Keep Calling with CloudTalk’s Flexible Pipedrive Caller Alternative

Pipedrive Caller may have shut down in 2023, but that doesn’t mean
you have to change your entire tech stack. Integrate Pipedrive with CloudTalk and join the hundreds of businesses that fueled their
global growth with 160+ international numbers.


Pipedrive Caller

International numbers


Power Dialer



VIP Queues

Emotion Analytics

Custom Reporting

2-way Pipedrive Integration

Starter price

$25 user/month

$14 user/month

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What Makes CloudTalk a Great Pipedrive Caller Alternative?

Sales And Support Oriented Software

CloudTalk is designed with support and sales teams in mind. We offer automation and performance tracking features, like Power dialer, Call recording and Monitoring, Call forwarding, Call queuing, Real-Time Statistics, Call history, etc.

Strong Price-to-value

CloudTalk is an affordable solution that doesn’t fall short on performance. Starting at $20 user/month, our software is suitable for businesses of any size, and offers plenty of popular integrations for sales and support, including Pipedrive and Salesforce.

Advanced IVR With
Strong Analytics

Within CloudTalk’s Call Flow Designer, you can create complex IVR call flows with multiple menus and sub-menus. Our IVR analytics provide detailed metrics, like the number of calls that reached a particular menu or sub-menu.

Enjoy Crystal Clear Calls Worldwide

Even a few minutes of outage can cost businesses thousands of dollars. CloudTalk offers a powerful, reliable connection with your global customer base, no matter where you’re located. We have built strong relationships with telco partners across the globe to secure better calling routes. CloudTalk is also a registered operator in multiple countries which helps us control important aspects of call quality. 

Our call volume tripled in only 2 years. Today, our agents get around 100,000 calls per quarter versus 30,000 back in 2020. With CloudTalk, we can now handle all of this communication easily. It was an excellent choice.

Frederico Lopes – Head of Customer Service at DiscoverCars

Scale Your Team With Full Flexibility

While Aircall works well with smaller teams, CloudTalk is a flexible solution, ideal for scaling businesses. Expand globally without changing providers every few months as your team grows. To ensure a seamless calling experience worldwide, we also offer the highest number of international numbers in the market. Choose from 160+ options, establish a local presence, and save on fees. 

We use Salesforce as our CRM, and the integration with CloudTalk has been seamless. It has enabled us to provide a more personalized experience for our customers and improve our overall service quality

Elay Sasson — Call Center Sales Manager at MyHeritage

Follow Real-Time, Unified Statistics

Easily access all statistical reports and make informed decisions based on real-time data. CloudTalk’s new call center analytics software allows you to get in-depth insights into your calls, including steps, reasons for missed calls, and more. With the upgraded sorting system, you can focus on the metrics that matter the most across 4 brand-new categories: Agents, Groups, Call Logs, and Messages.

With the new Analytics, I see every step of the way. Was the call missed because my agent was offline? Was it because they were idle? Just busy and already on call? These different steps are really important for us because they give us a better understanding of our teams’ setup.

Nelly Donnelly – Service Delivery Manager at Nokia

Integrate with Pipedrive Seamlessly

Powerful and easy one-click integrations to make your day-to-day workflow more efficient. Bring together your CRM, BI, Helpdesk, and other tools with CloudTalk in just a few clicks. Integrate Pipedrive into CloudTalk along with over 35+ integrations via Zapier and turn conversations into conversions with seamless 2-way synchronization,
Real-Time Customer Card, and more.

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Connect agents, customers and other software, together in the cloud

Discover how CloudTalk can provide you with unparallel control over your customer’s experience and start matching their expectations today

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