17 Insurance Cold Calling Scripts & Tips For Agents
By Andrea Viktória Filo
| 27. March 2024 |
By A. Viktória FiloAndrea Viktória Filo
| 27 Mar 2024 |
    By A. Viktória FiloAndrea Viktória Filo
    | 27 Mar 2024

    17 Effective Insurance Cold-Calling Scripts & Tips For Agents

    Cold calls are tricky at the best of times, but even more so when it comes to personal products such as insurance. However, a great script can boost your conversions up to 5x.

    In this article, we’ll explore cold-calling scripts for insurance, examine their role in modern sales strategies, and provide tips on maximizing each minute spent with a prospect.

    Key takeaways:

    • Phone calls are the most effective type of cold contact, with an average conversion rate of 2%.
    • The main challenges of insurance cold-calling are building trust, demonstrating actionable benefits, and convincing the lead of long-term value.
    • Effective cold-calling scripts for insurance agents can boost conversions up to 5x from 2% to 10%.

    What Is Insurance Cold Calling?

    As with any other type of cold contact, insurance cold calling is reaching out to potential clients who have not expressed any prior interest in purchasing your product (i.e., insurance). You can learn more about this here.

    The main goals of insurance cold calling are to build awareness and interest, generate leads, schedule appointments, and ultimately close deals by selling insurance products or services.

    But what sets this field apart is the heightened need for trust, transparency, and a human approach to selling. Insurance is naturally a personal topic, and people must be willing to share their information with you.

    It also requires you to effectively communicate value, as people often disregard the possibility of something bad happening to them. To that end, agents must know how to overcome objections, highlight the ease of access, and the benefit.

    In fact, according to Zippia, 49% of customers prefer a phone call to any other form of cold contact. While, on average, these conversations only have a conversion rate of about 2%, a great insurance cold-calling script can raise that to 10%.

    Benefits of Insurance Cold Calling Scripts

    Besides the benefits outlined above, cold-calling scripts for insurance agents offer several other advantages. Namely, these include:

    • Consistency: Scripts provide a structured conversation framework, ensuring that each prospect communicates key points consistently.
    • Confidence: Scripts help agents feel more confident and prepared during cold calls, reducing anxiety and improving performance.
    • Efficiency: With a script, agents can quickly navigate through calls, saving time and maximizing productivity.
    • Customization: While following a script, agents can still personalize their approach based on the prospect’s responses and needs.

    How to Create an Effective Cold Calling Script?

    There are several things a cold-calling script must achieve to be truly effective. You should look for the following things in each script you pick up or prepare.

    • Strong Opening:

    Start with a compelling statement or question that grabs the prospect’s attention and encourages them to continue the conversation.


    “Hello [Prospect’s Name], did you know you could be overpaying for insurance coverage without even realizing it?”

    • Personalized Pitch:

    Tailor your pitch to the prospect’s specific needs, pain points, or circumstances to demonstrate that you understand their situation.


    “Based on your recent [life event, e.g., home purchase], I wanted to discuss how we can enhance your insurance coverage to better protect your new investment.”

    • Benefit and Value Proposition:

    Clearly articulate the benefits of your insurance products or services, emphasizing how they can address the prospect’s challenges or provide value.


    “Our comprehensive insurance packages not only offer peace of mind but also provide extensive coverage options tailored to your unique needs, ensuring maximum protection for you and your loved ones.

    • Handling Objections:

    Anticipate common objections or concerns that prospects may raise and prepare persuasive responses to address them confidently.


    “I understand your concerns about affordability, but let me show you how our customizable payment plans can fit within your budget while still providing the coverage you need.”

    • Clear Call to Action:

    End the call with a clear and specific call to action that guides the prospect toward the next steps in the sales process.


    “Would you be available for a brief meeting next week to further discuss your insurance options and how we can best meet your needs?

    6 Essential Tips for Mastering Cold Calling in Insurance

    However, you can’t rely on cold-calling scripts to do all the work for you. As with any sales activity, succeeding requires the agents’ skill, prep work, and proficiency. Here are a few things you can do to maximize your chances of a conversion.

    You can also learn more about cold-calling strategies in our article here.

    1. Conduct Thorough Research

    Before making a call, thoroughly research your prospect to tailor your pitch. Understanding their potential needs enhances your ability to offer relevant solutions.

    2. Personalize Your Approach

    Use the information gathered during your research to personalize each call. Addressing prospects by name and mentioning specific details relevant to them can make the conversation more engaging.

    3. Practice Active Listening

    Listen carefully to what prospects say, responding appropriately to their needs and concerns. Active listening helps build rapport and better understand their insurance requirements.

    4. Handle Objections Gracefully

    Be prepared to encounter objections and handle them with patience and understanding. Use objections to clarify doubts and provide additional information about your offerings.

    5. Leverage Technology and Tools

    Utilize CRM systems and other technological tools to streamline your cold-calling process. These tools can help you organize prospects’ information, schedule calls, and track your performance over time.

    6. Use insurance cold-calling scripts

    Utilize tailored insurance cold calling scripts to guide conversations, address common concerns effectively, and enhance your confidence during calls. These scripts offer a structured yet flexible approach, improving engagement and the likelihood of successful outcomes.

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    17 Ready-to-Use Insurance Cold Calling Scripts for 2024

    Now that you know everything you need to know about making cold calls successfully, here are 16 insurance cold calling script samples to help you put those skills to use.

    General Insurance Cold Call Script

    #1 Script Template:

    “Hello, is that [Lead Name]? I’m [Agent Name] from [Company]. I’m calling as many of our clients are finding [relevant pain point].”

    “I specialize in insurance for [appropriate demographic], helping people like you. I wondered if you’ve been experiencing [pain point] yourself and whether I can assist?”

    [Pause for details]

    “I’m interested in whether you have/haven’t had issues with [pain point]. Our product offers [benefits], so I think I can help you out there. Can you tell me more about what you want from your insurance?”

    [Pause for further details and deeper discussion]

    “Thank you. It’s been great talking with you. I’ll send those PDFs to you in a moment. Look through them when you can, and I’ll call you back in a few days. Thanks again for your time!”

    #2 Script Template:

    “Hello, Mr./Mrs./Miss [Lead Name]. I am calling from [Company]. My name is [Agent Name]. I hope that this is a good time for you to talk?”

    [Wait for the prospect’s answer]

    “Many of our clients have struggled with [painpoint]. It’s tough to crack, but it’s very important for your continued well-being. Does this sound similar to you?”

    [Let them speak about their issues]

    “I understand you perfectly. Our company offers several solutions that would prove useful in these situations. I would like to arrange another call to discuss them in detail and propose an offer. What day would be best for you?”

    [Let the client answer, save the date, and politely say goodbye]

    #3 Script Template:

    “Hello, Mr./Mrs./Miss [Lead Name]. My name is [Agent Name], and I am calling from [Company]. I hope this is a good time for a quick chat?”

    [Let the prospect answer]

    “I am contacting you because several products we’ve recently introduced may be interesting to you. For example, our flagship, the [product name], would be a perfect option for your lifestyle. 

    “We have prepared a tailored offer just for you. Would you like to hear more about it? When can you arrange a longer call on this topic?”

    [Wait for the client’s proposition]

    “Excellent, [scheduled time and date] would be great. I will call you then. Thanks for your time, and have a nice day!”
    “Hello, [Lead Name]. My name is [Agent Name]. I am from [Company]. We are expanding our insurance coverage to your area. Do you have a few seconds for me to tell you about our services? Because I think we can save you money on insurance premiums.”

    If they say: 
    “I have some work to rush to, but I can give you 15 seconds.”

    #4 Script Template:

    Thanks, [Lead Name]. On average, we have saved our customers $100 per year on insurance, and we have many five-star reviews from our customers. If you want, I can email you the custom quote. 

    #5 Script Template:

    “Thanks, [Lead Name]. Our insurance program lets you combine your [Company] insurance with your PQR insurance renewal. By combining these insurance policies, we can lower your policy costs and provide a quicker turnaround for your claims. 

    “We are the only insurance provider in [Country/State] that currently offers this policy combination and savings.”

    “If I have your email address, I can send you all the details. Also, I would love to set up a 10-minute call to discuss our insurance policies and how our firm can save you money. How about tomorrow?”

    #6 Script Template:

    “Hi [Lead Name], my name is [Agent Name], and I am from [Company]. I am informing you that our company offers free custom quotes on many policies.”

    “Of course, you are not obligated to buy. It is so that you can see what insurance options are available to you and your family.”

    “We have already saved our customers over $100 yearly on insurance. Would this be of any interest to you?”

    “If the prospect says yes but does not have the time to discuss, you can offer to email and set an appointment for a later day. If the prospect is willing to continue the call, continue with your sales proposition.”

    #7 Script Template:

    “Hello [Lead Name]. My name is [Agent Name], and I am from [Company]. You may have heard that we cannot beat [Competitor] insurance rates, but we do not want to.”

    “[Company] customers value our ability and quick measures to take care of everything from the moment you call us with a claim.”

    “Plus, we will take care of:

    Getting you a loaner car
    Scheduling an adjustor immediately
    Dealing directly with a qualified auto repair service station on your behalf
    Returning your vehicle as soon as possible.
    A 30-days money-back guarantee.”

    #8 Script Template: “I don’t have time”

    “Sure, but let me tell you – there is no application fee, and you can get a 20% discount on insurance premiums today. I only need some information to offer the best deal. So, you said you live in [Country/State] with your husband and two children. Am I right?”

    #9 Script Template: “I’m not sure I can afford it”

    “You’ve mentioned before that the third one of our insurance policies fits you best, and I’d have to agree. Your neighbor [Name] also bought the same policy and is happy. I just need some information to process the application for you.”

    #10 Script Template: “I have to discuss this with my partner”

    “No problem. I will email you the details so that your friend has all the information he needs. Meanwhile, if you can help me with some basic information, I can also arrange a personalized quote. So, what is your date of birth?”

    #11 Script Template:

    “Hi, I am [Agent Name] from [Company]. Our insurance company has just released new rates that can save you up to 50% on your health insurance premiums. Can I explain further?”

    #12 Script Template:

    “Hi [Lead Name]. This is [Agent Name] from [Company]. I am calling you because we have some surprises for our new members. Our company offers various insurance products for rainy days you might find handy. There is currently a [X]% discount for new clients joining this month. Would you like to hear more?”

    #13 Script Template:

    “Hi [Lead Name], I have some great news—I’ve identified a potential opportunity for you to save on your insurance premiums without sacrificing coverage. Would you be interested in exploring your options?”

    #14 Script Template:

    “Good morning/evening, am I speaking with [Lead Name]? We haven’t had a chance to talk beforehand, but [Mutual Contact] gave me your number and indicated that you may be interested in our insurance offering.”

    “[Mutual Contact] recently signed up with us for [Product] to make use of our [Benefit/Value] and they’ve been so happy that they wanted me to offer you the same thing. Would you be interested in hearing more?”

    #15 Script Template:

    “Hi [Lead Name]. [Agent Name] from [Company] here. I know you are busy. So I will be quick. Last month, we saved [Client] $ 10,000 on their group insurance policy for employees. You may also be interested in saving on premiums.”

    #16 Script Template:

    “Hello, Mr./Mrs./Miss [Lead Name]. This is [Agent Name] from [Company]. I am calling regarding our latest insurance product you might be interested in.

    According to our research, it’s the perfect thing for people with a similar lifestyle to yours and features a number of benefits compared to other products on the market, including [Benefits].

    I would appreciate it if you give me a call back if you’re interested, and I will tell you more. Once again, this is [Agent Name] from [Company]. You can reach me either on this number or via my email [Email] .”

    #17 Script Template:

    “Hello, Mr./Mrs./Miss [Lead Name]. My name is [Agent Name], and I am calling from [Company]. I am reaching out because you didn’t respond to my previous voice message.”

    “I understand you are busy and don’t have much spare time, but it won’t be a long conversation. So I want to present you with our latest offer and propose unique conditions for you. Would you give me a few minutes of your time?”

    Ensure The Best Results with Insurance Cold Calling Scripts

    While cold calling can be challenging, incorporating these scripts and tips into your strategy significantly improves the success rate. Remember to always approach each call with professionalism, empathy, and a focus on providing value to the prospect.

    Additionally, don’t be discouraged by rejection. Every call is an opportunity to learn and refine your approach. With persistence and dedication, you’ll become more confident and proficient in connecting with potential clients through cold calling.

    Stay informed about industry trends and adapt your scripts and techniques accordingly. As consumer preferences and behaviors evolve, staying ahead of the curve will ensure that your cold-calling efforts remain effective and impactful.

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    What is cold calling in insurance?

    Cold calling in insurance refers to reaching out to potential clients via phone without any prior interaction or expressed interest from the prospect. Insurance agents use cold calling as a method to generate leads, schedule appointments, and ultimately sell insurance products or services.

    Does cold calling still work in 2024?

    Yes, cold calling can still be an effective sales tactic in 2024, albeit in conjunction with other modern strategies. While digital methods like email marketing and social media have become more prevalent, cold calling remains valuable for directly engaging with prospects, building relationships, and closing sales.

    How do you get over the fear of cold calling?

    Getting over the fear of cold calling requires practice, preparation, and a positive mindset. Some strategies to overcome this fear include:
    – Role-playing with colleagues or friends to become more comfortable with the conversation flow.
    – Focus on the value you can provide the prospect rather than fearing rejection.
    – Setting specific goals and celebrating small victories to boost confidence.
    – Reminding yourself that rejection is a natural part of sales and does not reflect your worth as a person.

    Which step of selling includes cold-calling?

    Cold calling typically falls within the prospecting phase of the selling process. Prospecting involves identifying and reaching out to potential leads or clients who may be interested in your products or services.