lead projects and start businesses. Before Kickresume, we had already been involved in a few ventures. When we completed our first projects and sold our initial company, we both realized we needed resumes for internships.

    Tomáš Ondrejka (on the left) and Peter Ďuriš (on the right) as students

    One evening, we discussed it over a beer, and it led to a decision to build something over the weekend.

    We asked a developer to help us, created a simple tool, and shared it with our flatmates and schoolmates. To our surprise, within a couple of weeks, we had thousands of users from our local area. That’s when we thought, “This could be very interesting, let’s try to build a business from it.” So, that’s how it all started. 

    It was a simple tool back then, and looking back, I’m amazed at how it managed to stand, given its technical limitations.

    Tomáš Ondrejka and Peter Ďuriš, the founders of Kickresume

    Can you pinpoint a breakthrough moment in the history of Kickresume, a moment when you realized its potential impact or saw significant success?

    There have been several defining moments in Kickresume’s journey. The first was when we noticed that thousands of people were using our tool within a few weeks, purely through word of mouth. That was an eye-opener for us.

    The second significant moment was when we received an email with a picture of an article in the Times of India mentioning us as an innovative tool in India. This recognition had a major impact on our user base.

    Lastly, the past year was a tough one for us, with challenges regarding analytics and traction. We knew we were doing a good job, but weren’t seeing positive signs. When November came around, and we saw a rapid increase in traction, it was a tremendous relief and a clear indication that we were on the right track. We managed to grow threefold in half a year.

    Universal resume tips

    Moving on to the topic of creating a great resume, can you share some essential tips for crafting a strong one?

    Sure. There are some fundamental rules for crafting an effective resume that can be universally applied. 

    First, your resume should be easy to read, with well-defined sections. Recruiters should be able to quickly identify each section.

    Second, eliminate typos and grammatical errors. A well-polished resume is essential.

    And last but not least, instead of listing job descriptions, focus on showcasing your achievements within each role. What did you contribute or accomplish in your positions?

    These are the essential principles, but there’s much more to consider, such as tailoring your resume to your specific field, country, or career stage. For example, the resume of someone seeking their first job is likely to be quite different from the resume of an experienced executive.

    The key is to align your resume with the expectations and needs of the target audience.

    The length of a resume is often a concern. Is it still a rule of thumb to keep it to one page, or does that vary depending on the candidate’s experience?

    The length of a resume can vary. It’s essential to include only relevant experiences, which naturally makes the resume shorter. For some positions, especially in executive roles, or technical fields, a longer, more detailed CV may be appropriate.

    In the U.S., one page is common, while in Europe, a CV format is more typical, and it can be longer, often up to two pages. 

    Regardless of the length, it’s crucial to place the most important information on the first page, as many recruiters may not read beyond that.

    And what about the photo? 

    It varies. For example, American companies usually prefer resumes without photos. In Scandinavian countries, you can’t include any biased information, even your name sometimes. However, in some parts of Europe, a photo on your resume can be an asset. 

    It’s crucial to research the company you’re applying to and the position itself. The cultural fit and specific requirements matter more than a one-size-fits-all approach.

    Kickresume teambuilding
    Kickresume teambuilding in Tenerife

    Key skills for remote workers

    With the rising popularity of remote work, especially given our remote-friendly environment at CloudTalk, it’s essential to grasp the intricacies of tailoring resumes for remote positions. Can you enlighten us on the significant distinctions in creating a resume for remote roles compared to traditional in-office positions?

    It’s essential for remote workers to excel in communication skills and be proficient in using technology, especially tools that enable remote collaboration, task tracking, and maintaining constant contact with their teams. The ability to work independently and take ownership of projects also becomes more critical in a remote work environment.

    In an office setting, when you face a challenge, you can easily turn to a colleague or a supervisor for quick help. In contrast, remote workers face more distractions and disruptions, so they must have the skills to troubleshoot problems and communicate effectively with their team even when they are miles apart.

    So, highlighting strong communication and technical skills on your resume is crucial when applying for remote positions. These attributes are what remote employers seek to ensure the seamless functioning of their distributed teams.

    Soft skills seem crucial for remote work. Do you recommend highlighting soft skills more than hard skills in resumes for remote positions?

    Soft skills play a pivotal role in remote positions. However, it’s not necessary to list them explicitly on your resume. Instead, showcase your soft skills through tangible examples, such as volunteering experiences or personal projects that demonstrate your self-motivation, time management, and communication skills.

    The AI magic behind Kickresume

    I know that AI plays a significant role in Kickresume. Could you explain how your AI tool works in helping users craft their resumes?

    Yes, AI plays a crucial role in Kickresume. Our AI analyzes user’s resumes and their career aspirations to predict future career steps and recommend skills they should acquire. It provides personalized suggestions for improving the resume, and even simulates interviews based on the user’s resume.

    For the resume itself, our AI assists users in writing clear, concise, and error-free content. It suggests keywords from job descriptions to optimize applicant tracking system (ATS) compatibility. AI analyzes and compares users’ content with job requirements, advising them on improvements. It streamlines the process, making resume creation faster and more efficient.

    The future of resumes

    Looking ahead, what are your future plans for Kickresume? How do you envision the platform evolving?

    Our mission is simple: to raise the value of candidates. We aim to achieve this by continually enhancing our platform with features, AI processes, and user-friendly interfaces. Our focus is on empowering candidates by providing personalized, efficient, and effective tools that help them stand out and get their dream jobs faster. 

    And how do you envision the resume of the future?

    We believe resumes will move more towards an online space, becoming shorter and more focused. We envision a future where personal AIs communicate with company AIs, simplifying the initial matching process. Resumes might be condensed to a few key bullet points, making the process faster and more efficient.

    That’s an fascinating vision for the future of hiring and resume-building. Finally, can you share something about yourself that not many people might know?

    While I’m known for my love for sports, especially board sports, I also appreciate being offline. I enjoy activities like farming, maintaining orchards, and creating a sustainable, ecological farm. It’s a connection to my roots, having grown up in the countryside of Beckov. I enjoy getting my hands dirty and being in touch with nature.

    Peter Ďuriš, Kickresume

    Work life balance at its finest. 🙂 Thank you for sharing that. It’s been a pleasure talking to you today, Peter. Best of luck with Kickresume and your future endeavors.

    Thank you very much, and it’s been a pleasure discussing our journey and the future of resumes with you.