Category - Women in SaaS

Johanna Boellmann Capmo

Women in SaaS – Johanna from Capmo

Bringing technology to one of the least digitized industries in the world? You’d better have a strong voice communicating your […]

Anna from Leadfeeder

Women in SaaS – Anna from Leadfeeder

From a promising soccer career to ghostwriting for countless SaaS companies, this woman has solidified her worth a million times […]

customer stories ArielleShipper Donut

Women in SaaS: Arielle from Donut

Breaking into tech is no easy task. Leaping from the hierarchical world of publishing into the chaotic land of startups […]

Kelly Yanke Deltener from CoSchedule

Women in SaaS: Kelly from CoSchedule

When a woman with 20 years of experience in the industry says you don’t have to apologize for having an […]

Patricia Perknovska Exponea

Women in SaaS: Patricia from Exponea

Inspiration can take unexpected forms—like a potential buyer of your car leading you towards your future as Head of CEE […]

Veronika Cervenakova - ScreenCloud

Women in SaaS: Veronika from ScreenCloud

Some people want a flexible work schedule. Others need it. Such is the case with the fierce woman that commences […]

Women in SaaS Catherine from Intercom

Women in SaaS: Catherine from Intercom

In an industry she describes as having huge room for career growth and exploration, this woman thrives on the constant […]

Women in SaaS Jessica from Integromat

Women in SaaS: Jessica from Integromat

Helping a product go from zero to almost half a million users worldwide, this Canadian-born woman leapt into the tech […]

Women in SaaS: Kinga from Brainy Bees

Women in SaaS: Kinga from Brainy Bees

Perseverance personified, this business owner has hundreds of projects for SaaS companies under her belt—all taken on in just two […]

Women in SaaS: Mariana from noCRM

Women in SaaS: Mariana from noCRM

Leading a Customer Success team remotely and balancing the responsibilities of a new parent like an absolute pro, this quadrilingual […]