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Migrante, a FinTech company based in Chile, is empowering immigrants all around LatAm to take charge of their finances.

All of their services are designed to accompany clients on their way to personal and professional growth, with the company’s overarching goal being to improve immigrants’ quality of life by helping them access loans and other financial services.

It’s important work, too — one of the most often-reported pain points for new immigrants is a lack of knowledge about their new country’s financial system. Helping the over 10 million immigrants in Latin America navigate that complex landscape and secure their financial futures is the purpose behind everything the Migrante team does.


Before they signed on with CloudTalk, the Migrante was having trouble managing cell phone use among their roster of call center agents. As a business in an industry with a high staff turnover rate, Migrante had to implement relatively strict measures when it came to inventory control. This included rules regarding the timely return of equipment and distribution of mobile phone plans. The company frequently dealt with broken cell phones and blocked numbers, which drove up their inventory costs and damaged their reputation.

At the same time, the rapid increase of immigration to Latin America meant that Migrante was flooded with new clients. The company’s old VoIP platform provided no way to control outgoing calls, so agents were left confused as to which clients were calling in regard to which issues. This made it difficult to get clients the help they needed in a timely fashion. Migrante needed to find an easy-to-use communications solution that could help them reach out to as many people as possible.

Even though it was a tough nut to crack, Migrante started to look for a VoIP system with powerful features that would help them (i) reach clients with a personal approach, (ii) reduce the number of missed calls, and (iii) increase the productivity of agents.

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Enter CloudTalk

The Migrante team tried another VoIP provider first, only to see their problems get worse instead of getting better. The biggest issue was the enormously high cost of placing calls and the fact that the service would cut out immediately when a user reached their credit limit. The last provider did not have an automatic system of adding credits for calls and their manual system was difficult to navigate, which left clients frustrated and at a loss for how they were supposed to reach their preferred agent.

Migrante knew that setting strict criteria for their new VoIP provider would be an important first step in ensuring they weren’t going to be disappointed again. Here’s what they came up with:

  • Easy to use: It was very important that new software is easy to use and that any agent unfamiliar with a contact center job could use it from day one. Fortunately, the CloudTalk interface (desktop and mobile) has an intuitive design. Users can focus on the task at hand without any sort of distraction. CloudTalk focuses on clients’ experience and we are here to help whenever needed.
  • Advanced features: KPIs are not just random numbers and believe us when we say that they are a huge help in plotting a company’s course for growth and improved performance. Migrante needed a solution that allows them to finally measure KPIs and take action based on real data. Luckily, CloudTalk’s advanced tracking features make this kind of work a breeze. With a single click, the Migrante team has all the important metrics at hand. Now, they can easily track things like the number of clients who show interest in receiving callbacks and further consultation with Migrante agents.
  • Cost-efficient: Every call center generates a wide range of different costs, from office space and electricity bills to employee wages and maintenance costs. That’s why Migrante decided to drop traditional telephony and go VoIP. It has a much lower barrier to entry, as no additional hardware is needed. You can make and receive calls from anywhere and the service costs are significantly more affordable, too. CloudTalk offers pricing for every business, at any stage so any company can choose what it really needs and prefers.
  • Powerful and easy one-click integrations: Today, we use various tools and platforms to facilitate our work. It’s nothing new, as nearly every job in the past decade requires software tools, but there have never before been so many software tools that are cloud-based. The cloud makes data transfers between other cloud-based systems easy and straightforward to complete. By integrating your business with the cloud, you will increase employee productivity and have all the necessary information about customers in one place. No more overlapped databases or lack of real-time data. CloudTalk was specifically designed to help you connect with the business tools you love.
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CloudTalk is known as an “out of the box” software tool, which means that it’s easy to set up and use from day one. Migrante fell in love with the product almost immediately. The first thing that made a huge impact on Migrante’s growth was CloudTalk’s Real-time dashboard. It allowed Migrante agents to easily change their payment indicators. By looking at specific KPIs (The number of blocked calls, Call Arrival Rate, Average wait time ‘AWT’, Average Handle Time ‘AHT’, etc.) and a feature called Agent Reporting, Migrante managers can finally measure the effectiveness of their team, which can help them accurately determine the allotment of performance bonuses. Needless to say, keeping track of the performance of more than 180 agents would be very difficult without CloudTalk.

In just 3 months, the Migrante team has made 232,000+ inbound and outbound client calls using 8 phone numbers, having spent 352,000+ minutes on the phone with clients. Cloudtalk has given them the opportunity to grow without limits. Migrante can add agents to their team just by adding agents to the control panel — that’s how simple it is! Thanks to that feature and others, the efficiency of their team has tripled. This has allowed them to grow as a company between 20 and 30 percent per month despite the hardships of the COVID pandemic.

Last but not least, saying “yes” to a VoIP solution has proven to be a real game changer for Migrante. They now avoid all of the hassle and costs associated with having an external data center that stores all of their information and manages all of their equipment. CloudTalk takes care of everything. Migrante is able to function as a full-fledged call center using only their existing equipment, namely headsets, computers and a steady internet connection.

Results in the last 3 months


Inbound and outbound calls


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Essential CloudTalk benefits

  • Call Recording: Agents can develop their skills and improve the quality of call center services based on data from previous customer interactions. By accessing call recordings directly in CloudTalk, they can also get more insight into unique customer needs. Migrante can safely and confidently support its customers and improve its reputation as a reliable company in the FinTech space.
  • Agent Reporting: Provide each agent with personalized feedback based on relevant data. When agents are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, they can work on their performance and provide more complex and efficient customer care. By giving supervisors the necessary tools to listen in on live calls and give real-time feedback to their agents, CloudTalk helps call center employees improve their performance every day of the week.
  • Call Monitoring: This feature helped Migrante the most. It allows all supervisors and administrators to see their agents and the different numbers they use for outgoing calls. They are able to (i) listen to calls without interrupting anyone, (ii) listen to a chosen call, and be able to intervene when necessary, and (iii) join the call and talk to both the agent and the customer, in the event the agent requests help by “raising” his or her virtual “hand”. This is the best way to help your team when they are having a difficult conversation with a customer.
  • Real-time Dashboard: Track your KPIs and improve inconsistent performance in a timely manner. Migrante knows what is needed, and a real-time dashboard is an excellent tool for managing the customer support team. Knowing exactly where to focus your energy in order to provide callers with top-notch customer support is precious. It allows you to see at once the productivity of agents across every level of the company. This can be especially helpful when there is a lack of direct supervision due to remote work.
  • Easy Installation and Use: The main benefit of switching from a traditional landline to VoIP software is not having to constantly manage equipment or update hardware due to obsolescence. Time is money, and call centers are no different in this matter.
  • Flexibility and Portability: Once you complete the one-time installation of VoIP telephony software on your computers, tablets, or phones, you can start receiving standard phone calls — i.e. those made over telecommunication networks — over the Internet. It does not matter how many phones or phone numbers you use. The only thing you need to make full use of our call center software is Internet access. That means you and your employees can work from anywhere in the world without having to deal with burdensome equipment setups.
Ignacio Canals Migrante

Ignacio Canals

CTO in Migrante

Three years ago and with the aim of contributing his innovative vision to the social impact of immigration, he founded Migrante, a Fintech company that offers credit options to hundreds of thousands of immigrants who do not have access to conventional financing systems. 

“As a company, we are proud to be able to grant access to people who want to begin a new life in our country. We trust that immigrants are a contribution to the country that receives them both culturally and in their contribution to the labor and economic force. There´s no doubt that CloudTalk has been a tool to fulfill the purpose.”

Migrante team’s favorite features

  • Warm Transfer: Being able to speak with another agent before transferring your call to them is one function that the Migrante team has really appreciated. It adds a personal touch to the service, since agents are familiar with their clients’ specific situations, and hence can tend to their needs more efficiently. It keeps the conversation flowing, feels much friendlier, and is more natural than a cold transfer.
  • Integration with Pipedrive: The most important integration Migrante’s sales team uses is the one with Pipedrive. Cloudtalk’s desktop application allows agents to leave notes regarding a customer’s specific needs, which helps improve organization and avoid repetitive tasks. Those notes can also include a link that allows supervisors or agents to listen to the recording of the call if they so choose. The Migrante team also uses integrations with Freshdesk and Zapier, which helps them increase efficiency across the board. CloudTalk integrations offer a lot of benefits — we encourage all of our partner companies to take advantage of them!
  • Click to Call: With CloudTalk’s Click-to-Call feature, agents can initiate calls directly from their internet browser, CRM, or helpdesk tool. Every phone number is automatically detected and converted to a clickable format, so whenever their agents need to make a phone call, they can simply click on a number on the web or in the interface of their favorite program.

At CloudTalk, we are super happy to help customers grow and nothing cheers us more than seeing them do so! Would you like to join the success train?

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