How Glovo Adapted To The New Normal [Webinar]
By CloudTalk
| 21. April 2021 |
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By CloudTalk
| 21 Apr 2021 |
CloudTalk news, Other
    By CloudTalkCloudTalk
    | 21 Apr 2021
    CloudTalk news, Other

    How Glovo Adapted To The New Normal [Webinar]

    Glovo webinar with CloudTalk

    What have we learned from Glovo, Spain’s 2nd Unicorn, in today’s webinar? The start-up that just closed the largest funding round in Spain’s history at a value of €450M (that’s over half a billion dollars for anyone in the US).

    The on-demand delivery service has launched in 22 countries, 400+ cities worldwide, and has delivered 100M+ orders. We can learn a lot, clearly.

    Yohann Bensadoun and Flavio Di Berardino from Glovo’s global operations team joined us on a webinar, Wednesday 21st April, to discuss the challenges of scaling with the added stress of a global pandemic.

    What were our key learnings?

    #1 Stay humble

    I have to say it was surprising to hear this considering all that Glovo has achieved. Whereas my initial reaction to any little win is to make a big song and dance, the team at Glovo has an entirely different approach.

    There are no yacht parties to celebrate millions of euros of investment going into the company’s bank accounts. They’re a lot more subtle. They strive to stay humble about all of their wins. Which I have to say is refreshing to see. 

    #2 Zapier is your friend

    As much as we would all love to have unlimited developer support, it’s never going to happen. With Glovo’s extreme growth they couldn’t let limited developer resources slow them down and so they found Zapier to be a godsend that let them forge on in onboarding and integrating no-code solutions into their company’s workflows.

    #3 Be wary of companies that promise you the world to win your business

    Scalability is insanely important for the guys at Glovo. So when they are looking into new technologies to support their growth they need to be wary and think – can this company handle our growth?

    You may have the coolest solution on the marketplace but are you able to manage a client that grows at the rate of Glovo. So what does Glovo look out for when identifying companies that may not be a fit for their growth? How much are they willing to bend backward for them.

    It may sound great to throw all your resources into preparing the features that will win a major client like Glovo, but for them it’s actually a warning sign that this company may be a bit early on their own growth journey to work with a major client like them.

    #4 Change can be uncomfortable but it’s necessary to scale

    When Glovo started working with the phone system CloudTalk, they knew their courier onboarding process was simply not scalable. The teams doing the onboarding loved the personal touch they were able to offer by onboarding couriers in person and so they were hesitant to move to a fully remote onboarding process.

    Throw in a global pandemic when we all started working from home – they no longer had the choice.

    But shortly after testing the new remote courier onboarding process that Glovo was able to orchestrate by using CloudTalk, the area managers who were the first to object to the changes soon became the biggest fans.

    They didn’t lose that personal touch; they were just able to offer it in a more efficient and more scalable way.

    Access the full webinar “How Glovo Adapted To The New Normal” Here (Videorecording)

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