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Rodeo is a fast-growing project management SaaS startup located in Amsterdam and New York. Rodeo helps companies increase employee happiness and productivity by revolutionizing how professionals manage their projects.

Rodeo helps companies around the world to make sure that project administration is better and easier with a carefully designed UI that ensures all work is structured and clear for you and everybody you work with.


The team launched the first version of its project management software for the global creative market in the summer of 2016. As it was designed in cooperation with creative agencies, the company started to grow rapidly.

That’s when they realised their business phone solution is not sufficient and started looking for call center software which combines both smart features, integrates well with CRMs and can streamline communication with prospects and customers. When deciding for a new call center solution, Rodeo focused on:

  • Reliability. Rodeo’s prospects and customers are based all around the globe and understand how call quality and stability play an important role when connecting with customers through VoIP solution. That’s why reliability has been their number one factor in the decision-making process and that’s why they decided to go with CloudTalk.
  • Streamline sales process. The ultimate goal for Rodeo is to convert more leads and that’s why they not only looked for a basic set of features but also advanced ones like smart dialling, power dialling, automatic call distribution or integrations.
  • Help with onboarding and coaching. As the internal team has been growing rapidly, there is a need to onboard new sales team members and coach the other ones which is now handled with CloudTalk’s free internal calls.
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Tackling the challenge with CloudTalk

As Rodeo team uses Pipedrive CRM, the first place they took a look was the Pipedrive marketplace. It offers a well-structured overview of different software vendors, that offer phone system integration with Pipedrive. They found CloudTalk as the highest-rated integration in the category Phone solutions category. After a demo with one of CloudTalk’s representatives, the team decided to give CloudTalk a try. There were a few requirements, which the new business phone system should definitely include.

The key requirements for the new software were clear:

  • Well-working integration with Pipedrive. The integration with CRM system can really simplify the lives of your sales reps when working well. For instance, 2-ways synchronization ensures that all your calls, notes, contacts, recordings or tags are logged in both tools. Furthermore, a feature like click-to-call makes a dialling process a blast.
  • User-friendly interface. As SaaS solution might be quite complex with all the features offered, the team was searching for a solution which will have a user-friendly interface and it will be easy for them to quickly find all the feature and statistics they need.
  • Call recording feature. It was important for the team that the future solution will offer call recording feature so that they can use it for training purposes based on the previous conversations.
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The customer support and sales teams are using CloudTalk for inbound and outbound calls for several months now. Thanks to regular analyses of the call statistics, they managed to optimize their processes in sales and customer support. The team observed several improvements in their business since they have started to use CloudTalk:

The number of outbound calls done by the sales team per day has radically increased, Many unnecessary processes were automized with Pipedrive integration, The waiting time of the callers has decreased thanks to several useful features like Call Flow Designer or IVR. The customer’s mood radically improved.

Results in the last 3 months


Inbound and outbound calls


Minutes on the phone with clients


Phone numbers

Essential benefits

  • Remote ready tool – CloudTalk can be used even when the team members are distributed or working from home.
  • Business hours – When no agent is available at the time, the caller can leave a voice message and his request will be processed later on.
  • Emotion analytics – Customer support members can simply rate their conversation or customer’s mood after every call with just a single click. Later on, managers can evaluate the progress in this area.
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Pieter Vos

CEO of

Pieter Vos started Rodeo with his need and urge to improve project administration. He was a managing director of an accounting firm at the time that was very active in the creative industry. Especially in that branch, the administration wasn’t the main priority. So, to make things easier: Rodeo was born.

Pieter’s favourite features

  • Call statistics – this feature allows the management to track the performance of the team and make smart decisions based on relevant data. In one place, the supervisors can found complex statistics on calls, agents and call queues, etc.
  • Click-to-call feature this feature saves a lot of time, as the agent doesn’t need to dial numbers any more. The great advantage is that this feature works well in Pipedrive as well.
  • Call recording – listening back to the previous conversations is very valuable for the team as it helps other sales representative improve their sales techniques. Moreover, success managers don’t need to discuss with other sales rep the previous communication, they only listen to the call recordings or read call notes.

At CloudTalk, we are super happy to help customers grow and nothing cheers us more than seeing them do so! Would you like to join the success train?

Setting up a cloud phone system that is remote ready has never been easier. 


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